Jul. 2nd, 2012 07:56 pm
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And I'm pretty sure I passed it...I think. fmdklafsakl I hate this course. If I have to take it again I will be pissed. (Keep in mind for my school's psych department, 'passing' is C or above. I had to re-take it because I got a C- the first time. THIS IS BULLSHITTTTTT)

I have a week before my second summer course starts. Which already looks generally much better-organized, but this is as I had expected since it's an econ course.

Also, I'm baking cookies for parents to take to the 4th of July celebration they're going to with family. I am not going because I have work. (I would probably not go anyways.) I was going to do just regular sugar cookie sandwiches, but apparently I am in fact supposed to listen to requests made via facebook so now I'm also making the chocolate ones with peanut butter filling.


P.S. interesting thing. Historically, on personality inventory tests, I score low on everything (extroversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, agreeableness) besides openness. I always thought this was pretty weird because I consider myself generally a fairly agreeable person. At least not disagreeable? But I just figured it was due to the tests being made by and for allistic people. Turns out, though, that agreeableness scores can actually be interpreted differently based on gender, and compared solely to the male population, my agreeableness score is actually medium-high rather than medium-low. 6 u 9?


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Jun. 12th, 2012 01:22 pm
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Sorry I haven't been posting much, y'all. I haven't been feeling very well lately...overstressed, and also I managed to accidentally boil some bleach and breath in the fumes at work the other day. Uh. Oops. xD

Haven't been baking much either, I've just been dipping ALL THE THINGSSSS in chocolate instead. And I could take photos of those but...that would just be taunting you really, there isn't a recipe for chocolate-covered strawberries. Although if you do want to dip some things in chocolate, here's some suggestions, based on what I've been doing lately:

The classic is strawberries. You can also do any fruit you like, really, although if you do something like banana slices, try to cover the slice completely in chocolate so it doesn't turn to mush too fast. Same with things like apple slices.

You can also dip marshmallows! They're wicked good. I like them, and I'm not even ordinarily a huge fan of marshmallows.

You can do - pretty much any roasted nut you like. Try to get the salted kind, because salt always goes well with chocolate. Obviously, they need to be out of their shell. What I do is scoop some of the melted chocolate out of the double-boiler (because I'm still using the remaining chocolate for more stuff) into a bowl, add nuts, and mix until they're all coated. You can cool them individually, but I like to do big mounds of nuts. My favorite to do like this is cashews, but that's because I honestly don't like that many nuts...if I can find some shucked sunflower seeds, I'm definitely doing those as well.

Finally, there's pretzels, another classic...the problem with pretzels is you either have to coat them completely, or else you can't cool them in the fridge; they'll go stale. Same goes for any other cracker or chip. Chocolate-covered potato chips would probably be pretty good - I haven't tried them yet. What I have been doing is dipping pita chips in chocolate (plain/sea salt flavor, obviously). It's delicious. I recommend the New York brand for this, because some of the others seem like they would just be too dry/not salted well enough.


May. 24th, 2012 12:27 pm
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My relatives are now using my facebook to make baking requests for holidays where they will see me.

4th of July baking plans: sugar cookie sandwiches (half batch red, half batch blue; white almond buttercream filling), chocolate sugar cookie sandwiches (peanut butter buttercream filling). I think they'll all be stars with stars cut out the center (like I did for some of my sugar cookie sandwiches) but maybe I'll also do some circles with stars cut out? And I'll bake the stars I cut out as well, with sugar sprinkled on top.

Also...okay so awhile back I watched We Bought a Zoo. Am I the only one annoyed by the tendency for movies like this to make the inspector into the bad guy? These regulations are in place to keep the animals safe and happy. As a zoo, shouldn't that be your primary goal as well? IDK I think zoos that cut corners are a bigger problem than potential inspectors on power trips.
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Yes. These are chocolate sugar cookie sandwiches with peanut butter buttercream filling.

This waaaay )

I'm thinking about maaaybe selling cookies on Etsy. Thoughts? I've shipped cookies before (even to the UK), no problem.

Omg I need to go get another one of these cookies
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Come this wayyy )
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So. Finals week. Tomorrow is reading day? I think? I think...

I should probably check. I could. Go check right now. But I'm lazy. I'll probably come back and edit in my finals schedule here so I can keep track of it lmfao


(this week)

11-1PM Macro Ec

2-4PM Psych of Personality

Thursday-Friday online: International Econ

(next week)

2-4PM Stats/SPSS (presentation)

11-1PM Econ Stats

Thursday night Paige and dad and I are going to see THE AVENGERS MOVIE



I plan on baking cookies to celebrate. Avengers swirl/pinwheel cookies. Well...okay they might just be Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk cookies. Because reasons. Oh god I am having some excellent ideas right now

I don't want to put them down here though because I want them to be a surprise

Does anybody have any good recipes for cookie sandwich filling? Like the white sort, not chocolate, although I'll probably want to do chocolate sometime in the future as well
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Sorry if the earlier post was obnoxious, I am just legit that excited.

Also sorry for the general flist spam today guys but here have some more photos of my cookies )

I'm also hoping to tempt you all into baking these cookies for yourselves because they are seriously so good oh my god
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There are a billion photos here and some of them are really crap. BUT I MADE COOKIES

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Some Christmas-y things I've been doing!


And finally, a musicshare! I know that I am rather odd in enjoying all Christmas/holiday songs and never getting bored of them (at least not in the scant month and a half we are surrounded by them oAo SO MUCH CHEER, SO LITTLE TIME) so instead I gift you music that is not holiday at all.

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