Nov. 1st, 2011 01:18 pm
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This is mostly for my own sake as a reminder to me of what my totems are, but am making it public because I know at least Paige will be interested in them.

For reference I use a natural time/action elemental system rather than...the usual one. They fit within a larger system that Corey and I discovered and that is difficult to describe all in one go. So um, if it doesn't make sense, sorry :c

Also keep in mind that I don't use generic definitions for totems, these are how I personally relate to the animal. There are also animals that I recognize as 'related' (although not necessarily biologically).

(all deer, moose)
"Frozen Death" totem
Element: moonlight on snow
Characteristics: steadiness, wisdom, caution (fear), fleetness of action, wholeness
Visual: soul-circle created with antlers and a moon
Notes: my primary totem.

(European) Badger
(other meles badgers, honey badger, mole)
"Forest Decay" totem
Element: darkness and loam
Characteristics: anger, strength (aggression), solidity (attachment to material objects)
Visual: den with claws

"Swamp Decay" totem
Element: water in twilight
Characteristics: singularity (loneliness, isolation), peace, observation, logic, change
Visual: heron with raised crest

(mongoose, pine marten/fishercat)
"Ritualized Death" totem
Element: graveyard at late twilight
Characteristics: violence, stagnation, social adroitness (manipulation), elegance (vanity), hunger (greed), cleverness, fate/inevitability
Visual: stuffed and mounted fox in firelight
Notes: my most negative totem, although of course not entirely negative

your always right

Date: 2011-11-02 01:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
as usually your always right, I am very intrested in this. Why do me and you have so many things incomaon, I've always felt very connected to the deer, every sine I was little I always imagianed myself as light footed or gracefull as a deer while I jumped around the creek. and I've always felt that Moose's are the most beautiufully stronge creatures I've ever seen, I mean such a body mass, on such long thin legs, always intriged me.


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