May. 19th, 2013

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So I'm watching the 5th season of Castle, uh...Halloween episode, I'm assuming.

1. Those are dream catchers. Who the fuck calls them 'Indian Wind Chimes'? Is this an actual thing? Do some white people think feathers chime in the wind? I thought it was fairly well known what dream catchers were for, but according to Castle they ~catch evil spirits~.

2. Wow that is the worst not-even-really-a-parody of the film from The Ring that I've ever seen. But I'm guessing they didn't want to terrify their viewers. But it's full of really misused symbols from a LOT of different cultures/religions (I see at least one Buddhist symbol, a thunderbird, there's a...3D ankh like one might find on a goth-themed site in 1999)

3. There is no American legend about a cursed video. Cursed videos are a Japanese (and IIRC also Korean and Taiwanese) urban legend.

4. I did not realize how much people misusing the phrase 'x let alone y' annoyed me until Castle did it in an episode. A professional writer, as written by professional writers, who's meant to be 40+ years old, doesn't know how to properly use it? The more extreme item goes second. The more extreme item goes second. 'I couldn't get out of bed, let alone drive to the bank.' 'Let alone' means 'don't touch/go near'. You couldn't do the first, and couldn't come anywhere near the second. Aarghh

5. Now they are actually referencing 'The Ring' in the episode. This doesn't actually make the episode any better, but I feel like they thought it would.

6. Now Wes Craven is cameoing. What.
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So there's this town meeting coming up where they're going to vote on revising how much land you need to keep chickens and dad brought it up and mentioned that a lot of people are keeping chickens these days and this happened

Me: I'm going to keep chickens.
Dad: Why don't you start now and keep chickens here?
Me: Wait what?
Mom: We're not having chickens.
Dad: *is already dialing the number of his friend who keeps chickens* hey where'd you get your chickens?
Mom: Well we would need the coop to be such and such size but we're not having any

~LITERALLY 5 MINUTES LATER~ I come outside to find them looking at where outside we're going to put the coop and talking about how many we can keep




P.S. I went to the bathroom and came back and mom was looking at chicken coops on my laptop

we're gettin chickums

P.P.S. Preliminary breeds list (we're going to go to a local farm that sells chicks and see what they have of what we want, once we have the coop together): Australorp, Chantecler, Easter Egger, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Sussex, Welsummer, Wyandotte

Coop refs: Coop de Ville, Feather Factory, Wichitaw Cabin Coop, more and more.


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