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Dakfire: But I thought you were excited for the Gatsby movie?
Me: *starts frothing at the mouth*

(this led into a generally good discussion about how The Great Gatsby is basically just Catcher in the Rye with flappers and nobody in media or fashion today seems to actually know what a flapper is/looks like and Catcher in the Rye is the most fucking obnoxious high school English class 'classic' ever even counting Great Expectations and FLAPPERS ARE NOT 'BOYISH')

Dakfire: So [brother] keeps using my expensive acne face wash without permission.
Me: Yes.
Dakfire: So yesterday I told him that it's meant for women only and it regulates our hormones and lowers testosterone.

Dakfire: When do you need your car today?
Me: Like...now. Wait why do you need it?
Dakfire: To go on a not-date with the girl who is not my girlfriend yet. [Brother] took our car and didn't come back.
Me: I guess I can leave later...
Dakfire: Yay! Thank you!
Me: I expect a mention in your acceptance speech when you finally make out with her.

Dakfire: *gets home* Oh you're watching Les Mis!
Me: Yeah, I'm not really sure what's going on but the music is nice.
Dakfire: *goes upstairs to shower* *comes back down an hour later* ....you're still watching Les Mis?!

And then her cat did THIS )
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I just thought you all might appreciate some more on how awesome my sister is

From earlier:

[22:40] dakfire: im going to feel happy and you can't bring me down ^U^
[22:40] poto_heart: you mean you're in denial
[22:40] dakfire: yupe
[22:41] dakfire: it's nice we have this sibling bond and you can know what I mean

Also I just went to go do some Rescue Team Baker Street sketches and found what she drew in my sketchbook last weekend. It's a Happiny complaining about gender expectations. YES

And here, seriously, watch this, oh my god:

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Why are my eyes closed in both pictures? Because amazeballs, that's why. Stop questioning my flair.

It went well enough, considering how long I'd put it off and that I'm still not back to 100% as far as social interactions are concerned. The stylist made a lot of inane small-talk and also asked me if my dad was okay with my hair going this short, which was both amusing and a little 'urgh' because I had just been feeling a bit bad about how I am incapable of going to get my hair cut on my own and need one of my parents to take me when I'm a freaking adult. Well.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] dakfire painted me this amazing picture of a cubone. I don't think it'll scan well because paint never does but if I can find my camera I will take a photo because my sister is the best thing.

Also also, might be going with whole family sans Derek to see the Hunger Games movie today. I was going to wait and go with like, [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom and maybe [livejournal.com profile] dakfire but I thought the baby shower I agreed to go to with mom was today (because mom TOLD ME it was today) and only found out otherwise last night so I told [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom I couldn't do it this weekend. And mom read the book and now she's all into it so we're going to do like, a family thing. She actually just went out to buy the tix ahead of time if she can. Paige and I will probably do the sibling-date thing, it'll be fun.

ETA LMFAO so see that orange shirt I'm wearing there? That's my faux-vintage Orange Crush shirt. Dad bought it for me like a year ago, not realizing Paige had had an identical (well, size smaller, obviously) shirt for quite some time. Paige just walked in from doing some yardwork for a neighbor. She looked at me, then took her sweatshirt off. SHE WAS ALSO WEARING HER CRUSH SHIRT.

6 u 9

9 u 6

Maybe I can convince her to keep it on for the movie. Matching siblings > sibling date?


Mar. 13th, 2012 06:09 pm
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One thing I'm surprised about regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement is how...quiet everyone was about the end of it.

I mean, yes. Peaceful protest is ended with a display of brute force by the government. (Read that, btw.) It's the classic cycle. But there was just this air of...submission to it. Like people were waiting to be stamped down.

Not that I think there should have been any sort of retaliation by the protesters. I guess the thing is that there was no one direction to the movement, except 'we are going to stand here and express that a lot of us are very unhappy with shit that's happening', so it wasn't really something that could have carried over into other methods of expression.

I know it's not really my place to question what happened, because I am not at all that sort of activist, I don't have the guts for it. I am the ambush-privileged-people-in-unexpected-places-and-talk-their-ear-off kind of activist (that makes me sound kind of weaponized, lmfao). I'm just wondering what happened.

ANYWAYS, something completely else: [livejournal.com profile] dakfire and I did another brief Sherlock phone-text RP I thought I would share. UNDER HERE )

Anywayyyysss I was thinking of taking a photo of my hair as it is now, because I am not letting it get this long again. So I might as well let you all see it. I look like some freshman in high school who thinks he's a skater???

Do you guys want another stupid picture of me from my webcam? Is this something you desire?

ETA like you really thought I would wait for anyone to answer )

My pins are fucking amazing btw, I recently added a Captain America and an Iron Man pin. FUCK YES.
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So these photos are supposed to be kept secret until after the local Shakespeare Festival but I AM PRETTY SURE NONE OF YOU ARE GOING TO THAT SOOO IT DOES NOT MATTER.

Paige as Puck!

And bonus photo that got all Pucked up. BE CAREFUL WITH THAT FLOWER PUCKS

(Paige is in front, freshman!Puck behind her)
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This is why my sister is the best and you guys can't have her
And I suppose the /b/rony is making himself somewhat acceptable even if he tried to compare Magneto and Sephiroth and was unaware that Magneto and Xavier are always teaming up to fight true evils

tanzelt: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqpfwcGdqF1qe1wbx.jpg eric embracing his identity as a human shark
Paige: hehehe
tanzelt: charles..being...groovy
tanzelt: i guess
Paige: Nathan said somehtign really funny
tanzelt: somebody tell him to stop whatever it is before he hurts himself
Paige: He said Erik was so intrested in Pyro in the 2nd movie because Pyro's lighter had a shark on it.
Paige: he felt a kin ship
tanzelt: L.O.L
Paige: nah he's got charles with him, he'll be fine
tanzelt: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqpfviUBbs1qe1wbx.jpg
tanzelt: quick, caption it
Paige: I walk in on Hank, I mean how does he wear normal sized pants?
tanzelt: oh my god
tanzelt: you win everything

P.S. Listening to Yellowcard's album Lights and Sounds and somehow it is totally the soundtrack to Erik and Charles' entire life in every continuity, THE SUM OF EVERYTHING THEY ARE. I challenge you to listen to the album and find one song that does not fit them somehow (although How I Go is more about Erik and his kids and I think most people wouldn't understand Holly Wood Died the way I am understanding it currently).

I probably sound like a newbie shipper so in the interest of defending my hipster cred, I have always been in love with Erik and Charles and a lot of my X-Men fan experience is mourning them (it's just how I do things, I'm a mourner), it's just more intense right now because now suddenly there are a LOT MORE FANS THAT CARE and also for other reasons.

And for those who think their relationship is something scary and terrible that just came out of the movie, what comics have you been reading?! No really I would like to see them, show me some credentials, the whole franchise is about their relationship. You can certainly argue for it being non-sexual but by no means platonic. And it may be that the newer comics are deviating and moving in new directions but there's a good reason the movies returned to the dynamics of their relationship.

P.P.S. If you would like some examples:
Down on My Head - mostly Magneto's regret, can also be Xavier's at times
City of Devils - both of them when apart
Two Weeks from Twenty - Magneto bb. I know it may sound more like Xavier but trust me, I know these things. (Also, note that Xavier is like 500x more likely to send children into combat than Magneto)
Grey - this is probably an obvious one but threw it in anyways. Magneto to Xavier, in any continuity ever (when they're apart).
Words, Hands, Heart - when a tragedy or threat brings them together; either one or the other or both, depending on the situation
How I go - Magneto to his kids; in any time of peace, or retrospective on his life and relationship with them in general

Trying to give examples that are a. not too obvious (like Waiting Game or Rough Landing, Holly) or b. not obvious enough (like Holly Wood Died) and also c. the most awesome but it turns out THEY ARE ALL THE MOST AWESOME, THIS IS TOO HARD, I'M STOPPING HERE YOU SHOULD JUST LISTEN TO THE WHOLE ALBUM
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So I just got a PM


She just made an LJ just to stalk me in [livejournal.com profile] ontdcreepy.

She is the ever-lovable [livejournal.com profile] dakfire, you may have seen her around other places as part of pokemon and other fandoms. She writes fanfic and is pretty good for a 12 17-year-old, I guess, when did that happen, I am pretty sure she's lying to me and is only 12.

Anyways feel free to go harass her in a friendly way or whatever. She makes an effort to be informed about things but is not good at informing herself (I'm still teaching her to use google properly...) so uh, yeah. Also, she's dating a /b/rony. IDK, what is this monster I live with, /b/ros are not viable mates omg

Ummmmm speaking of her here's a bit of faerie incident that I was meaning to get up the other day and forgot about!

So while at the wedding, which was out on a summer camp in the middle of the woods by a lake, Paige and I took frequent walks to get away from the omgloudnoiselotsofpeople inside. So it was dark and we were walking alone in a heavily wooded area. Unsurprisingly, I soon noticed something following us behind the cabins we were walking along. It seemed to be engaging in typical follow-stare faerie behavior, and was making a sort of low cooing/ape noise (Paige apparently did not hear it). So I, being incredibly smart all of the time, tried imitating its call back to it (y'all probably don't remember me mentioning this, but this is part of what got me in trouble with that tree-of-evil-things. I can't help it though, strong mirror neurons or something I guess). It started hiding from me at this point, IDK, maybe I insulted its mother or something. Paige was also alerted to the situation by this, although I didn't tell her much because we were still a bit far from the others (although not far enough that I thought I was putting her in any danger, or else I would have turned around and not engaged it) and I didn't want her to panic.

Anyways, by this point I had not gotten much of a good look at it, just enough to know that it was there; mostly I just heard it. This was very different, since I can't remember any making noise before, except the tree things. In retrospect, maybe I should have been more wary? But it was mobile and large, which IME = safe. As far as these things go

So we start heading back and I say something to Paige. She doesn't respond; is staring over my shoulder. I don't think she ever actually heard what I said, and once we had a bit of distance from those cabins/edge of the woods, she said she had seen something between the cabins watching us; very tall, indistinct.

This is the first time AFAIK she's ever seen a faerie. This is interesting to me because it supports my personal theory that all people can see faeries, it's just a matter of either not having practice, or blocking them out mentally; or just being easily able to interpret them as something else. I am not sure. It seems like most people who see them fully as I do see the same thing; but people who only see them partially, can see some very different things, based on what they THINK they are seeing. The human mind is a very complex thing, and how it interprets visual input, even more so. This is what makes me believe that a LOT of paranormal phenomena are related to faeries and faerie creatures. I know I've talked so far about the ones that make the most sense, but I, personally, have theories that go all the way down to shadow people and many cryptids having faerie origins.

Anyways I gotta go, Paige is giving me breaking family news that we need to discuss.

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