Apr. 28th, 2013

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So I was gonna buy RPG Maker VX Ace, because apparently I don't have any self-control, but then I saw there's a 30 day trial, which is perfect. So now I'm trying out the free trial and WOOOOO

So far I have made a 3-map, uh, 'game' with some islands (with two NPCs, one of which is a battle) and a little hedge maze (with random encounters and some statues that do creepy shit when you touch them).

The tiles that come with the program...leave a lot to be desired, but I was planning to make my own anyways, so that's no biggie.

Should I make a game where all the characters are guinea pigs?

(That was a rhetorical question. You can be pretty sure I'm gonna do that.)
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It's a really short game lol, I think Paige got...less than ten minutes out of it? But mostly it was for me practicing how to do things, and I learned a LOT.

But if you really want to play it, you can download it here.

(I checked and it does work! Some/many antivirus programs might ping it, though, because it's a .exe that's almost never been downloaded before with no certificate. So er...you might have to fight your antivirus to download it. Also, I realized there are two tiny aesthetic issues I forgot to fix, but LOL OH WELL. See if you can spot them 6 u 9)

While making this I was basically all '...steep learning curve? What? This shit is easy.'

And then I remembered I have a fair amount of experience hacking pokemon ROMs, which I always seem to forget, I guess because I don't count it as like...a skill? But it definitely carried over to this. And just makes everything seem a billion times easier because I'm used to doing all of this with much less polished and less forgiving tools. But I do remember the very steep learning curve of just figuring out how exactly to use flags correctly (RPG Maker calls them...switches, not flags, but they're the same thing) and learning how to intuitively fix shit when it went wrong in counter-intuitive ways and so on.

But yeah, it was fucking awesome when I scripted some of the more complex ending events all in one go without looking up any tutorials and they worked exactly how I wanted O u O GO MEEEE

spoilerz )

P.S. Uhm, all of the art, sound effects, etc. are all defaults that come with the program if that wasn't obvious. Any games that I make for srs will have tilesets and art and etc. done entirely by myself, this was basically just a warm-up project. (Not sure about sound effects and music, though. I have no experience making those. But already for this small project I wanted more diversity of sound effects and music, so I'll work something out...)

ALSO, the file transfer site I used for that is IDriveSync. I am mentioning this mostly because it took me a long enough time to find a site that would allow link-based sharing and had a reasonably high filesize limit, and it works perfectly for my purposes, but its original purpose is actually to back up your files and it's REALLY GOOD for that too. You can set it up to back up folders of your choice IN REAL TIME. So you save something to your harddrive, it also saves to the IDrive cloud, right away or the next time you have internet connection. And that's all for free. If you do want an account, I'd recommend using my referral link because it'll give BOTH of us an extra free GB of space (although the free account also starts out with...10 GB free space, which is quite a bit.)

It is a lot like Dropbox if you've had that, but so far I am liking IDrive better.


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