Jun. 13th, 2013

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Not dead

Just busy playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Feel free to tell me your friend code if you want to visit each others towns or something oh god I have no idea how that works (I'm borrowing Paige's 3DS to play) if any of you are actually playing or uh

I also made some super cute waistcoats and a friend designed some umbrellas but I don't have the QR machine yet lol

Also some general life updates: I am still working on the next Sybil and Meloic game, LOL, I haven't abandoned it or anything, and I recently actually had a breakthrough in the plot, but the issue is that right now I am literally working 6 days a week (and it would be 7 if I hadn't told the new manager I can't work Fridays) and it's super stressful because there's some shit going down at work as well (money is disappearing, two manager changes in a month, we're way understaffed which is why I'm working 36+ hours this week and pulling multiple 6-8 hour shifts in a week when I'm supposed to be part-time, etc.)

So I don't have the time/energy to actually be doing anything with RPGMaker right now between that and the chickens. I do have some creative energy building up but I think that's just going to go into some Animal Crossing fanart since that doesn't require me to, like, code things.

Rescue Team Baker Street is also still on the burner. When I actually have the job I want and a more reasonable schedule/some time and energy, I'll probably be working on that along with the games I'm doing.


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