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Dakfire: But I thought you were excited for the Gatsby movie?
Me: *starts frothing at the mouth*

(this led into a generally good discussion about how The Great Gatsby is basically just Catcher in the Rye with flappers and nobody in media or fashion today seems to actually know what a flapper is/looks like and Catcher in the Rye is the most fucking obnoxious high school English class 'classic' ever even counting Great Expectations and FLAPPERS ARE NOT 'BOYISH')

Dakfire: So [brother] keeps using my expensive acne face wash without permission.
Me: Yes.
Dakfire: So yesterday I told him that it's meant for women only and it regulates our hormones and lowers testosterone.

Dakfire: When do you need your car today?
Me: Like...now. Wait why do you need it?
Dakfire: To go on a not-date with the girl who is not my girlfriend yet. [Brother] took our car and didn't come back.
Me: I guess I can leave later...
Dakfire: Yay! Thank you!
Me: I expect a mention in your acceptance speech when you finally make out with her.

Dakfire: *gets home* Oh you're watching Les Mis!
Me: Yeah, I'm not really sure what's going on but the music is nice.
Dakfire: *goes upstairs to shower* *comes back down an hour later* ....you're still watching Les Mis?!

And then her cat did THIS )
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So remember when I mentioned Tripper and Nikka fighting over me the other day?

Turns out I have photographic proof! )
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LOL. The cat and the dog are currently waging some kind of war over me.

I'm sitting on the couch, and Tripper was just laying on the other side with his head on me like usual, squirming all over me and getting petted. And then Nikka walked up and started purring at me from the floor, so I dangled my free hand over the side to pet her. Eventually she jumped up on the back of the couch like she was looking for somewhere to lay on me, but decided better of it when the dog licked his lips, illustrating the fact that my entire lap was the splash zone xD so she ended up sitting on the sidetable and staring at him while I petted her, and he sat up to stare back at her, and they were just staring at each other while demanding pets from me and it was SO WEIRD.

Tripper was being all jealous over me earlier too, he was laying on my bed while I was sleeping, and I woke up because he had decided to use my leg as a pillow and was absolutely refusing to let me move.

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It snowed again on Sunday, and Dad had bought a holiday collar to replace the one Tripper wore out, plus some jingly antlers for everyone.

Obviously, I took advantage of the situation )


Dec. 16th, 2012 12:28 am
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These photos are from awhile ago - back when I posted the video - but I never got around to putting them up. (Caution: VERY image-heavy!)

Dog in snow! )
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Okay not actually, I was just being clever

So it snowed today - I guess not actually the first snow of the winter, since there was one I missed a few weeks ago? Like a month ago? But that was during the hurricane, right? So I guess it was the first snow of fall. Okay. So it was the first snow of winter. And on the first of December! YAY.

So I took Tripper outside to play, and then Nikka wanted to join us so Paige let her out. I took A LOT of photos, but I'm still editing all of those. For now, here's the video I took of the last three minutes or so:

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Come this wayyy )
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So on Thursday we went down to Petco and got Tripper a new bed (as well as new, limited-ingredient, high-quality food that he loves and should help with his itchies, yay!)

Unfortunately, Nikka thinks it should be her bed.

Tripper is afraid to disagree. )
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I come bearing tons of pics that nobody is really interested in!

First, photos of everyone's costumes today for Trick-or-Treat. Then photos of Nikka.

Go this way )

Baking post coming up in like ten seconds!
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I was trying to get her to eat on her hind legs, but she wouldn't do it for the camera :c

Also, some music!

Now, I go cut out fabric for ditto pillow c:
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Internet problems seem to have been solved. I think. Yay!

This morning, I woke up to find Tripper staring at me. This conversation commenced:

Me: Hai Tripper :D
Tripper: :3 *tailwag* *STARE*
Me: Come on up! *pats corner of couch where my feet are*
Tripper: *stares at me as if I've lost my mind*
Me: ...*pats again* come on!
Tripper: *continues to stare*
Me: *leans up a bit to pat more emphatically*
Tripper: *wedges self between my head and the armrest*
Me: D: ...not what I meant!
Tripper: *stares at me with woe as I invade his personal space with my head*

Then Paige came downstairs and took pictures. )

Apparently that is HIS corner of the couch, thankyouverymuch. He stayed there until I decided I did not want to sleep on dogbutt and got up.

Also, got a good photo of Nikka, since her self-warming bed is back so she was quite asleep:

Yeah, that's our DVR box. No, it is not good for it to be slept on by a cat. I say it's back because we had to get it replaced after she decided to go warm up on it after a long night of being outside in the rain...

.......she apparently was not very impressed with it having sparked and smoked at her, since she's sleeping on the new one...

6 n 9;

In OTHER news I dreamt (AGAIN) about getting a cat. It's very similar to the last one I had, in that the cat could make an 'oh'-sounding noise, that sounded like it was speaking; and it came into the house an unusual way (the front door that we don't use). It was also an older adult cat. I WANT A CAT THAT DOESN'T HATE ME ;A;
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Ahfdslajfdsakgdsahgsa work was wild today (non-stop customers from when I came in at 1 until like...6 PM D: D: D: and there was only two of us, it was intense). But that's okay because one guy came through the drive-thru with the most adorable pit mix in his passenger seat :D :D I asked and he said he was pibble/rhodesian/yellow lab mostly.

I've found lately that pit bulls have been really growing on me...basically, they are the most incredibly adorable dogs omg, and my favorite size too, LOL. It's kind of a surprise to me because I used to be really picky about dog aesthetics, and pit bulls (and most shorthaired breeds tbh) were waaaay down on my list. I think that was because I hadn't had a lot of exposure to expressive dogs yet, and with Tripper I've come to appreciate a lot more expressive faces, and pibbles have like the ULTIMATE EXPRESSIVE FACE.

Speaking of animal breeds...Paige and I have determined that Nikka seems to be part Egyptian Mau. Which explains why she can run so fast.

In other news...uhhh...no that's it. I just wanted to talk about pit bulls. Go me? GO ME!


May. 14th, 2011 07:47 pm
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This is some of the funniest shit I have ever seen :D (SFW; it's Garfield comics with Garfield replaced with a normal, non-talking cat)

Mostly because it is, in my experience, a completely realistic portrayal of living with a cat. But I also might just talk way too much to my animals.

On a related note:

Paige and Nikka nap together!

On a related note to the related note: I have finally gotten Paige to watch The Grudge with me by explaining the theory I subscribe to that the haunting of the house is actually caused by the family's(/Toshio's) cat, which has aged into a bakeneko (magical cat/cat demon with two tails) and is terrorizing people using what it observed of its now-dead people.

And now mom has come to sit in here and ask us to explain everything that happens (we're like five minutes into the movie) and interrupt the movie with vaguely tangential anecdotes ("so on facebook I saw these people talking about how their cat got stuck in a wall...") and then ask us to explain what she missed while she was talking. Argghhhh.

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