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Check the icon. Nice, eh? Did you guys even think I kept this icon? I actually didn't remember I still had it. It feels so old. So 2011. Lordy.

Anyways, this is mostly an Aramii post. Also a reminder that if y'all don't suggest to me what I should make a post about I will have to come up with a topic all on my own, and right now that might end messy because the topic I want to talk about is actually not suitable for a mixed crowd I think. Internal trans affairs. That sort of thing. (ETA for those actually wondering: this is not actually a cis trust issue, more of a situation where I think I will probably screw up somehow and would rather do it where I can be reprimanded by a fellow trans person before I put my stupidity out in a public place where it might give uninformed allies all kinds of wrong ideas)

(To any transphobe reading: yes, it is to do with the gay mafia. Obviously. We're planning parties. Parties where we brainwash children into becoming trans*. You can find out more about these sorts of things here. Arm yourself.)

Right I said Aramii post didn't I? )

Ergh. I know I sound really abrupt tonight. The weather is hitting me hard (headache, earaches, and half my joints hurt randomly on and off...right now my left thumb is twinging)

I am going to bed noooowww

Here is some music to keep you warm while I am gone

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Aramii stuff )

[livejournal.com profile] anobjectinspace has pointed out that my crankiness today may very well be because I have a touch of sunstroke. Which would make sense. Note to self: bring sun umbrella next time I go into the city.
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I watched PA3 last night! Eh, not as good as the first, but not bad.

I also re-watched Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. I wasn't paying enough attention the first time around to realize it was in fact supposed to be about vicious faeries, lol c:

Anyways I promised Topher this aramii post but then I got distract by baking and my internet being a jerk )

Also do u all like my new icon o u o

I dreamt last night that I was eating mozzarella sticks with [livejournal.com profile] docbrite and then we drew on our hands with pens like kids used to when I was in high school. Junk dreams FTW. Speaking of which, I never found out what those nightmares from a few weeks ago meant, if anything. I think I was just...sick or something. Disconcerting nightmares, though.

Paige continues to squeal very loudly whenever startled. We're watching PA3 together now. Every time she screams, Tripper comes running in to be sure everybody's okay, LMFAO. He's such a good boy c:

P.S. Mice Sing to Attract Mates, Courtship Study Reveals
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Yes, I did use this icon just to bother [livejournal.com profile] anobjectinspace

He deserves it

Anyways this post was already going to be obnoxious anyways, so might as well go the whole way


(For those who wonder why the hell I keep posting these when no1curr really...it helps me, visually, to have them all laid out so I can see them side-by-side P: that's the primary reason. If I think I'm getting too obnoxious I might start screening them? I could make an aramii f-lock)

ALSO I'm thinking of offering commissions (for real money, not just AMG as I am now). I am so broke you guys. Recent examples of work by me, on request/commission: thus and thus. Thoughts? They would be pretty cheap, like [livejournal.com profile] teenycom cheap.
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so um

I designed some more aramii stuff

There are a lot of maldras under here. A LOT. )
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First of all, cuttlefish and octopi! Also someone just faved this old thing, lol wtf

Back from winter vacation...finally, I suppose. Most people went back last week or so, I know. Our school dropped a week from spring vacation to add to winter vacation. They started last year, it's still sort of experimental, they're trying to see if it helps mitigate the loss of concentration between spring vacation and the end of the semester, lol.

I have a roommate again. She seems nice! She's very...very...normal, but also quite sweet, and she's a music major. So far she doesn't seem discouraged by the fact that my conversational skills mostly consist of saying 'yeah' a lot when I feel socially intimidated. Which is pretty much all the time.

Her bedsheets are black with pink accents. 6 u 9 also she seem to have lowered my Slytherin banner on the door, but I'm assuming that was an accident. The wood on the doors is terrible for sticking things in, so I wouldn't be surprised if she just brushed against the banner and the pin holding it up fell out, and she couldn't get it back in where it was (I practically had to hammer it in...IDK what kind of wood this is, superwood apparently)

or maybe she is a Gryffindor and my serpentine crest offends her

Gryffindors like pink, right? e n e

Also, augh, it is cold. And I realized too late that Derek had been using my awesomest fleecey that I keep at school usually in his basement den all winter vacation, so I'll have to have mom wash it over the weekend, but for now I don't have it, waaaahhhh my feeeet are coooooldddd ;n;

I'm looking forward to a proper sleep. I was starting to have...weird dreams at home.

Currently reading The People in the Attic by Doretta Johnson. I advise you not to read it unless you're hardcore into personal experience stories like I am. This woman is incredibly obnoxious and half the book is her whining about how she was 'coerced' into attending therapy sessions with her sister (who she tries so hard to help, despite her sister being, in her estimation, a deadbeat druggy brat). Also, I think the whole book is probably a mess of abuse-related triggers (domestic violence and sexual abuse) so if you do want to read it, be aware of that. It's kind of like this room in the werewolf haven in Dragon Age: Origins that was full of fire traps and Alistair kept standing in the fucking fire and not moving. (Alistair is not really part of this analogy, I am just always fondly exasperated by him.) I may have to make a human noblewoman character just to court him. Maybe another rogue, but an archer this time.

That would be four characters that I'll have going.

In my main game (elf rogue, dual weapon wielder, assassin) I've got the elves on my side and have almost got the dwarves.

Oh god how did I start talking about Dragon Age

Right here is some aramii instead )
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Some moar aramii. Oh, oh, first of all, cephalopod sketches if any of you guys wanted to see.

Now aramii flood )
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For those of you who have no interest in my aramii stuff...err, sorry. o u o;; I know there's been a lot of it lately.

My back hurts, btw. Ugh

Anyways V-Day Inspired Aramii designs )
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Aramii stuff )
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It's ok though this will probably be the last post for a little while. Anyways first of all YAY I just found out Derek has a game tonight so birthday dinner will be postponed til tomorrow. I should be feeling better by then since this seems to be one of those months when all the bite is in the first day or so. So I will actually be able to eat my birthday dinner yaaaaaay and then afterwards we might go out to the movies YAAAAAYYY

Okay now the real reason for this post Aramii forever )

Also um...HAVE SOME MUSIC 6 u 9

Moar Aramii

Nov. 2nd, 2011 09:05 pm
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Aramii forever, apparently. My new Ghost Radar app says 'mission'. That is probably right. THERE IS A TON OF ARAMII UNDER HERE, BE YOURSELF WARE

Look look )

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Yes I am doing Aramii again

You all have [livejournal.com profile] anobjectinspace to thank for that, yes

Custom plans wooooop )
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So, today was my first final!

And last night was when my phone decided to die!

It worked fine before I went to bed. When I woke up, it seemed a little...late, so I went to check the time on my phone since it also serves as my alarm clock.

It was dead. Wouldn't turn on, wouldn't charge. I had to start up my computer to find the time, which was three minutes after the final started. I got there in time to take it, luckily.

IDK what I'll do for waking up tomorrow; but my roommate hasn't shown up all week (...I have seriously no clue where she is, and she left an apple on her desk) and she has an alarm clock. I might borrow that.

P.S. Aramii stuff )
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WENT SHOPPING WITHOUT SHOPPING LIST due to power going out right as I was about to go double-check the recipes. Somehow managed to get everything I need anyways, because I am a genius. Well, I mean, I didn't get a thing of peanut butter for the puppy chow nor did I know I would need it, but we always have untouched cans of peanut butter around, so it wasn't a problem.

I won't even pretend that this is because I am always prepared. This was actually because I was salivating about brownies all week and because of that actually formed most of my shopping list in my head on like, Wednesday.

Anyways yeah. Today was supposed to be pretty boring, but the weather decided to make it more exciting :D literally right as I left my last class to go get ready to drive home, it started pouring rain. And as I got onto the highway, it started snowing (but neglected to stop pouring rain, because spring around here often means two-for-one deals on weather). When I got home I had finally got ahead of the storm, which caught up a few hours later, and managed to hit a power line that supplies something like half our town despite a complete lack of HIGH WINDS OR ANYTHING REALLY DANGEROUS EXCEPT RAIN AND LIGHT SNOW. I am still confused about how that branch came down (we actually drove around to find it, because when the situation is THIS PUZZLING and you're going to the grocery store anyway, that's what you do). It survived the whole winter, but a bit of wet snow was too much for it?!

ANYWAYS basic schedule is as follows: tomorrow morning, nutella brownies (less butter); tomorrow afternoon, chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. Saturday morning, puppy chow; Saturday afternoon, nutella brownies (peanut butter chips).

OMFG now I want to go work on a chocolate-and-peanut-butter-inspired custom design on Aramii. I ALREADY PLAYED AROUND WITH FUNFETTI CUSTOM IDEAS THE OTHER DAY, TOO. I am not convinced that combining Aramii and delicious baked goods is a good idea.
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Designed these last night:


The woods seem to be waking up again, but I have some extreme allergies going on, so I won't be putting Plan: Approach Faeries into action this weekend. Because my eyes start watering every time I step outside which seems not at all helpful, and also it is still pretty cold out.

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So basically my mind is still buzzing too much for me to sleep, and the best remedy for that is horror movies + busywork, and the closest busywork at hand that seemed like a bit of fun was getting images of some of the custom Amis I've been designing, to show off :D


Aaaaand I just realized I totally didn't tell you guys about how I hurt my foot. Which is typical because I didn't tell ANYONE. Basically, dad took the railing out of the basement stairs awhile ago, and yesterday I went to lean against it despite KNOWING IT WAS NOT THERE. So I went to prop my butt on it and tumbled backwards off the stairs onto the cement floor of the basement and somehow managed to do this NOISELESSLY and ONLY HURT MY FOOT. And not even badly. I mean there's no swelling or visible bruising or anything, it just feels like I overextended one of my toes.

Since I did this completely silently (unlike usual, where just walking down the stairs makes people think I fell and died because I can't do ANYTHING quietly when I WANT to) nobody noticed, and I didn't know how to bring it up without feeling awkward, so I basically limped around all yesterday until realizing today it was getting kind of ridiculous so I told everybody. My foot is feeling rather better now though. The point of that story is I am clumsy, scatter-brained and generally ridic, but also impervious to cement floors.
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So, the snow is melting. It seems as a result faerie activity is picking up again.

Here's what's happened lately )


because apparently this is what I am doing with my whole vacation )

P.S. Paige and I are currently getting into Buffy. EVERYTHING IS SO 90's. Mostly I enjoy 90's fashion in a sort of 'lol 90's' way but I think if I see another cheap faux-velvet jacket in a caramel sort of color I'm just going to start imagining all the characters as teddy bears.

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