Mar. 28th, 2013

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Remember Rescue Team Baker St.? You know, that Sherlock-adapted-into-a-Pokemon-rescue-team idea that I was working on forever ago? Of course you do, because if you don't remember weird shit I did over a year ago, you aren't a true friend.

(I'm kidding, in case that wasn't obviously 6 u 9)

Anyways, I think the idea has aged to perfection now and I'm actually going to start working on it seriously. With a few major changes.

1. It's going to be based on the older Granada series, rather than Sherlock.

There's a number of reasons for of the biggest is that the episodes are more numerous and shorter; and the series is already finished, so it's not going to unexpectedly spring any plot points on me. That's important when there's elements I might have to adapt differently based on how they're used throughout the series. It's also closer to the source material, which is a good thing when I'm making an adaptation out of it, especially since I'm adapting it to the somewhat steampunk-y (woodpunk-y??) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon world. For example, I still couldn't figure out the best way to interpret the bombs in TGG (although I did like the idea of Moran being an Electrode or a Voltorb, it would have worked better in a written piece, I think...visually it wouldn't have come off really well).(If you're wondering why I don't go straight to the original source...there's a bunch of reasons, but mostly that I have trouble adapting something written into something visual, and condensing a book into something more episodic is not a skill I've developed at all). This does mean there's going to be some character redesigns (and some that will unfortunately have to be scrapped altogether since they aren't in the original) but I'm fairly confident that Holmes will remain a Cubone and Watson will remain a Charmander.

Which brings me to the second major change...

2. Holmes and Watson are probably both going to be women. Female. Female Pokemon? Ladymon.

Why? Because I've said often enough that we need an adaptation like that, it seems fucking ridiculous for me to make one and have them both men.

I will be a little sad to toss out some of the old character designs that probably won't be coming back. Granada's Moriarty is much closer to the original character, which is actually another reason I chose to go with it, but it does mean I'm going to have to say goodbye to the original Rattata design. Oh well.
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Further updates on Rescue Team Baker Street...

I've been considering first names today. I know for Watson I don't want to go with Joan, for this reason as I explained to [profile] dakfire:

[14:00] tanzelt: because it's a good name and i don't want to compete with lucy liu in any way
[14:00] dakfire: LOL
[14:00] tanzelt: she could crush my poor charmanderwatson
[14:00] tanzelt: and probably me
[14:00] dakfire: yes
[14:00] dakfire: yes she would
[14:00] dakfire: with one unimpressed look

So what I'm thinking right now is Johanna, but I'm open to suggestions. It is a little bit long (Johanna Watson? Eh...)

As for Holmes, I'm thinking Charlotte, but I'm also considering Adelaide and Myrtice. (Not Myrtle. [profile] dakfire has some kind of obsession with Myrtle. Do not speak to her, lest it infect you as well.)



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