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Still alive. Although called in sick to work today. Rawwwrrr

Also, I'm hacking pokemon ROMs again. Right now warming up by making a customized firered game for [livejournal.com profile] beasts_and_men but I don't remember why I ever stopped now. Writing a script produces a very pleasing sensation that I think is synesthetic? IDK it's not normal to feel physical sensations when learning new things, right? It happens when I do advanced math too, but with scripting is much more intense. To the point where it can trigger a bit of sensory overload in certain situations, like earlier when I discovered a new, more powerful scripting tool has been developed during my hiatus.

I also tried typing to someone while scripting at the same time. Turns out the two are...kind of incompatible. Usually I just make weird mouth noises while I script because lurrrrrrrrrrr and larrrrrrrrrrvvv. [livejournal.com profile] beasts_and_men enjoyed this xDDD I suspect it's because I'm trying to think in two languages at once. I consider web coding (like HTML) as english, but pokemon coding is veeerry different and I seem to have learned it as its own language. Weird things happen when I try to read German and communicate in English at the same time, so.

....This has been your daily dose of 'weird things my brain does'.

For those of you who weren't around back when I first started doing this...which is quite a lot actually I think...pokemon ROMs are digital copies of pokemon games, meant to be played on an emulator* of the appropriate system. So basically, they're the game files that allow you to play pokemon games on your computer. DISCLAIMER BECAUSE THIS IS ONE OF THE THINGS NINTENDO ACTUALLY WORRIES ABOUT: it is illegal to download a ROM of a game you haven't already physically purchased. Personally, I do in fact own a physical copy of every. single. pokemon game. So. xD

Hacking a ROM is using various tools + scripting to change the game. It doesn't really translate well to hacking, say, a computer, because pokemon engines are written in their own scripting language.

I feel like I'm rambling about stuff that is boring for everybody except me, you can check out the tags on this entry to find actual screenshots of stuff that I have done lol

*an emulator, if you were wondering, is a program that runs, basically, another OS on your computer. You can, say, get a windows emulator on a linux system, within which you can run windows-only programs. Video game emulators run an imitation of the console OS on your computer.

ETA I feel like it's a reasonable expectation that I can take a psych class without having to listen to a lecture that is all about how I don't know the difference between a person and an object because I'm autistic. It doesn't help that this woman clearly doesn't know shit because she thinks infants possess theory of mind.
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...6 u 9
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Some guy in macro ec approached me today (after the first quiz) and was just like I THINK I FAILED EVERYTHING. I was like COME WITH ME TO THE MAGICAL LAND OF MY OFFICE


And I tutored his ass

I also just success'd on another script, the NPC asking a yes/no question :D I am steadily filling Palette Town up with NPCs saying inane things lolol

And now for a short rant on the subject of TAXES. Note that this is only about the situation in America. I do not claim to know anything about taxation in...most other countries. Maybe a bit about France and other heavily socialist democracies.

ALSO NOTE THERE IS A LOT OF SWEARING I get kind of testy about this subject. So there is also a more flippant attitude than I usually have towards things. As a result, no links to back up my claims, although I don't think I said anything outrageous enough to require a link to back it up, it should all be common knowledge?

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Sep. 21st, 2011 02:04 pm
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I spent so much time trying to make this work last night alkdjsfsjagksdal nobody told me I had to set the talking level to something besides the default I WAS USING TWO DIFFERENT TUTORIALS YOU WOULD THINK SOMEBODY WOULD HAVE MENTIONED THIS

Anyways I am skipping class right now but NOT TO SCRIPT although that is what I am doing instead

I am skipping because I totally forgot about an assignment and am too embarrass to try and make an excuse and get the 'no late assignments accepted' lecture from her. It's only 10 points out of like 300 for the term anyways

Okay brb learning to make more complicated scripts than talking NPCs lol
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I have made enough progress on the Pikmin hack to show some of it off properly!

...I wanted to do this with a screen capture video, but, um, I can't get it to work right. CamStudio Recorder kept telling me it was having errors saving the audio when I had set it to not record audio and when I finally got it to record the video for me, the finished video was...choppy and jumpy and flashy? IDEK it wasn't watchable. So here are some screenies! I need to find better screen capture software.

Screenies screenies )

So yeah that's it for now. I think for awhile I'll work on a hack I'm thinking about that won't require any sprites drawn by me, just a lot of new maps c: also, take a break to play some Pokemon Black.
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Continue to be a moderately successful baby hacker. Have decided to learn to script. So far I understand the concept of hexidecimal fairly well, although think maybe I have to practice using it as a numerical system so that I don't have to think through what I'm looking at.

Also, understand concepts like pointers, compression, etc. although not in a practical way. Trying to learn about bits/bytes/pointers, eyes glazing over. Wish there were less hacker language and more metaphors. :c

I am also reinstalling excel (and by extension my entire microsoft office package as the school only supplies them bundled) because the version I have is apparently not the version the comp 105professor has, nor can it do what the professor wants me to do. Also, installing frontpage, which I do not have yet.

Considering whether or not to make a second journal for my ROM hacking exploits, plans, etc. If I don't, a lot of it is probably going to go here. Of course if that annoys a lot of people I can always use the filter system, but that would also require making those posts friends-only and bleugh blaghhh blargh.

I am not sure why I was initially worried about the legal ramifications of ROM hacking. I know Nintendo doesn't vigorously defend their copyrights. I certainly never hesitated to sell pokemon plushes. 6 n 9;; I guess it felt different because it's a variety of digital pirating?

Of course, if I just made patches, it would not be illegal at all. I do not know how to do that. I could probably learn.

Anyways right now I'm working on two things; 'oldschool firered', which is just replacing all of the sprites in firered with the old R/B/Y (and eventually G/S/C) sprites. This is just a small project to cut my teeth on. I doubt anybody will actually want to play this since there are more interesting retro hacks of FireRed out there, like one that is entirely retrofied, including the tiles, maps, etc. Cool! :D :D

I'm also working on the sprites for the Pikmin FireRed game. I think I'm going to start by just changing out all the pokemon for Pikmin and critters from the first game; then later, if I prove to be sufficiently good at scripting, build a whole new game with a map and storyline similar to the first game. Seems the easiest way to work on my scripting skillz, since I'll already have something to work off of and won't be plagued with 'coming-up-with-a-new-idea-and-having-to-rewrite-everything-itis', which I tend to be susceptible to. I'm also working on the types, movesets etc. for the Pikmin & monsters, since there will be drastically fewer mon than there are in pokemon, I will have to balance very carefully.

I also have a running list of ideas for future projects. Some will definitely be pretty far into the future.

I am currently rolling around a possible trans-related post in my head as well btw. It's kind of crap at the moment. If it comes out, it'll be a companion piece to my previous post, but this one will be some advice for the trans people coming out. I know it's an often-discussed topic, but I think (hope?) I have some things to contribute.

ETA: Finished updating Microsoft Office and I am SO glad I had to do this. This new version of Excel is so shiny omgggg and this assignment definitely helped me learn Excel better c: I am so excited about this class now, I thought it would all be shit I knew already. Also, great teacher.

Yes, I get excited about excel. I like spreadsheets ok. I have one rn for the pokemon version of pikmin and pikmin monsters. With moves etc.


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