May. 11th, 2013

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Well, I just discovered (upon research to confirm my suspicions) that the rather hit cult game OFF was made in RPGmaker :D

I also really want to play it, when/if I have time, because it's basically exactly the kind of shit I am in to. Even if apparently there are puzzles and I am so fucking terrible at puzzles ;A;

but I've also been wanting to play some otehr games made in RPGmaker just because. At least to have an idea of what some feature might look like if I decide to implement it.

P.S. I downloaded it and started playing. There's three like, warm-up puzzles in Level 0. I did the first one :D

The second one I uh, guessed until I got it right.

The third one I had to find a walk-through...


I'm a bit nervous that I won't be able to make good puzzles for my own games, but the thing is that the kind of puzzles I'm bad at - are primarily number and code-based puzzles, and honestly, I don't like those in games. Maybe because I'm bad at them, but they also don't seem to actually fit in most games (although they fit well in OFF, which is why I will keep playing even if I need a walkthrough for the puzzles) and they kind of break the flow of the game for me. Similar, I guess, to how a lot of people feel about random encounters.

I do enjoy...pretty much all other puzzles. Especially exploration-based/logical reasoning sort of puzzles that rely on you poking around the game a bit and following the plot - and the puzzles in turn also further the plot.

P.P.S. I did a short tutorial for [personal profile] etirabys on one technique for using pre-selected color palettes in an image/digital painting. Apparently it is useful-ish, so if anybody else wants to have a look feel free :D it is best accompanied by this excellent palette selection/color theory guide by someone who knows more than I do.

I also left some things out of the tutorial like...why I chose not to use color B for any of the underpainting (because very light colors draw a lot of attention/can be very overwhelming in an otherwise dark palette so I decided to use it as a highlight instead so it wouldn't conflict with the intended focal point of the image) and why I chose the colors I did for the penguin (neutral color for the body because I liked the idea of the bow popping, purple for bow and eyes because I was starting on orange). And probably a ton of other things too OH WELLLL

Also keep in mind that I did it like. With my mouse. And I don't often do digital painting. So. Yeah.


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