Jan. 24th, 2013 11:07 pm
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So, just finished my second day of classes. I've officially had them all now. Most of them seem pretty good...okay, several of them seem like classes straight out of Community, which is killing me but not a bad way for my last semester to go.

Elementary Japanese seems like it's going to be fun :D the professor is really, really nice, and has a lot of the same teaching habits that I liked with my Elementary Chinese professor, and it works even better because it's a really tiny class (I was honestly expecting it to be huge? But then I remembered I'm taking the first course in the spring semester when all of the excitable freshmen anime fans probably took it their very first semester, which probably accounts for the small class size). She keeps asking us for feedback on her teaching methods and what we individually are having trouble with and what will help us. Also, the woman sitting next to me also took Mandarin! ...for five years, so she knows a hell of a lot more than me, but it's cool that I'm not the only one there comparing kanji to hanzi in my head. The prof also dove right in to teaching language+culture on the first day, which I liked a lot. I know how to introduce myself in Japanese now! Also, I know what desu means! As well as some other interesting words, like the participle wa. And some very useful phrases like onegai shimasu.

As a side note, the people working at the expensive dining hall that I go to for dinner need to learn that the heat lamp is not a magical freeze-the-food-in-time lamp. Tired of getting food that has been sitting there for several hours. It's especially terrible when it's old mozarella sticks, they're barely edible for me if they're not properly hot.
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AKA: dogs do not have 'backwards knees', the PSA.

I have helpfully labeled this picture of a dog with the parts of its leg that are analogous to various parts of the human leg. Notice its knee bends the same way as every other mammal's.

Dogs are 'digitigrade'. Digitigrade means they walk on their digits, i.e. toes (and fingers, in humans and other animals with hands, but we do not call any of dogs' digits fingers) and no other part of their feet. The rest of their foot extends up off the ground. Digitigrade is the default setting for most mammals. Mammals that walk plantigrade walk on the plantar part of the foot, as well as the toes. Humans and many other apes are plantigrade, and there are some animals that can shift between the two based on posture and speed; kangaroos are pretty well-known for this, but cats also adopt a plantigrade posture for many of their positions and many can 'stand' on their hind legs in a plantigrade position, with butt on or raised off the ground depending on how good the cat is at balancing. Japanese breeds like the bobtail tend to be naturals at this, but most other cats can be taught it as a trick if they don't do it themselves. As they can't walk like this, though, they're still considered digitigrade. Also, many humans adopt a digitigrade position when crouching, depending on the steepness of the crouch, although a crouch can also be on the bottom of balls of the feet which isn't quite digitigrade (where the front of the balls of the feet is used as the base).

ETA I suppose I should mention the third option, unguligrade, in which the animal walks on its nails. All ungiligrade mammals are classified as ungulates; hooved animals, basically. So horses, donkeys, giraffes, deer, etc.

Also, these three leg-shapes/walking styles are not just for mammals, but mammals show the most diversity...most reptiles are plantigrade, all birds are digitigrade, etc. But these are the three possible arrangements for all vertebrates that ever walk.

This has been your infodump of the day.


Apr. 7th, 2012 03:30 pm
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Making gingerbread cookies tonight! Or rather, I already made the dough. It's refridgerating chilling now. I'm going to bake and decorate them tonight.

Kind of wish I could bake now, decorate tonight (after we do eggs?) but last Easter decorating-cookies-as-a-family-activity didn't go down that well, and I think TBH if I bake them now not many will make it to decorating time because Derek's around. SO.

Also, I seem to be sick???? IDEK. Most likely allergies running up against my asthma. I was laughing earlier and it sounded like I was dying. Erp.

There was a point to this post...Right. )

Sorry for the lack of substance lately guys. Been rather off. I'll do a baking post with photos of the cookies, ok? c:

BONUS: I took the FM 100 Hue Test aaaand got a 14! (Lower scores = better color acuity). PARTAY I already knew I have pretty good color vision though.
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Quote from mom just now:

"Naming a bichon 'Biju'...that's like if we named Tripper 'Chocolate!'"

His actual full name is Tripple Chocolate Hunter. This was mom's suggestion (she doesn't entirely understand kennel names) and in fact she's the only one who maintains this is his full name (quite seriously).


I still wish we had named him Chaucer (Chase for short). Even though these days I call him by just about everything except his name, including 'dinosaur' and 'grumblestrade' and sometimes 'Scotland Yard'.

In fact, yesterday, after Tripper went out in the rain and came in soaked:

Paige: awwww, grumblestrade is all wet.
Me: *Sherlock drawl* as expected, the police are out of their depth in a mud puddle.

Yes, this is all y'all are getting out of me right now, my leg still hurts T n T it is better than it was though. I project being recovered enough to go to class by Tuesday at the latest. But ATM I can't focus on much except the drive to chew my leg into obedience and/or snap at anyone who comes close to me. I've been doing nothing but reading Tony/Steve fanfic with the occasional Sherlock sprinkled in and now there's like, a Cute Marathon going on on Animal Planet so now that's what I'm doing.

Now I'm just sad though because they're doing viral animal videos and they had two clips in a row where all I could think was 'that wheel is WAY TOO BIG for that mouse' and then 'that wheel is WAY TOO SMALL for that hamster'.

Okay this conversation is from a day or two ago and I am paraphrasing it

So Paige and I are watching TV and this clip comes up of penguins 'flying' out of the waves and for some reason we both went 'Sherlock?'

Me: So Sherlock would be emperor penguin because so fucking tall. And in A Study in Pink - no wait, a Study in Salmon -
Paige: Yes, A Study in Salmon, they're chasing the cab, and just waddling after it
Me: No, no, John is waddling, but Sherlock goes straight for the Thames and is like jumping out of the water to yell at John to hurry the fuck up and just fly, because he can't keep up, and he's a puffin.
Paige: YES. And he forgets he left his little helicopter flying thing back at the restaurant. And just takes off.
Me: "John." *splash* "Hurry the fuck up, John." *splash* "He's getting away!" *splash* "Just fly, John!"
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I am not dead or anything. I know you guys are used to me updating every day LOL and I actually had a plan and everything for a big post on Monday (ghost theories, which I am sure everyone wants to hear about from me even though ghosts is one of the areas I have no experience in pretty much).

But as several of you know because I won't fucking stop whining about it, I managed to pull a hamstring Monday night. I had been kind of expecting it to um, be better by now, but it's not, and I can't really get out of bed or concentrate on anything because of pain and no food.

I feel like this post is really whiny but IDK how to fix it so here it iiiis

Oh and [ profile] anobjectinspace is making my day rather a lot better by writing amazing fanfic. I just thought everyone should know. It's amazing. Omgggg


Sep. 28th, 2011 05:15 pm
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I don't know why I'm feeling like such crap, guys. I feel very lonely :c it's making me unproductive. There were things I was planning to do...

Hormones, probably. *glares at ovaries*

Also, the guy I tutor calling me a 'lady' and being all chivalrous. Ugh gross privilege cooties

I bought a ton of stuff on Do you guys want a haul+review posts? Or not interested? I will probably also do a baking post and a sewing post this weekend as I will be doing some of both. The sewing will be a mint-colored bunny for Paige, the baking those chocolate chip cookies with malt. Nom.

I have also been working on the pikmin firered game. I just haven't been posting about hacking as much because no new developments. I'm mostly spriting. Do you guys want a hacking post? With descriptions of all the projects I'm working on? IDK IDK you have to tell me.

Okay, and now cramps. >:c body this is all so uncool.

Anyways um um...MUSIC. Have some Hatsune Miku.

BTW guys I am all ridiculous and sensitive right now so if I just completely ignore something it is not your fault, don't worry.
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Mom is currently doing some passive-aggressive thing where she plays one song over and over at a really loud volume in the other room because she doesn't like the music I'm listening to. It's not like she asked me to turn it down or anything. X n x why do I sometimes forget my mom acts like a 14-year-old and am unpleasantly surprised by her behavior?

Anyways, since I'm talking about music, here's what I was just listening to!

Ummm...what else...Tripper was barking at nothing again earlier. Much creeper at night ;n;

Also, if anybody wants a tarot reading, feel free to PM me? I can't guarantee accuracy since I've only been doing it a little while but I did several for Paige today and she found them to be spot-on.

Other than that...ummm...accidentally overate. Feel like crap. Like an unpleasantly full slug, but not as sleek and attractive. (Slugs are so AWESOME I wish I had some slug buddies again, I've just been visiting one that lives in a flower pot on the front porch).
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Yeah, I think it's about time for me to quit sf_d. I haven't enjoyed a post there in a long time, and seems like there is an actual active campaign against the kind of posts that I do enjoy...and apparently I am too terrified of transphobic people to handle the trans posts there in any sort of emotionally healthy way.

In other news, I seem to have actually gotten Paige into horror movies. How did this happen?! I came home tonight and she asked if I wanted to watch A Haunting in Connecticut with her o-o; I'm a little worried she's possessed or something, LOL.

Also, that obnoxious Children's Theatre course is finally over. The final project was to write a play with parts for 10 or more children; I, of course, went the horror route. The professor emailed me today to tell me she liked it so much she's going to have her acting camp kids perform it :D IDK whether to be more pleased, or mildly irritated that she's obviously using her class to try and get free scripts for her acting camp, LOL.

ETA: I think GhostBros Bros vs. Ghosts Ghost Adventures is growing on me. The guys are just so hilarious. Also, Tripper is refusing to go to bed, and instead is falling asleep next to me on the floor :P

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