Mar. 1st, 2013

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Just got home from school for the weekend

Tripper got skunked this morning. LOL.

This is funny because mom had do deal with it, and of course did so terribly, and not only does Tripper still smell pretty bad, but so does the entire house. It is fucking hilarious. I will wash him with the hydrogen peroxide solution tomorrow to see if I can get him smelling any missed broad swaths of where he was sprayed because I'm the only one here who can smell where he's been sprayed right after (not that this is a good skill...if you can do this, avoid letting on unless you REALLY want to help. Skunk spray does more than stink, and even if you can smell through it, you're still going to have some kind of reaction - I get a pretty nasty headache like I do from bleach, although it goes away much more quickly.)

She also tried to get him into the downstairs tub first. IDK why?? Obviously he refused because it would require him leaping headfirst into the wall.

I've also had a revelation as to why he keeps getting sprayed over and over and over. He is a dog of expected intelligence for his breeding (he's from working stock, his parents are both mountain rescue dogs) but he has some pretty odd social issues, which I've speculated before might be because he ended up in the puppy pen alone for almost a month before we got him, but it might just be how he is. He's unusually introverted for a lab, and he also...doesn't seem to be able to read other dogs' body language very well. With non-dog animals he's pretty much screwed; he still honest to god thinks that when the cat is lashing her tail, she wants to play. He gets all excited and play-bows at her. No matter how many times he gets swatted for it.

With this in mind...

...I can see how getting repeatedly sprayed would not do anything to teach him that a weasel-dance is not the skunk inviting him to play.


It's also possible that he's so determined to get them out of the yard that he doesn't back off even when he's aware he's going to get sprayed. Which is endearing. But either way, it's not his fault, and the main reason I find it hilarious that mom had to deal with the results is because it is ALWAYS her fault when he gets sprayed. It's really simple to prevent him encountering skunks; turn on the back light before letting him out, and they run away. But she forgets. Aaaand he gets sprayed. Whelp.
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I've spent the past 24 hours or so overdosing on rats. Pictures of rats, instructions on how to make home-made rat toys and how to build awesome home-made rat palaces, etc.

I did manage to sleep at some point. I spent the first three hours trying to sleep and instead building a rather complex rat toy in my head.

Guys, I can't even have rats any time in the forseeable future. Help.
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Does anybody have some good reggaeton artist recs? Pretty much all I have right now is Daddy Yankee, and I love his stuff but I honestly can't get enough of it and I've forgotten the artists I used to listen to for lighter stuff...Spanish and Mexican rap recs would be good, too.

In return, some Daddy Yankee! (I honestly have very little idea what he's saying, so if there's something offensive/oppressive in the lyrics I can't warn for it, sorry.)

EDIT: On second thought, hell, recs for some good rap in any language would be appreciated. Although I'm really feeling Spanish and similar-sounding languages ATM, anything is cool. THROW IT AT ME.


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