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MY NEW BINDER ARRIVED TODAY WOOOOOO omg lol it's so much tighter than my old one...but still wearable...which is awesome. Although getting it on and off is a liiiittle bit of a struggle lol but the velcro makes it easier.

Also I got new Sherlock shirts ahhhhh

ALSO...I have the house to myself this weekend, just me and Tripper and the cat although she keeps mostly to herself...I am taking advantage of this situation for NAKED BAKING TIME. Yesterday I made some dough with my shirt off. Today I will bake it, probably in just my boxers because the oven will heat the kitchen up.

Not sure I'll be able to get proper photos of these cookies though because MY PARENTS TOOK MY CAMERA ON THEIR TRIP. WITHOUT ASKING.

Whatever. I'll see if I can get good pics out of dad's camera. These cookies will either be fantastic or weird-looking and either way y'all will want pictures I'm sure.

Also, just as a general statement, if you claim to be a trans* ally and then use 'trans' as a noun, as in calling me 'a trans', I'm going to have some significant doubts about your allyhood. I didn't even know anybody did that except radfems and certain conservatives until recently.
(ESL people exempted from this skepticism of course. God I can't imagine what kinds of terrible shit I would say if I tried to talk about issues of privilege in German)

ETA also I anticipate problems now that I can bind properly again. I 'pass' about 25-50% of the time if I'm binding well and I've been tossed out of the women's room before, but I can't use the men's room because there are people on campus who know me.



Apr. 26th, 2011 10:44 pm
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Anyways my brother just texted me. What did he text me? DOCH!

Yeah, just 'doch'. I texted him back calling him a weirdo (auf Deutsch, as is appropriate) and he texted me back calling me his snail. I...I don't know why, but it's one of the more interesting things he's called me, lol.

I am generally pleased with how well he's picking up German. He seems to actually enjoy it, which, considering he generally dislikes academics, makes me happy. Part of it is probably that several of his friends are also taking German, but, he's generally better with it than they are. Speaking-wise, anyway. His grammar gets atrocious when he's writing...but his grammar in English isn't that great, either.

I would write out our whole convo here (still auf Deutsch) but it's gone some weird places. I called him meine Schlange, for one thing. So I think I'll just go dick around on my dog's Facebook account instead. I think life would be a lot less stressful if I didn't only get to see him on the weekends...

P.S. My schedule for final exams because I don't feel like saving it somewhere

11-1 Biopsych

11-1 Stats
2-4 Calculus
11-1 Social Psych
2-4 Marketing

11-1 Accounting


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