Apr. 13th, 2013

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Okay, first of all, I wasn't going to start watching Hannibal until there was more of it out, but then it turns out our DVR mysteriously recorded the first episode and nobody knows how it got there so I just assumed the universe was telling me to watch it, so that's what I'm doing right now.

IDK if I like it yet or not lol. I think if I had seen this half a year ago I would like it more, but the portrayal of psychopathy and sociopathy in Elementary has spoiled me a bit (this show could have used some more up-to-date research, which is more annoying without the nostalgia glasses I have for shows like SVU). But I'm not thaaat far into the episode, I think. Maybe it will improve?


Aaaand speaking of awesome things (I am the best at segues) I discovered Spoonflower a couple of days ago. It's a website where I can sell fabric prints that I've designed! I don't actually have any for sale yet because I have to order a test swatch before I can sell them (which is reasonable), but I have made some of my patterns public so they can be viewed, because I like to tease people/wanted [profile] dakfire* to see the designs. They are here for the curious. And I'm going to go work on some more stuff right now (snails!)

*Notice that I persist in using the 'lj user' code even though dreamwidth changes it into a dreamwidth code and keeps it that way when it exports it to LJ, and yet also insist on using her LJ username, when she has a dreamwidth account and it is [personal profile] sounds_liget. This is because I am amazing.

P.S. Super-sekrit filter folks to be noting this is not a filtered entry thankyou o u o

P.P.S. Hannibal did not really get any better. It was mostly just boring and badly-researched and awkward. And, regarding the 'awkward' bit, what the fuck exactly is 'pure empathy'? Something that would sound really weird to most people if it weren't being attributed to an autistic character, I'll guess...

I was about to say it was nice, though, to have an autistic character in direct opposition of the 'can't empathize/no soul' bullshit that Autism $peaks and Hollywood are both spreading right now, but actually he comes off/is shown as only being able to empathize with murderers and not the general populace (although Lecter does say differently, but characterization speaks louder than exposition...I think that's how the saying goes.) So it's less actual empathy and more super special weird and creepy autistic powers.

So now I'm re-watching Les Mis for the third time. I'm actually doing pretty well in figuring out the plot of the movie, through the combined forces of 1. actually trying really hard and 2. all of the main characters looking very different from each other. (Although it makes Javert a little difficult to judge because he just looks like a big sad puppy dog to me. I just want to go AWWWW IT'S ALRIGHT BB YOU DID EVERYTHING ALRIGHT!)

Oh yeah, and on a COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE, I realized recently that likely the reason I enjoyed eggs so much in China but hate them here is that it's probable the eggs I had there were free-range and therefor much more flavorful, whereas a lot of store-bought American eggs are just sort of...tasteless and gelatinous. Which just has me thinking again about when I'll be able to keep some of my own chookchooks. And ducks maybe, but they need more space I'd assume? Since, you know, they need a pond? But I would really like some tasty duck meat (and duck eggs? I have never had a duck egg but I have heard they are more 'gamey'? if I don't like them though I can like...give them to people or boil them and feed them to the chickens). I do plan to have a fertile flock so I can eat the young roosters.

So which of you lovelies wants to come live on my little homestead with me and help me raise chooks and duckies and a dog and a cat or two and a garden? And probably also three to five rats and a pair of guinea pigs? I'm going to name the chicken coop The Love Shack if that's any incentive.


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