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So, I don't find myself with much to say these days. But I am still a shutterbug. In fact, I got a new camera for Christmas, a fancy DSLR (Nikon D3300).

And there's no reason I can't share some pictures :D?

Dogvasion )
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So remember when I mentioned Tripper and Nikka fighting over me the other day?

Turns out I have photographic proof! )
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Alright, here are the promised photos of Tripper in the snowstorm from a few days ago. Finally.

(Also, I need new icons.)

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LOL. The cat and the dog are currently waging some kind of war over me.

I'm sitting on the couch, and Tripper was just laying on the other side with his head on me like usual, squirming all over me and getting petted. And then Nikka walked up and started purring at me from the floor, so I dangled my free hand over the side to pet her. Eventually she jumped up on the back of the couch like she was looking for somewhere to lay on me, but decided better of it when the dog licked his lips, illustrating the fact that my entire lap was the splash zone xD so she ended up sitting on the sidetable and staring at him while I petted her, and he sat up to stare back at her, and they were just staring at each other while demanding pets from me and it was SO WEIRD.

Tripper was being all jealous over me earlier too, he was laying on my bed while I was sleeping, and I woke up because he had decided to use my leg as a pillow and was absolutely refusing to let me move.

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Just got home from school for the weekend

Tripper got skunked this morning. LOL.

This is funny because mom had do deal with it, and of course did so terribly, and not only does Tripper still smell pretty bad, but so does the entire house. It is fucking hilarious. I will wash him with the hydrogen peroxide solution tomorrow to see if I can get him smelling any better...mom missed broad swaths of where he was sprayed because I'm the only one here who can smell where he's been sprayed right after (not that this is a good skill...if you can do this, avoid letting on unless you REALLY want to help. Skunk spray does more than stink, and even if you can smell through it, you're still going to have some kind of reaction - I get a pretty nasty headache like I do from bleach, although it goes away much more quickly.)

She also tried to get him into the downstairs tub first. IDK why?? Obviously he refused because it would require him leaping headfirst into the wall.

I've also had a revelation as to why he keeps getting sprayed over and over and over. He is a dog of expected intelligence for his breeding (he's from working stock, his parents are both mountain rescue dogs) but he has some pretty odd social issues, which I've speculated before might be because he ended up in the puppy pen alone for almost a month before we got him, but it might just be how he is. He's unusually introverted for a lab, and he also...doesn't seem to be able to read other dogs' body language very well. With non-dog animals he's pretty much screwed; he still honest to god thinks that when the cat is lashing her tail, she wants to play. He gets all excited and play-bows at her. No matter how many times he gets swatted for it.

With this in mind...

...I can see how getting repeatedly sprayed would not do anything to teach him that a weasel-dance is not the skunk inviting him to play.


It's also possible that he's so determined to get them out of the yard that he doesn't back off even when he's aware he's going to get sprayed. Which is endearing. But either way, it's not his fault, and the main reason I find it hilarious that mom had to deal with the results is because it is ALWAYS her fault when he gets sprayed. It's really simple to prevent him encountering skunks; turn on the back light before letting him out, and they run away. But she forgets. Aaaand he gets sprayed. Whelp.
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It snowed again on Sunday, and Dad had bought a holiday collar to replace the one Tripper wore out, plus some jingly antlers for everyone.

Obviously, I took advantage of the situation )


Dec. 16th, 2012 12:28 am
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These photos are from awhile ago - back when I posted the video - but I never got around to putting them up. (Caution: VERY image-heavy!)

Dog in snow! )
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Okay not actually, I was just being clever

So it snowed today - I guess not actually the first snow of the winter, since there was one I missed a few weeks ago? Like a month ago? But that was during the hurricane, right? So I guess it was the first snow of fall. Okay. So it was the first snow of winter. And on the first of December! YAY.

So I took Tripper outside to play, and then Nikka wanted to join us so Paige let her out. I took A LOT of photos, but I'm still editing all of those. For now, here's the video I took of the last three minutes or so:

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Swirly swirly colors )


I am super excited because [livejournal.com profile] beasts_and_men is officially my boyfriend partner people now

(And yes also still [livejournal.com profile] anobjectinspace just so there is no confusion)

Second thing, why do I hear fishercat noises outside, it isn't fishercat season here yet 6 n 9 goddamn I hope it's not like, a predatory faerie or something

Actually to be honest that would be exactly as terrifying as a fishercat so I really don't care I just hope whatever it is goes away
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So I finally found the upload cord from my camera. I got some old pictures off it, plus some I just took yesterday and the day before of Tripper fetching in the snow. He's SO HAPPY ABOUT THE SNOW OMGGG

Cookiez )

Tripper+Nikka )
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So on Thursday we went down to Petco and got Tripper a new bed (as well as new, limited-ingredient, high-quality food that he loves and should help with his itchies, yay!)

Unfortunately, Nikka thinks it should be her bed.

Tripper is afraid to disagree. )
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Our first snowfall was last night! Tripper was very excited.

Photos thisway )

Sewing post coming up soon!


Oct. 15th, 2011 06:49 pm
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Today has been stellar o u o

Dad found some cookie ideas that he wants to try out this Christmas. I've got the go-ahead to buy some of those small-sized cookie cutters that I wasn't intending to get, for the purpose of sandwich-style cookies; we also went to the dollar store and got some nice canning jars to make our own baking gift jars - those jars filled with all the dry ingredients of a recipe so the person only has to add wet ingredients and bake :3 I have to dig up some good recipes to put in those because the magazine he got them from had only some gross weight watchers recipes. At first he was all 'but these come with the recipes right here so we just have to copy this to put with it!' and then I gave him a long look and then he was like '...that's something my mother would do, isn't it.'

YES, YES IT IS. This is not the 60's, if I am sending people a recipe in a jar I am typing up the instructions myself thnx.

Anyways, we'll be doing some stained glass cookies and some sugar cookies with food coloring and other things. It's kind of cute to see dad get all excited about a recipe in a magazine and I just look at it and go 'that's sugar cookies with food coloring in.'

He is more of an ideas guy than a critical thinking guy xD

Also, am super thrilled b/c Dad is finally listening to me on things regarding Tripper. He's even asking me how I handle things, because it is becoming unignorable that my methods actually work. He's even including a bit of raw food into his diet c: pleased.
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Internet problems seem to have been solved. I think. Yay!

This morning, I woke up to find Tripper staring at me. This conversation commenced:

Me: Hai Tripper :D
Tripper: :3 *tailwag* *STARE*
Me: Come on up! *pats corner of couch where my feet are*
Tripper: *stares at me as if I've lost my mind*
Me: ...*pats again* come on!
Tripper: *continues to stare*
Me: *leans up a bit to pat more emphatically*
Tripper: *wedges self between my head and the armrest*
Me: D: ...not what I meant!
Tripper: *stares at me with woe as I invade his personal space with my head*

Then Paige came downstairs and took pictures. )

Apparently that is HIS corner of the couch, thankyouverymuch. He stayed there until I decided I did not want to sleep on dogbutt and got up.

Also, got a good photo of Nikka, since her self-warming bed is back so she was quite asleep:

Yeah, that's our DVR box. No, it is not good for it to be slept on by a cat. I say it's back because we had to get it replaced after she decided to go warm up on it after a long night of being outside in the rain...

.......she apparently was not very impressed with it having sparked and smoked at her, since she's sleeping on the new one...

6 n 9;

In OTHER news I dreamt (AGAIN) about getting a cat. It's very similar to the last one I had, in that the cat could make an 'oh'-sounding noise, that sounded like it was speaking; and it came into the house an unusual way (the front door that we don't use). It was also an older adult cat. I WANT A CAT THAT DOESN'T HATE ME ;A;
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Hey look, new icon!

And some photos from Tripper snuggling all up on me yesterday when I got home:

Cut for ur convenience 6 u 9 )

Also, some music. I'm in love with this song (as well as Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream) right now:

Sewing post coming later! I finished the bunny last night. It would be happening, like, now, but my internet connection is still unusably slow, it took me long enough just to upload those two photos. Have determined it is probably due to virii hogging my bandwidth, so have downloaded Avast and am running a scan. We'll deal with the school's firewall not liking Avast when we get there.
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Tripper's not allowed on the new furniture.

This is a rule I don't entirely agree with. So...the other night when we were home alone, I let him up on the couch.

And then took photos as he tried to remember how to use couches xD

Photos under here )
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HEY GUYS IT'S PHOTO TIME yeah I found my USB for my camera :D :D

There's some different stuff here like some Tripper pics and the stuff we bought at the mall AND (WARNING) photos from the day of the hurricane to show the damage from the tree and lines being tugged around, so if that sort of thing is scary or triggering for you proceed with caution. I'll put those at the beginning under a first cut if you want to skip them and see just the cute photos k? K LET'S GO o u o


Not-storm photos )

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Omg we have a major storm brewing right now. Like it's about as dark outside right now as it would be at 5AM. And it only just started raining.

I hope this keeps up through work, I love stormy days at work. :D It feels so cozy, serving hot coffee to people during a rainstorm (or when it's snowing out)! And it seems to put people in a better mood than when it's sunny out, hell if I know why. I know that's not the usual trend, but customer trends at coffee shops seem to be very different than usual customer trends.

OMG now it is REALLY raining. And thunder. Excited! This also means the pain in my ears will stop soon (very sensitive to pressure changes).

Anyways, a bit more talking about training Tripper. Worked with him a bit more last night. I've decided the best solution to my and his non-syncing schedule is to do very short sessions with him in the evenings, so he won't get tired and frustrated. We worked on 'brofist' because he's having a lot of trouble with 'lick' still so I want to wait and work on that separately.

I have a hard time understanding why people who have the time to work with their dogs, don't. I don't think I really knew Tripper before I started training him, and I was vastly underestimating his intelligence, too. I mean, it's not like I'm an awesome trainer, we're learning together and I think I'm getting a lot better.

I wish I could go outside and stand in the rain a bit, maybe even walk into the woods (good chance then of encountering the new inhabitants close-up, I think...at least, rain used to draw the old ones out, even though they were usually not active during the day). But I have work later and don't want to have to take another shower between now and then. Also, there's a fog that's collecting in the woods in a way that makes me kind of uneasy.
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A few videos of Tripper!

From the beach:

And mom taped this last night; I bring Tripper some munchkins after work every night. This has taught him to tell time somehow, and he gets excited around 9:45 every night, although I don't get home until about 10:10. I've been working on him being a bit more relaxed about the donuts; just a few weeks ago, he wouldn't have been able to focus enough to lay down, let alone practice a new trick (brofist).

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