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I have discovered this list of basically how to deal with different kinds of over/understimulation with no underlying cause (which most professionals still do not seem to realize happens - but it seriously does. Trust me on this. I can be prone to overstimulation without something being 'wrong' and 'talking it out' isn't going to help.)

It's already been immediately helpful. I've always had problems with what the page describes as the proprioceptive system - my body awareness is terrible, for example, among other things - except for right after working out. Lately it's been really bad, there's a lot of tension I haven't been able to get rid of. I did a few wall push-ups last night as advised and was immediately much better :D
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Frankly, incredibly surprised I just passed that test, since I completely checked out for about ten minutes after having to answer the questions on autism.

I very much want to write this professor an email regarding all of this, but the idea of actually doing so puts my stress levels through the roof and I know she's unlikely to respond in any sort of positive way, because I just don't have the energy to do this the most effective way and she seems like the sort of person who sticks to her convictions. So instead...I will rant here. HERE YOU GUYS GO, HAVE MY UPSET FEELS 6 n 9

Warning for references to ableism, esp. anti-autistic )


Also my ears are acting up. Why is everything terrible
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trigger warning: ableism )

This post was kind of difficult for me. To understand, I had it mostly written up a few weeks ago, then ended up trashing the whole thing because I didn't want to be that angry autistic person. But I think that kind of reaction on my part is a big reason why I needed to write this, for my own sake. Even though I still feel really self-conscious and squirmy about it.
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A wonderful BBC video directed by an autistic girl, on autism. THE BEST WAY TO LEARN ABOUT THE SUBJECT

This is fucking fantastic and she is so adorable

Personally, I can identify with all these kids - I empathize with inanimate objects the exact same way I do with people (like if I bump a piece of furniture into another piece...I'll feel second-hand pain the same way I would if I saw someone get hit); I've had some pretty major meltdowns because I was trying to play a game but didn't understand the rules (I mean seriously this is the easiest way to piss me off/upset me in less than a minute); and I actually plan on having as much vertical space as possible in my future home because multiple levels of living space in one room would just be the most fantastic thing omg. And little caves and shit. And close ALL THE DOORS OMG my brain itches when they're open.


Apr. 7th, 2012 03:30 pm
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Making gingerbread cookies tonight! Or rather, I already made the dough. It's refridgerating chilling now. I'm going to bake and decorate them tonight.

Kind of wish I could bake now, decorate tonight (after we do eggs?) but last Easter decorating-cookies-as-a-family-activity didn't go down that well, and I think TBH if I bake them now not many will make it to decorating time because Derek's around. SO.

Also, I seem to be sick???? IDEK. Most likely allergies running up against my asthma. I was laughing earlier and it sounded like I was dying. Erp.

There was a point to this post...Right. )

Sorry for the lack of substance lately guys. Been rather off. I'll do a baking post with photos of the cookies, ok? c:

BONUS: I took the FM 100 Hue Test aaaand got a 14! (Lower scores = better color acuity). PARTAY I already knew I have pretty good color vision though.
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Bought a new binder over the weekend! The fact that I'm a 3-4XL in binder sizes was. Not a pleasant thing to be reminded of. But whatever.

I don't feel like making a proper post out of this but it is April 2 so I figured I would just throw this out here: Please don't 'light it up blue' as per Autism Speaks. They're a terrible organization and the brand of 'autism awareness' that they spread is dehumanizing. I know a lot of people not familiar with Autism Speaks don't actually even know it's going on, so as a heads up: all that puzzle piece crap all over the place is for Light It Up Blue/Autism Speaks as well.

Is there anything else I wanted to say?...No, I don't think so. I'm going to go draw some things 6 u 9


My life. (From here)

That's all.


Jan. 26th, 2012 03:35 am
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So I was regaling [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom with tales of my various soap/dry skin problems

And he pointed out that he's heard it's somewhat common for autistic people to in fact be allergic to the scents in bar soaps and so on

So I posited we are in fact all amphibians, or at least part amphibian

And he rewarded my mild cleverness by introducing me to Facts About Queers

I am now up an hour and a half after my bedtime BUT AM ENJOYING MYSELF FAR TOO MUCH TO CARE

P.S. Paige broke her elbow skiing :c she will be fine though.


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