Apr. 25th, 2013

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Dad and I are trying to figure out the stuff for my graduation. School is being very...uncommunicative about it. He finally found a 'checklist' online, there doesn't actually seem to be that much involved, luckily.

There is a 'senior survey' that was on the checklist, turns out it's optional, but I'm taking it anyways because SUUURVEYYYYY!! But I have run into a problem. Third question is:

'What experience did you have at BSU - inside or outside the classroom - that most engaged your interest and challenged you to grow?'

Um, right now what I have in there is this:

'Second psych professor in a row telling me I was barely human because of my autism certainly challenged me to rethink my major.'

And I seriously cannot think of anything else. I mean that's not entirely their fault because I'm not...the kind of person to be challenged by typical undergrad coursework...

I guess a more PC answer would be that my visit to China was a very unique opportunity. It definitely was challenging to my patience in some ways, and reporting our 'findings' afterwards helped me achieve new levels of bullshitting and understand the shame of presenting on a project that you don't even want to acknowledge that you were a part of.

(For those unfamiliar, the trip was meant to be for gathering information on a research project - but the professor who took us was a business prof with no experience in statistics who insisted on developing the topic and coming up with the survey on his own and then printed off a billion copies before giving any of us the chance to make any changes to the survey. We eventually realized this was because he did not give a fuck about the project or about us, he wanted to forge a relationship with the school we were visiting so he could do more visits in the future. The survey was shit and I couldn't do anything with our findings but graph them; the trip itself was very nice, even though he literally abandoned us every day to visit his mother and instructed the Cantonese student in our group to show us around like a tour guide, which is not what she had signed up for. We also found out most of the discussions with professors that he had put on our schedule, he hadn't even talked to said professors about...)

P.S. I ended up putting a nicer answer for that question, but later on it asked me to talk about my major(s) so I ended up saying Psych was one of my majors (well, I was only two classes away from the degree honestly, so it was only a small lie?) and talking about my issues with the department in the 'would you recommend this program to others, why/why not' section. I just feel like they should know that some of their professors are teaching that autistic people can't tell the difference between people and inanimate objects, were still promoting JRC's electroshock therapy only weeks before the lawsuit made the news, they teach inaccurate info on trans* people, etc...especially since parts of the survey outright stated that the school 'aims to promote social justice' and wanted to know how well they were doing. So...

I realized I completely failed to mention how many times I heard a trans* slur from a psych professor or from material they showed us. I guess because at this point...I don't expect much better? But comparing it to my econ classes, where we HAVE discussed trans* issues and I've never heard 'he-she' or 'tr*nny' out of a professor's mouth, it's obviously possible for them to be doing better.


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