Jun. 11th, 2013

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I had several Real Srs Blog Posts that I was considering doing, but one would be better saved I think until I'm finally done with this job (ugh I want to be done with this job) and the other just...wore me out. So instead I will just do the lazy thing:

This blog and this essay are suggested reading for pretty much everyone. The second link is not working right now, which is pissing me the fuck off, but you can see the google cache of the page here. And if that's not working then this work seems to cover a lot of the same salient points and maybe uses more accessible language as well, although it has a stronger focus on the present than on the origin of the concept of race and whiteness.

Basically, I just urge you all to keep chipping away at the lies told to you about history and humanity by our imperialist society. People of the 'dark ages' past were not more ignorant and racist than we are today; to the contrary, the concepts of race and racism are truly inventions that occurred after the colonization of the Americas, cultivated as weapons.

It is historically inaccurate to depict the Europe of ages past as 100% white. It is a fantasy non-history constructed by our current society.

P.S. For those of you who, like me, are really into the Virgin Mary, this post might be a nice place to jump into that blog: Retroactive Erasure: The Black Madonnas of Europe


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