Jan. 29th, 2013


Jan. 29th, 2013 05:18 pm
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My Japanese class got moved to another building! This is a very good thing, because previously it was in the only class building on the East side of campus (near my dorms), while the class I had right after it was on the veeeery other end of campus - and only ten minutes after it rather than the usual fifteen minutes (before my leg gave up on life, I could have made that walk in EXACTLY fifteen minutes - when it's warm out; when it's cold, I can barely walk outside and am basically coughing up blood the entire time, because that is how my asthma works). Now not only are both classes on the West side, but they're IN THE SAME BUILDING, ON THE SAME FLOOR. Awesome! Especially since my Japanese Professor likes to go a bit past the end of class. No biggie, I just have to walk down the hall now.

In other business...okay. Here is a hypothetical situation. Your hypothetical friend/enemy/lover/rival Pokemon trainer, Jeff, walks into some sort of eatery. He is not yet sure what he wants to eat. He goes to a refrigerated case full of food - let's say pre-packaged salads. There is a selection of salads, and he isn't sure what kind he wants. Heck, maybe he isn't even sure he wants a salad. So Jeff proceeds to stand in front of the salads and stare at them while he considers his choices. Nobody else can reach to get inside the case while he's standing there, they would have to ask him to move. Is Jeff being rude?

(I already know my own feelings on this...obviously, I guess. I'm just curious because a lot of other people seem to feel differently?)


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