Jan. 31st, 2012 01:19 pm
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You guys I am so excited about doing surveys of ontdcreepy!!! I spent my economic stats class working on Skepticism survey statements. Also came up with a possible third survey, community-specific demographics; or I might include it with the other demographic questions. It's stuff like how often you visit ontdcreepy, what posts you attend the most, what topics you are most interested in, etc.

Also, something odd has been happening. So yesterday I was in my Intermediate Macro Ec class and I had a moment where I kind of...zoned out. It was only a few seconds. And then I had this feeling like for those few seconds I had seen something horrifying and really scary. I suppose kind of like I had looked into hell, if I believed in a literal hell. But I couldn't remember exactly what I had seen.

Anyways the feeling faded after a bit and I basically forgot about it. But then today I was in my Stats for Economics class and...the same exact thing happened. In the exact same way. Again, it only lasted a few seconds.

Now the thing is - I can still remember what was actually happening in the class for those few seconds I zoned out; it's not like I'm missing time. (That's the only reason I'm not worried about these being some kind of small seizure.)

I have experienced this kind of feeling of general horror once before - several years ago, in my 'dragon egg' dream, one of the nightmares I titled because it scared me so badly. It was a very vague dream and I am still completely unable to interpret it, since the fact that it was the hatching dragon egg that was linked to this feeling of overwhelming horror is so out of line with any personal or general interpretations of dragons as a symbol.

Unless if I were to look at very Christian-centric symbolism of course, in which case a hatching dragon egg is a very clear symbol: the birth of the anti-Christ.


ihu body

Jan. 23rd, 2012 03:03 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] outdatedclocks has pointed out that my lower-back/hip problems, and my leg problems, are probably all related to the issues I have with my feet (lack of arches?). I've been making do with CVS-brand arch support pads, but they're not really enough, and I'd like to be able to do some cardio and upper-body stuff again, which I can't really now since my back hurts alllll the time. I'd been putting off talking to my doctor about it because of my terrible experiences with my last one...even though this one's shown no indication she's suddenly going to go all 'you're lying, you must be sneaking nachos in the middle of the night, fatty' on me. In fact, she'll probably be happy to help me out, since she wants me exercising before I go on T since I have a genetic disposition towards hypertension (dad's been hospitalized for it).

BTW, for those curious about the whole doctor saga, since I've posted it around a few places but not actually here at my main journal I think (since I just realized last night [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom had never read the whole thing)...I submitted the whole thing to First, Do No Harm (excellent blog BTW) so you can read it here (it's so long I don't see a need to copy+paste it here P:)

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom, we might be hanging out this weekend :D or rather, probably are. I am still working out the logistics, I think I'll stay on campus this weekend and take the train into the city. It would mean missing a therapy appointment, but I've skipped weeks in the past (or rather, therapist has cancelled on me) so I know it won't do any damage emotionally or to my comfort level with him.

Okay I really should go to class 6 u 9;;



Sep. 6th, 2011 10:18 pm
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Went to see a comedian on campus with my roommate 8D



Last year I would have just laid around in my room like a shy slug lol

'srry I would like to but this is where I live ;n; no scary ppl or loud noise'

But we went and it was TONS OF FUN and we both had umbrellas (I had my best one that I bought in China) so we looked super cool together

And the comedian was SUPER FUNNY and only a little privilegebutt so I enjoyed it. Apparently he's been on Late Night with Conan O'Brien sooo probably pretty good. His name was Michael somethingorother but ANYWAYS

It was a lot of fun and there was rain and it is not as hot anymore

And I can enjoy social contact even when miserable from period (ow) and surrounded by freshman (they got ~paw points for going to it b/c first week stuff is technically orientation events even thou there's comedians and such throughout the year) (some of them tried to start a slow clap omfg such highschoolers luckily it did not get far & the freshman closest us had their unimpress face on)

Anyways yeah see icon for current expression/general summary of my life

I almost didn't go you know, it's because I forgot to read my tarot cards this morning. EVERY SINGLE MORNING I HAVE TO they would have reminded me to do this and not be so scr.

Tomorrow is first day of classes! Barely remember what I am taking, not very excited about any of it except Psychology of Learning kind of. This is part of why I decided to change my major, school should not be a chore for me of all people

Two Days

Jul. 21st, 2011 10:58 am
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So I'm going home in two days. Or more like...a day and a half. I'm about ready; this is approximately how long I can go without feeling really homesick, I think. I miss Tripper a lot, and worry about him; especially with him having been put up at a kennel while the rest of the family went to Jamaica. I worry about what he thought, when he came home and everybody was there but I was still gone. He's not used to me being away for this long. I was only half-joking when I told Amanda I was afraid he'd think I was dead. D: who knows what dogs think when you're away for longer than usual? They have no way of knowing you'll be back.

I've also lately been feeling even more the need for a cat. Tripper is my BFFL and all, but I really am a cat person, and I think I'm over Coach enough now to get another cat, although I think he'll always be my very best lifemate cat. We even had the same type of asthma! Except he died of it, and I'm not very likely to. But I've even started dreaming about cats. It would probably be different if Nikka liked me, but she only likes Paige. She looked irritated just hearing my voice over webcam the other day :P

Anyways, we were supposed to do some touristy things today, but Ying got really sick, and knowing the professor he had probably made it her responsibility to take us out even though she's never been in Shanghai in her life. IDK, when I woke up it was almost noon and it was obvious we weren't going anywhere. TBH it's fine with me, I'm kind of burned out on touristy stuff, but that might just be because I'm feeling a bit down about other things. But regardless I'm not big on touristy things to begin with.

So I spent today in my PJ's, venturing occasionally downstairs to the convenience store in the lobby to buy things for Ying and I to survive on. I haven't run around barefoot in a public place in awhile. Scandalous! In my PJs, even!


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