Jan. 24th, 2013


Jan. 24th, 2013 11:07 pm
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So, just finished my second day of classes. I've officially had them all now. Most of them seem pretty good...okay, several of them seem like classes straight out of Community, which is killing me but not a bad way for my last semester to go.

Elementary Japanese seems like it's going to be fun :D the professor is really, really nice, and has a lot of the same teaching habits that I liked with my Elementary Chinese professor, and it works even better because it's a really tiny class (I was honestly expecting it to be huge? But then I remembered I'm taking the first course in the spring semester when all of the excitable freshmen anime fans probably took it their very first semester, which probably accounts for the small class size). She keeps asking us for feedback on her teaching methods and what we individually are having trouble with and what will help us. Also, the woman sitting next to me also took Mandarin! ...for five years, so she knows a hell of a lot more than me, but it's cool that I'm not the only one there comparing kanji to hanzi in my head. The prof also dove right in to teaching language+culture on the first day, which I liked a lot. I know how to introduce myself in Japanese now! Also, I know what desu means! As well as some other interesting words, like the participle wa. And some very useful phrases like onegai shimasu.

As a side note, the people working at the expensive dining hall that I go to for dinner need to learn that the heat lamp is not a magical freeze-the-food-in-time lamp. Tired of getting food that has been sitting there for several hours. It's especially terrible when it's old mozarella sticks, they're barely edible for me if they're not properly hot.


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