Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:29 pm
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Saw another huge white thing dead, this time just off the side of the road, and much closer to home. Only a few streets over.

I wasn't driving this time, dad was, so I was able to turn and get a better look at it. It looked kind of like an enormous golden retriever with white fur. Like, huge.

Dad apparently didn't see it, but I didn't say anything until after we had passed it.

ANYWAYS, baking cookies tonight. Do we really need in-progress pics this time? I'll ask you guys since I haven't started yet. Do you guys like to see them pre-baking? Or should I just wait until they're all finished to take photos?

P.S. Wow, I wonder why so many Americans think their votes don't count, when the news is saying verbatim that people in Wisconsin are the 'crucial voters' who will get to 'pick the next president'.

Take off your blinders, y'all. There are different swing states every election, and who the candidates focus on is NOT an accurate predictor of what states will be close, and often not even what states have a lot of undecided voters.

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Last entry was not nearly as long as I was afraid it was. Yay! I'm glad I split it up though, it would have been huuuuge.

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So yeah, that's what happened. Since I thought you guys might be curious. I'm still not exactly sure why it targeted me or what would have happened if I had gone outside, but generally faeries don't try to lure people outside for friendly conversations, I think.
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Alright so...the faerie situation is resolved now, and I will accordingly EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Because Paige was there for most of it but I didn't explain things to her like why, exactly, we were doing certain things. And I think only [livejournal.com profile] beasts_and_men really knows everything that happened, because I was freaking out on them as it happened.

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I was intending to put this all in one post, but it's late and I'm exhausted? So I'll finish up with another post tomorrow on how we took care of the situation and etc.


May. 28th, 2012 01:58 am
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Some sort of faerie has stolen the voice of a starling (female european starling, to be exact) and is using it to harass our house. Possibly intentionally targeting me, since I'm pretty susceptible to the sound of a bird in distress, in a way I'm not to most animals.

It's circling the house right now. The cat keeps going in and out and the dog won't settle down and go to bed. He was running to bark out the front window before, but has stopped now that it's not out front any more.

IDEK guysss I will come back later and write out everything exactly as it happened, once this is resolved. Right now things are kind of tense lol. Not that I think I'm in any danger, as long as I'm not stupid enough to go outside after it, and even before I realized what was going on my good sense managed to prevail over my immediate response that I wanted to go outside to find the bird.

Alright I can't focus enough to give any more detail I'm actually just looking for any advice from my friendsies with closer ties to faeries than I have. Thoughts? I have a plan of action for tomorrow, we found the body of the bird. We're going to bury it in an established cemetery with coins, a needle through its heart, and Paige is going to do funeral rites.

Well, I say 'we'. Paige is going to do all these things. I will probably be sleeping.
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Hey look, a post!

This is just some info on territorial faerie behaviors.

How many more times can I say 'territorial' before it stops looking like a word? )

And there you are. This is mostly just a regurgitation of information that I know, but I felt like writing up a real post, and this is what I had P:
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So thinking about faeries again, there hasn't been much happening along those lines around here, but I realized there are parts of my earlier experiences that I haven't much gone into depth on so I thought y'all might like that? I mentioned it a few times way back when I first started talking about this stuff in [livejournal.com profile] ontdcreepy, but I don't think I ever really told it all.

I would like to preface this with a reminder that I don't do very smart things sometimes, and in many cases you really should not imitate me.

Like a car chase only in the woods )

It's kind of funny for me to be recounting this now, since it's getting really stormy outside, eh, and I'm sitting at the window where I can see the woods from. It kind of makes me nostalgic for when I had that room that's split into Paige and Derek's rooms now, and I had a window seat at the second-floor window that looked out at the woods, and I would just watch it. I did that a lot that summer. And after.

Anyways, I hope it snows D: also, Derek's hockey team is having a pasta party at the house, so don't be surprised if I make a whiny post later about too many people and sensory overload.
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So y'all remember that tree that almost ate me, right? Do I have to like, get a link? I will in a bit, I'm feeling lazy right now (it's my birthday, you can't make me) and I have too many faerie tags. (LOOK I GOT THE LINK)

So anyways things changed. I actually discovered this awhile ago when I went in the woods to film for [livejournal.com profile] anobjectinspace in the fall. There used to be a natural 'path' that led straight to the tree (and nowhere else) behind the big rock; that's where I was when it was trying to lure me in, I stopped at the head of that path (it's very short, and once over the rock I could see the tree directly and uh, realized something was wrong). So I went to go film that path and - it's gone.

We've been living here for something like eleven years now; the path was there when we moved in, and has been there since, up until this year. It just sort of naturally grew over. At the entrance, there were branches hanging low, over the rock, so you couldn't even comfortably climb over it to get to the path; and looking down it, I saw other branches grown across as well.

I wondered why now, several years after the tree had actually been vacated, would this happen; and circled around the regular way, to have a look at the tree. And...most of it is gone. It had sort of, um, exploded? I'm not sure what happened. Up until then, it had been leaning sort of upright on a nearby tree, disconnected from its root system since it had been burnt away there. But now its branches are scattered all over - some leaning against other trees, some on the ground - and the main bulk of the tree is lying much more vertically.

This could have been a natural result of the huge storm we had that fall; but I'm also considering the possibility that it could be related to the way the faeries that used to live here completely disappeared last summer. IDK.

UNRELATED ETA my body and [livejournal.com profile] anobjectinspace are both abusing me

tanzelt: belly: you are hungryyy
uterus: no, no you are not
belly: what? yes you are
belly+me: why are you doing thisssss ;A;
anobjectinspace: LOLOLOL
anobjectinspace: Oh god
anobjectinspace: You should put that in your LJ
anobjectinspace: IT IS HILARIOUS
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Snagged this from Tranarchism. Somebody pours glitter on Newt Grinwich before a fundraiser for the Minnesota Family Council (and as we all know, queer people hate any organization with the word 'family' in it*** so we just had to make sure he didn't look his best)

Just wanted to share that. I love how his handler comes over to help brush off the glitter. CAN'T HAVE HIM LOOKING TOO FABULOUS, NOW.

In other news, I took a nap today and dreamt I was helping faeries take over the human population of America. I was advising them on ways to keep the people pacified once their new...government or whatever was in place. What.

It's the most interesting dream I've had in awhile though, so I'm not really complaining. Lately I've been rather stressed, but by obvious things (finals, getting my job back (yay! money!), first essay for my summer class being due right as finals ended even though the class doesn't actually start until the fucking 22nd). So my dreams have just been kind of bland, washed-out and boring. The most they do is give me a faint sense of unease. This one, though, made me feel rather confused! Yay!


***Hint for fundies with no sense of sarcasm: it's actually the other way around.

(I am pretty sure many have a critical lack of a sense of humor/sarcasm, which is why you will hear some fundies say things like 'queers openly admit that they are {insert completely ridiculous claims here, such as that we are all part of a conspiracy to convert America to a communist dictatorship under Obama}')
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Just using this icon because it doesn't get a lot of mileage anymore. :C so sad.

So I said in the other post that I wouldn't be talking about the fae because I was afraid of sounding crazy. Turns out the primary motivation was probably just laziness, since we had a big post on it in [livejournal.com profile] ontdcreepy I ended up discussing it a lot anyways so what I'm going to do is just compile information here for your viewing pleasure :D!

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Hey look, 'lazy' is a mood...

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