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Apr. 15th, 2012 06:53 pm
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Really guys. We know. lol

Reminds me of one of my ex's who once just informed me that his friend was 'afraid he would sleep with a transsexual one day'

And just kept going on about it

AFAIK he didn't say anything to his friend about it either

And all I could think was 'why the fuck are you telling me this? Why do you think I need to know?'

We know transphobia is out there you really don't need to tell us when you find it it isn't nearly as rare as some of y'all seem to think it is. I don't update my flist about every incident of transphobia I experience because it's on a daily basis and y'all would get bored of that I think.

Like I recognize the need to rant. I know you're probably bringing it up because it pissed you off. (IDK what it was in the case of my ex, he didn't seem especially irritated). But maybe consider taking it to another ally if you just want to vent?

IDK it doesn't bother me that much it just kind of makes me a bit amused and annoyed at the same time and it just confuses me because people do this all the time just like WOAH I SAW BIGOTRY NOT DIRECTED AT MYSELF IN THE WILD TODAY and why are you sharing this with the worldddd and especially with the minority that you /know those words were made to hurt/

ANYWAYS hold on for a baking post soon
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MY NEW BINDER ARRIVED TODAY WOOOOOO omg lol it's so much tighter than my old one...but still wearable...which is awesome. Although getting it on and off is a liiiittle bit of a struggle lol but the velcro makes it easier.

Also I got new Sherlock shirts ahhhhh

ALSO...I have the house to myself this weekend, just me and Tripper and the cat although she keeps mostly to herself...I am taking advantage of this situation for NAKED BAKING TIME. Yesterday I made some dough with my shirt off. Today I will bake it, probably in just my boxers because the oven will heat the kitchen up.

Not sure I'll be able to get proper photos of these cookies though because MY PARENTS TOOK MY CAMERA ON THEIR TRIP. WITHOUT ASKING.

Whatever. I'll see if I can get good pics out of dad's camera. These cookies will either be fantastic or weird-looking and either way y'all will want pictures I'm sure.

Also, just as a general statement, if you claim to be a trans* ally and then use 'trans' as a noun, as in calling me 'a trans', I'm going to have some significant doubts about your allyhood. I didn't even know anybody did that except radfems and certain conservatives until recently.
(ESL people exempted from this skepticism of course. God I can't imagine what kinds of terrible shit I would say if I tried to talk about issues of privilege in German)

ETA also I anticipate problems now that I can bind properly again. I 'pass' about 25-50% of the time if I'm binding well and I've been tossed out of the women's room before, but I can't use the men's room because there are people on campus who know me.



Apr. 7th, 2012 03:30 pm
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Making gingerbread cookies tonight! Or rather, I already made the dough. It's refridgerating chilling now. I'm going to bake and decorate them tonight.

Kind of wish I could bake now, decorate tonight (after we do eggs?) but last Easter decorating-cookies-as-a-family-activity didn't go down that well, and I think TBH if I bake them now not many will make it to decorating time because Derek's around. SO.

Also, I seem to be sick???? IDEK. Most likely allergies running up against my asthma. I was laughing earlier and it sounded like I was dying. Erp.

There was a point to this post...Right. )

Sorry for the lack of substance lately guys. Been rather off. I'll do a baking post with photos of the cookies, ok? c:

BONUS: I took the FM 100 Hue Test aaaand got a 14! (Lower scores = better color acuity). PARTAY I already knew I have pretty good color vision though.
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I had a post I was going to write about the sex/gender divide but then I decided to...not. Sorry. Actually, here, I'll sum it up:

The enforced sex binary is bullshit and based on cultural norms rather than anything actually medically useful, don't call me female-bodied because I am not.

Sorry for the swearing, I am angry because (warning: transphobia) Urban Outfitters and casual transphobia yay

Also, a relevant thing, from sunisup:

"Sometimes I hear people say that racism/sexism/etc in culture isn’t important or worth criticizing. ”Oh it’s just a book,” they say. ”It’s just a crappy TV show.” ”It’s just a commercial.”

This argument always baffles me. It’s like if you put poison into a fish-tank and then say “Oh well I didn’t poison the fish, I just poisoned the water.” The fish lives in the water, dumbass; it’s completely submerged in and surrounded by the water. I’m pretty sure that poisoned water is going to affect the fish."

Rest here.

...Did I even connect those things coherently? Oh well, this is what you're getting. I'm going to go write porn rather than strangle the next cis person I see. Because that would probably be [ profile] dakfire and I think I like her better alive.


Mar. 13th, 2012 06:09 pm
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One thing I'm surprised about regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement is how...quiet everyone was about the end of it.

I mean, yes. Peaceful protest is ended with a display of brute force by the government. (Read that, btw.) It's the classic cycle. But there was just this air of...submission to it. Like people were waiting to be stamped down.

Not that I think there should have been any sort of retaliation by the protesters. I guess the thing is that there was no one direction to the movement, except 'we are going to stand here and express that a lot of us are very unhappy with shit that's happening', so it wasn't really something that could have carried over into other methods of expression.

I know it's not really my place to question what happened, because I am not at all that sort of activist, I don't have the guts for it. I am the ambush-privileged-people-in-unexpected-places-and-talk-their-ear-off kind of activist (that makes me sound kind of weaponized, lmfao). I'm just wondering what happened.

ANYWAYS, something completely else: [ profile] dakfire and I did another brief Sherlock phone-text RP I thought I would share. UNDER HERE )

Anywayyyysss I was thinking of taking a photo of my hair as it is now, because I am not letting it get this long again. So I might as well let you all see it. I look like some freshman in high school who thinks he's a skater???

Do you guys want another stupid picture of me from my webcam? Is this something you desire?

ETA like you really thought I would wait for anyone to answer )

My pins are fucking amazing btw, I recently added a Captain America and an Iron Man pin. FUCK YES.
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Been awhile since my last baking post, right? Well, it's been awhile since I tried a new recipe, so.

These I found out about from [ profile] pwalkeri, as soon as I saw them I KNEW I HAD TO MAKE THEM. I mentioned them to mom and dad and immediately got a request to make them for Superbowl Sunday. So.


Also - I am finding my kind of slapdash method of outlining plots is not working for longer pieces like the er, epic I am working on right now (writing-wise). Does anybody have any recommendations? I feel kind of overwhelmed with the plot and can't get it down.

I had an outline guide that I learned a method from that I really really liked - it seemed very organic and natural to me - but I've lost the guide and forgotten all of it (well, I completely quit writing there for awhile - if y'all didn't notice, even the creepypastas I wrote were all heavily edited - sometimes rewritten - by Amanda). IIRC the guide was by the writer of God Eaters, which should make finding it easy right since I thought he had posted it to his LJ, but...I keep looking and can't find it anywhere I think it should be ;A;

I would go back to my old method of basically keeping it all in my head - since I have a very good (eh, VERY good) memory as long as I can web it, which of course plots and story info do very naturally - and just starting writing scenes with summaries before and after of where they go in the story (this is what I'm doing right now with short pieces like fanfics) but with something of this size I don't think I can do that and still make it as complex as I think it should be.
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Aramii stuff )

[ profile] anobjectinspace has pointed out that my crankiness today may very well be because I have a touch of sunstroke. Which would make sense. Note to self: bring sun umbrella next time I go into the city.


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