Feb. 3rd, 2012 01:44 pm
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As promised, better pictures of my scarf! Under heeeeere )

I also just checked on my tangerine seeds and THEY ARE SPROUUUUUT 6 U 9 I am going to plant them in a paper egg carton with dirt in it.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 02:02 am
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[ profile] anobjectinspace got his holiday gifts! So now I can post them here for you all to see o u o


So yes, there they are :3 sorry for lack of actual commentary, I made them quite awhile ago, and am not in the best of spirits tonight (everything's okay though).
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Guess what I just finished sewing????


Better pictures to follow. Tomorrow night probably (my camera is at home). FOR NOW ENJOY THIS CRAPPY WEBCAM PIC. Also, my Reptar On ICE!!! SHIRT!!!!!!


Next thing 2 sew: [ profile] ocelotofdoom's gift. I'll be getting the last bits of fabric I need for it tomorrow or Friday o u o

I'm also already planning another scarf (I love scarves). This one wouldn't be hemmed though. I'm thinking two pieces of fabric (fleece probably) sewn together down the long ends, then flipped inside-out & the short ends cut and knotted. You know, like a knotted blanket?

This might be a good use for that Gambit deck-of-cards themed fleece remnant I bought...

(Also the survey is still going! If you haven't filled it out yet plz do! I need to know which animal u all prefer 6 u 9 once it looks like I'm going to get no more responses, I'll make frequency charts and things to show y'all the results)

(Also also: I hate nightmares that turn into sleep paralysis. Do not get me sleep paralysis for a gift, that would be a crap gift)
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Been sewing all day, but unfortunately you guys will not get to see the results, at least not until after Christmas. Because I'm sure even if I specially filtered it [ profile] anobjectinspace would find a way to peeeek 6 u 9

Also have major plans after this sewing project. Got introduced to these adorable things called bunka dolls. They're basically the doll version of lolita fashion, but not quite as varied. I love all things lolita, sooooo *scrambles after dolls* adljksjadsagdksalkjfagrea


Things to buy at Joanne's this weekend: terrycloth, stuffing, white or flesh-colored muslin or calico, some cute patterns for potential doll sewing (NOT ALL OF THOSE THINGS WERE DOLL-RELATED. who knows what terrycloth is? 9 u 6 KNOWING WILL NOT HELP YOU AT ALL)

It seems like I've been getting more pageviews, but less comments lately. Did I do something to scare you all away?! I LOVE YOU I PROMISE. I understand if you're just all shy though, I am a creepy silent lurker as well.

Yes, most of this entry was just to tease [ profile] anobjectinspace about the gift I am making for him. That wasn't my original intention, but apparently that's what happened here. OH WELLLL

p.s. it is amazeballs

p.p.s. MUSIC: Miku-Tan does one of my fave songs from Mulan

Sometimes I feel like a cliche for liking this song. Then I remember I don't caaare 6 u 9

p.p.p.s. Considering making my own moodset from either X-Men Evo or MLP: FiM screenshots. Would that be obnoxious? I would probably make them small.
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So Paige asked me to sew this thing, called a Kuriboh. It's from Yu-Gi-Oh apparently? Anyways, photos!

More )

Next sewing project will probably be a scarf! :o I found this sort of sweatshirt fleece fabric that has a beautiful sugarskull sort of pattern on it and I really want to make a scarf for myself from it. I LOVE SCARVES.
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Photos of Ditto plush YAY! (Dittos look like this)

More under here )

I did a fair bit of baking tonight, that post will probably be going up tomorrow because it's bedtime for me now!
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Econ club is awesome. I am awesome.

Right now watching MushiShi (Mushi-Shi?) and sewing my Ditto. Taking a break from Baccano! because I have this inability to watch less than like, three anime at the same time.

This weekend baking some of these because apparently Martin-aus-Deutschland moechte Erdnussbutter gern.

I want to bake cookies next weekend for Paige and Derek to bring to their friends at school but my plans will pretty much be contingent on whether or not I can find rice flour anywhere. Or any non-wheat flour. Currently I am thinking Trader Joe's because they usually have like...things. And no, I cannot find any at the supermarket, kflajgdsalmldsmga, any suggestions?

I also plan to make sugar cookies for the family, I think I'll make a batch of sugar cookie dough and divide it in half, mix half with foodcoloring to test cookies-con-foodcoloring and do the other half up all fancy with some sprinkled Vanillinzucker and/or cinnamon sugar. And maybe add some pumpkin spice? Hmmm.

Also, I had kind of been assuming y'all knew BoA already but maybe...not? SO HERE

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I finished the fish!

more photos under cut! )

Anyways, I still have to come up with a bit of character for the fish and what kind of play I might use it in; I'll do that while I'm at work.


Jun. 8th, 2011 05:03 pm
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So, for the puppet I have to make for class, I decided to go with an advanced finger puppet - one that you use three fingers for. I realized I had to make it kind of simple though because I just don't have the time to do a lot of sewing, and I am all out of practice :C So I made a fish! Three fingers should allow the operator to make it 'swim'.

I've got it partway done :D all the individual pieces sewn. I just have to put it all together, which I think I'll do tomorrow. But, I took photos of it pre-assembly! Both to show you guys and in case the teacher doesn't believe I made it myself...which I would understand, because who the fuck goes and sews an actual puppet for a web class, I think she's expecting people to like, make sock puppets and paper bag puppets and stuff, you know. But I watched too much Cardcaptors as a child and I have to ALWAYS DO MY BEST

Photos under the cut )

While sewing I've been re-watching some of my favorite Korean horror movies. I forgot how good the music for Tale of Two Sisters is. :D

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