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Jan. 23rd, 2012 03:03 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] outdatedclocks has pointed out that my lower-back/hip problems, and my leg problems, are probably all related to the issues I have with my feet (lack of arches?). I've been making do with CVS-brand arch support pads, but they're not really enough, and I'd like to be able to do some cardio and upper-body stuff again, which I can't really now since my back hurts alllll the time. I'd been putting off talking to my doctor about it because of my terrible experiences with my last one...even though this one's shown no indication she's suddenly going to go all 'you're lying, you must be sneaking nachos in the middle of the night, fatty' on me. In fact, she'll probably be happy to help me out, since she wants me exercising before I go on T since I have a genetic disposition towards hypertension (dad's been hospitalized for it).

BTW, for those curious about the whole doctor saga, since I've posted it around a few places but not actually here at my main journal I think (since I just realized last night [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom had never read the whole thing)...I submitted the whole thing to First, Do No Harm (excellent blog BTW) so you can read it here (it's so long I don't see a need to copy+paste it here P:)

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom, we might be hanging out this weekend :D or rather, probably are. I am still working out the logistics, I think I'll stay on campus this weekend and take the train into the city. It would mean missing a therapy appointment, but I've skipped weeks in the past (or rather, therapist has cancelled on me) so I know it won't do any damage emotionally or to my comfort level with him.

Okay I really should go to class 6 u 9;;

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So today I got up at 6:20 in the morning like an adult or some shit and then I put on nice clothes and slicked my hair and took the commuter rail with a gaggle of cohorts to present a presentation in the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK

Let me tell you, that place is built intentionally like a fucking maze, it is amazing. I don't mean like those old buildings that have narrow corridors and were added on to over the years. It's a very new building, they just INTENTIONALLY HIDE EVERYTHING DOWN TINY HALLWAYS AND MAKE THE DOORS BLEND INTO THE WALLS like it's impolite to have an elevator or bathrooms or a conference room. Or maybe they just wanted to make people in the building feel like James Bond, since that is the effect it had on us.

We found a bakery after exploring some of Boston's odd two-level streets and I got a 'lime soda' that tasted like ACTUAL LIME and a molasses cookie that was like a soft ginger snap and I absolutely HAVE to find a recipe for that sort of thing. Then we went back to the Fed Reserve and they were serving a terrible 'boxed lunch' which I guess most people would like but I still do not understand the concept of putting a salad on a sandwich or inside a wrap so I would have none of it and just ate some sun chips.

Then we lost to Bentley U (but so did MIT) and then I met [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom after I managed to escape the building (escaping the building was surprisingly adventurous and the most embarrassing thing that happened to me all day but not interesting enough to repeat). And ey brought me to get REAL FOOD (spaghetti and meatballs nom) and then we escapo'd because of noisy children and ey took me to see THE SEALS AT THE AQUARIUM who then showed off their handsome necks at us.

SEALS ARE THE BEST they are dogs that live in the water and hunt fish. And have handsome necks apparently.

Also I now have $15 in quarters.

And then I failed at commuter rail on the way home, but got myself on the right train within a reasonable time.

And now I am tired out and pleased c: also naked, but that's somewhat incidental. And I have NOTHING DUE TOMORROW so I think I will shower and then write some more of the actually SHORT fanfic I am working on and then go to bed early because I got rather a lot of sun today and then tomorrow I get to drive home and see Tripper and take more videos for Topher (am mad at myself for forgetting to bring camera on campus this week, but I wouldn't have had time to do any videos anyways) and then I might do a post for all of you on retouching photos?! In case you have ever wanted to do that sort of thing.



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