Sep. 5th, 2013

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So I wrote this post earlier today, then deleted it in a fit of ennui or something, and then [profile] sugar_for_sugar PMed me and I realized some of you probably think I'm dead and/or hate all of you now, which is not true! I've just been doing stuff lately, and what is a small amount of stuff for most people can be a large amount of stuff for me. updates:

  • Paige and Derek now both off to school. I got to trade mattresses with Paige again (when I first started college, she stole my nice one and gave me her crappy one) and Dad is also moving his home office into her room, so I get my room back!
  • Going off of last point, I am considering getting one or more of the following: a TV (I have never had a TV in my bedroom, so that's a big thing for me ok), some pet mice, a pet lizard
  • Had a job interview for a teller position. I thought it went well, but haven't heard back about it. Oh well.
  • Am in the process of scheduling an interview for a 'social media/web coordinator' position sometime next week. They weren't very clear on what the position entailed but they needed someone good at internetting and listed familiarity with Adobe suite, HTML experience and graphic design abilities as a plus. So.
  • Tripper is getting old. Also, he's very upset about two whole people being gone from the house. He keeps waking up in the middle of the night and coming to me for cuddles. He needs to see the vet to see if we can do anything to help with his hips, they're getting worse again.
  • I've started playing Flight Rising. DRAGONS.
  • I also recently downloaded Terraria. It's basically all the fun I thought Minecraft would be, with visuals I find more pleasing and easy to understand :D
  • The chickens are nice and big now. The cochins might start laying sometime this month? I'm not actually sure when they start laying since they're not a laying breed but they're getting red in the face. The other three are all breeds known for starting late and laying longer, so they might start sometime this winter or the cold might put them off until next spring, which is what I'm hoping for.
  • I am starting the process of shopping around for a new drawing tablet, so suggestions welcome. Intuos are out of my price range.
  • I've been watching and enjoying the shows Netflix has been producing (specifically Orange is the New Black and Hemlock Grove). I don't actually recommend the latter unless you're a huge horror fan who can overlook some pretty problematic plotting though. I might do a proper post on them later, after I actually finish season 1 of HG. I do solidly recommend OITNB.

P.S. Video of me and my chickens being embarrassingly dorky together:


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