Jun. 18th, 2013

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1. I ended up working 1-6 today when I was supposed to only work 2-5. Found out when I came in that she wanted me in early because her boss was coming in for ROR and she didn't want her favorite fucking lady M there because M doesn't work for shit, comes in high, and is probably stealing money from the registers, but manager can't fire her because they're BFFs now (this lady's been BFFs with every manager we've had inth past month - yes, month, we've had THREE MANAGERS IN A MONTH, STOP THIS RIDE I WANNA GET OFF BEFORE I GET FIRED FOR 'STEALING') but she also knows if the boss sees her he's gonna fire her...so I got called in early to cover the last hour of her shift so I'd be there instead because I actually, you know, do my work and shit.

2. Apparently I sometimes actually get emails that mean things? Dominos has been sending me emails about My Coke Rewards Points and I decided to actually look at it and I've accumulated, like, 30 points, 10 each time I've ordered in the past couple weeks. So I went ahead and got an account and spent some of them on sweepstakes for cool things because all the other cheap prizes look like shit and/or are not applicable to my life. But it's pretty cool actually because you can buy Shutterfly stuff with the points, which is great, because I love using those for gifts, and nothing says gift for mom like 'I didn't even have to spend any money on it' 6 u 9 also, the prize that costs the most points? A copy of fucking Norton AntiVirus. LOL. But there's a gourmet mixing bowl set (that's cheaper than that) that looks pretty cool too. Like, really, it doesn't take a lot of points to get this crap, we as a family get three+ boxes of coke-brand product every five days or so, and those are 10 points for regular and 20 points for diet. That's only about...70 shopping trips before I can get a Norton Antivirus for free 6 u 9 orrrr something cooler like a fleece photo blanket from Shutterfly.


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