May. 18th, 2013

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Commencement (graduation ceremony) was today!


  • Grandparents came up yesterday to drive up with us today; Mom and Grampa pretty much immediately started in with racist jokes, I don't think I realized before how well they ~get each other~
  • Really weird speech from the alumnus commencement speaker? It basically boiled down to 'politics is terrible and you should cut anybody out of your life who cares at all about politics' with some dogwhistles I've never heard off the internet before (such as "the so-called tolerant are more intolerant than the intolerant", which...makes no sense in a literal fashion)
  • Lots of applause for Barney Frank, who was being awarded a Distinguished Service Award (he was the first gay member of Congress to voluntarily come out, and then the first to be in a same-sex marriage while in office)
  • The University President's son was graduating in our class - they stopped the entire proceedings when he came up for his diploma and basically demanded a ton of applause for him. I was pissed, and so was everyone else I think because the poor graduate after him got almost as much applause too.
  • The mother of a student who died a month before graduating came to accept his diploma posthumously. Everybody cried, including me (a little bit).
  • Italian food after was good. Walking around Boston in my terrible shoes and women's clothes afterwards was not.
  • Already got a great deal of money from my grandparents and my favorite aunt :D I was worrying about getting RPG Maker because I realized since we're having a graduation party for all three of us together I won't be getting the other gifts until after my bro and sis graduate as well (high school graduation, so it's not for three more weeks) but I already got mooore than enough to cover it o u o

Also last night I did a tiny bit of baking, photos to follow~~ also at least one graduation photo at some point.
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Bachelor of Science : Economics Major

(That's Hunt Hall, where all of the Econ classes are).


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