Jan. 31st, 2013

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Just a few thoughts.

  1. Hiragana has a lot of loop-the-loops in it. Whyyyy?? I feel like I need to see how an actual Japanese person (/person who speaks Japanese as a first language) would write the hiragana for su. Stroke order is not sufficient here.
  2. The stroke order for nu in my textbook is hilarious. Which I guess is appropriate for a character composed primarily of two big loop-the-loops, but it's pretty much '1. Draw a single stroke. 2. DRAW THE REST OF THE FUCKING CHARACTER.' I need to watch someone write this one, too.
  3. Learned today that first-person pronouns in Japanese are not only very complicated, but express a variety of genders/gender expressions. Not sure if I love this or hate it. Wonder if professor will look at me weird if I start using 'boku' instead of 'watashi'.
  4. Face blindness makes life really fucking awkward. I would say it's to blame for like 70% of the awkwardness in my interpersonal relations. Seriously, fellow classmates, it's not that I hate you, I don't recognize you. Sorryyy
  5. The student I thought was a Freshman in my Japanese class is totally a Senior. She's also a Psych major. I am not surprised.
  6. My Personal Finance class, on the other hand, is pretty much full of Freshman (Freshmen? Freshmans?) who don't understand what a stock is or how to read a textbook, apparently.
  7. The appropriate response, as a teacher, to a student telling you they're having trouble understanding something you're lecturing about, is not 'I already told you, I hate teaching this stuff.'

Okay, I have to go eat now. And then make flash cards for some hiragana, I guess.


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