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Today was kind of shit lol.


"John, it's an experiment, Gladstone is perfectly fine -"
"A very serious experiment. Stop laughing."
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Some Christmas-y things I've been doing!


And finally, a musicshare! I know that I am rather odd in enjoying all Christmas/holiday songs and never getting bored of them (at least not in the scant month and a half we are surrounded by them oAo SO MUCH CHEER, SO LITTLE TIME) so instead I gift you music that is not holiday at all.

Evil Pig

Nov. 17th, 2011 02:45 am
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So, I've suspected for awhile that my extreme discomfort sleeping in this dorm room alone isn't related only to the activity that harassed me in the other room last year, but also had to do with the way the rooms are constructed; I've been sleeping with my door open to the common room, and have been able to sleep quite well. This has nothing to do with light, since I've always had the blinds on my window open (the streetlights outside keep it quite bright) and the common room lights are often off, although lately suitemates put up some pretty Christmas lights.

This was somewhat confirmed last night when I went to go to bed and immediately started visualizing a demonic pig. The image was rather insistent, but it was also obvious I wasn't 'seeing' anything that was actually there, I think it's just an image my mind has picked up as scary lately (some pigs are awesome, others are terrifying :c). It took me awhile to realize - I had forgotten to open the door. Once I did that, I was relaxed and easily able to sleep.

And yeah, I can see the potential confirmation bias here; maybe, you think, there have been many nights on which I've forgotten to open the door, and I only noticed this time. Well, it is possible; but I have to shut the door every morning (to get dressed) and don't remember finding it already shut on any morning.

The best theory I have for why the room makes me uncomfortable is that the walls are all cement blocks. It could be something like how that affects the temperature of the room, or sounds echoed inside the room or muffled from outside. It could also be that the walls block the empathic ties I usually have with the people around me; I can usually sense people even several rooms over. Not being able to do that might be disorienting for me?

Anyways. Musicshare! I am in love with this song right now. And anything else Miku-tan ever sang ever, but this one has piano.

School omg

Oct. 26th, 2011 06:27 pm
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This week has been ridiculously busy. Dr. Bakkal offered to vouch for me for the semester in Canada opportunity again; this time I had to turn him down straight off because I'll be spending next year working on my honors thesis.

Meeting tomorrow with the China group to clean up this whole mess with our paper. Professor Chen added a section and wants us to 'edit' it for him (i.e. rewrite it, probably). Also apparently we are supposed to be presenting at some thing somewhere. He has not told anybody where, when or how we are getting there. Being as thus far he has illuminated his thought process to be 'I assume the school will pay for everything and I have to do nothing', I think actually whatever it is he wants us to go to...will not happen. None of us are paying our own way to go present these results; they have all the rigor of a wet paper bag.

Picked up another student to tutor for Macro Ec. Woke up today to ten or so emails from him, all reading the same thing, just rephrased. Is email becoming the new text message? I mean, I know most people can get them on their phones now, but...really? At least the other guy I'm tutoring is doing really well now. And apparently we're all friends now too, IDEK, we stood around after class today and chatted, it was so weird. By which I mean I was not awkward at all. That was the weird part.

Today's lecture in Psychology of Learning was on positive punishment (ex. physical or verbal punishment, as opposed to negative punishment which would be removing privileges). Mass stupidity ensued. A good 50% of the class refused to understand the teacher repeatedly telling them that punishment is the least effective way to teach any person or creature. It got to the point where students would raise their hand and start off with "I understand punishment isn't the most effective way, but you're saying if I spank my son immediately without warning him first it would be more effective?". And then another one took over class to hold forth on how you should never spank while angry.

It's quite interesting because I've found adult students are the most unbearable in psych courses, despite being the wiser ones everywhere else (in business courses, for example, it's generally the kiddies just out of high school that hijack the lecture to complain about how equal opportunity employment has led to white people not being able to get jobs). I wonder if this is a function of generation, or if people become more fixed in their opinions of how the mind works as they get older but are still willing to accept they don't know about other things.

Oh, also, got irritated about my results on my first presentation for this semester's speaking-intensive course. I got an A. In the 'work on for next time:' slot I only got 'keep up the good work!'. I did far from my best on that presentation. I guess it's only just hit me that I'm not going to get much guidance on improving my public speaking here, not when the guy who just put paragraphs of text on his slides and read them directly off the slides got a C. I would have flunked him. But it's hard for me to tell sometimes when I am having reasonable expectations and when I am being elitist. Anyways, I'll just have to work on my improvement myself; [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom pointed out to me that I know what I did badly on in that presentation, so I can work on it. I'm still not sure how to improve beyond what I already know unless I want to start picking up communications courses.

Okay, enough of my whining. Musicshare!


Oct. 6th, 2011 04:28 pm
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Just wanted to remind everybody about freerice.com. You can brush up on vocab, other languages, math, geography, etc. and every answer you get right, rice is donated to someone in need o u o it's a very easy (and free) way to help people out, and it's through the UN World Food Programme.

Anyways, speaking of food...my HUGE BOX of food from asianfoodgrocer got here :D :D :D IT IS ALL SO TASTY. I mean, I haven't tasted it all yet, but I have tasted a lot of things. The only thing I didn't really like was the Hello Kitty-flavored ramune soda; apparently Hello Kitty tastes like cotton candy, which is a kinda gross soda flavor. I expect the orange soda will be better. Also, opening ramune sodas: not as difficult as expected.

Cookie crunch pocky: REALLY REALLY TASTY.

Other things...um...musicshare! Hatsune Miku:

And for those of you getting tired of my barrage of vocaloids music, some Manau! (Still not in English, sorry cats ;3)

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Snagged this from Tranarchism. Somebody pours glitter on Newt Grinwich before a fundraiser for the Minnesota Family Council (and as we all know, queer people hate any organization with the word 'family' in it*** so we just had to make sure he didn't look his best)

Just wanted to share that. I love how his handler comes over to help brush off the glitter. CAN'T HAVE HIM LOOKING TOO FABULOUS, NOW.

In other news, I took a nap today and dreamt I was helping faeries take over the human population of America. I was advising them on ways to keep the people pacified once their new...government or whatever was in place. What.

It's the most interesting dream I've had in awhile though, so I'm not really complaining. Lately I've been rather stressed, but by obvious things (finals, getting my job back (yay! money!), first essay for my summer class being due right as finals ended even though the class doesn't actually start until the fucking 22nd). So my dreams have just been kind of bland, washed-out and boring. The most they do is give me a faint sense of unease. This one, though, made me feel rather confused! Yay!


***Hint for fundies with no sense of sarcasm: it's actually the other way around.

(I am pretty sure many have a critical lack of a sense of humor/sarcasm, which is why you will hear some fundies say things like 'queers openly admit that they are {insert completely ridiculous claims here, such as that we are all part of a conspiracy to convert America to a communist dictatorship under Obama}')


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