May. 28th, 2012 01:58 am
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Some sort of faerie has stolen the voice of a starling (female european starling, to be exact) and is using it to harass our house. Possibly intentionally targeting me, since I'm pretty susceptible to the sound of a bird in distress, in a way I'm not to most animals.

It's circling the house right now. The cat keeps going in and out and the dog won't settle down and go to bed. He was running to bark out the front window before, but has stopped now that it's not out front any more.

IDEK guysss I will come back later and write out everything exactly as it happened, once this is resolved. Right now things are kind of tense lol. Not that I think I'm in any danger, as long as I'm not stupid enough to go outside after it, and even before I realized what was going on my good sense managed to prevail over my immediate response that I wanted to go outside to find the bird.

Alright I can't focus enough to give any more detail I'm actually just looking for any advice from my friendsies with closer ties to faeries than I have. Thoughts? I have a plan of action for tomorrow, we found the body of the bird. We're going to bury it in an established cemetery with coins, a needle through its heart, and Paige is going to do funeral rites.

Well, I say 'we'. Paige is going to do all these things. I will probably be sleeping.
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Sometimes I miss things

Really, really important things

Two years from now I will hopefully be out of this country but right now that seems like a scarily long time away.


Jan. 31st, 2012 01:19 pm
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You guys I am so excited about doing surveys of ontdcreepy!!! I spent my economic stats class working on Skepticism survey statements. Also came up with a possible third survey, community-specific demographics; or I might include it with the other demographic questions. It's stuff like how often you visit ontdcreepy, what posts you attend the most, what topics you are most interested in, etc.

Also, something odd has been happening. So yesterday I was in my Intermediate Macro Ec class and I had a moment where I kind of...zoned out. It was only a few seconds. And then I had this feeling like for those few seconds I had seen something horrifying and really scary. I suppose kind of like I had looked into hell, if I believed in a literal hell. But I couldn't remember exactly what I had seen.

Anyways the feeling faded after a bit and I basically forgot about it. But then today I was in my Stats for Economics class and...the same exact thing happened. In the exact same way. Again, it only lasted a few seconds.

Now the thing is - I can still remember what was actually happening in the class for those few seconds I zoned out; it's not like I'm missing time. (That's the only reason I'm not worried about these being some kind of small seizure.)

I have experienced this kind of feeling of general horror once before - several years ago, in my 'dragon egg' dream, one of the nightmares I titled because it scared me so badly. It was a very vague dream and I am still completely unable to interpret it, since the fact that it was the hatching dragon egg that was linked to this feeling of overwhelming horror is so out of line with any personal or general interpretations of dragons as a symbol.

Unless if I were to look at very Christian-centric symbolism of course, in which case a hatching dragon egg is a very clear symbol: the birth of the anti-Christ.

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So you may have heard of Bobby Montoya, a young transgender girl that recently joined the Girl Scouts, predictably resulting in controversy. Well, the decision has apparently led to three troop leaders (not the ones leading Ms Montoya's troops - these three are in Louisiana, not Colorado) resigning, and dissolving their troops. The article; warning for Bobby's mom saying some somewhat ignorant things in the article, and I have managed to keep out of the comments but assume there is nothing good down there.

Here's the thing that struck me (emphasis mine):

Susan Bryant-Snure, one of the leaders who resigned, told The Baptist Press that the Girl Scouts' action is "extremely confusing" and an "almost dangerous situation" for children.

I continue to be at a loss regarding what about us is so dangerous. Apparently even children among us are 'almost' dangerous - that phrasing in and of itself is confusing to me. At what point does it become actually dangerous? When Bobby gets older? Or when the Girl Scouts begin allowing transgender troop leaders? Or is it something else?

Really though, what are they afraid of? I know some people (many people?) still think we're all sexual predators...is this just the extent of it, and some are just hesitant to say it in as many words, so they use vague references instead? Or is it that their fear is as nebulous as the words they use?

And no, it does not put me at ease that bigots fear us. Fear is, generally, what leads to hate, so it is not a surprise to me. Fear makes people do irrational and sometimes dangerous things.
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I've had this accusation thrown at me before, and seen it thrown at other trans people, in so many words or no, so I'd like to take a moment to talk about where I am in my life and what that means to me.

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Sep. 15th, 2011 10:22 am
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SO remember how I said last post that I got to have the room to myself tonight?

My roommate's closet started...misbehaving. Every time I looked away I swear to god it was opening more. In small increments.


Anyways I also thought I was hearing noises. So basically I freaked out, stayed up to 6 AM and slept restlessly with all the lights on and strange dreams.

In the end, I think probably roommate's mirror hanging on the inside of the door is somehow moving it veeeeerry slooooowly and the noises were almost definitely coming from my creaky old floor fan. But I'm super paranoid about these rooms after my experiences in my dorm room last year :c

Anyways in less pathetic news ummmm...I finally figured out how to use a gameboy emulator!

I guess this news is actually not at all less pathetic.

Anyways I downloaded one and also the ROMs for a few of the original pokemon games. Plus some harvest moon game I have not played before.

I finally get to play Yellow properly 6 u 9 (we lost the hard copy after I had only gotten past the first gym). If anybody has suggestions for games I should try to find the ROMs for, go ahead? I LOVE MONSTER GAMES. I'm already intending to have a look for those tele...whatever games, the ones that kept getting bootleg translated and sold as 'pokemon jade' and 'pokemon black' back before there was a real Pokemon Black. I hear there is a ROM out now of the Pokemon Jade version.

Doing some baking tonight per Paige's request. She wants to feed her sectional. Still have a lot of shortening I think, so will probably make snickerdoodles and some sugar cookies. Does shortening go bad...?

Maybe I'll also make some nutella brownies. I haven't made those in awhile.
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So I spent a lot of time thinking about this lately (and have apparently come to the conclusion that you guys care as much as I do about why I do the things I do). Basically, about why I acted the way I did on Saturday (spending most of my work breaks arguing with assholes on the internet despite the emotional stress it caused).

Are you liking the parentheses? I am thinking of concluding all of my thoughts with parenthetical clauses from now on (jk, jk).

Okay, srsface now:
Warning for brief mention of being suicidal )

So yes. That was a journey into introspection for me, which I thought some of you might find at least tangentially interesting.

In other news, I think I've actually narrowed my choices down to two names: Sydney and Cortland. I'm not going to rush into choosing though, since I learned my lesson last time after investing so much into Christian and then realizing I didn't like it at all. Although I think part of that mistake was my initial euphoria of 'OH MY GOD I CAN FINALLY HAVE A NAME THAT IS ACTUALLY ME'. As opposed to my current name which I just feel is something that people call me. Kind of like they're whistling at me like I'm a dog. Which is terrible, but I realized that's really how I feel about it, and it's why I'm not really participating in the ontdcreepy facebook page even though I want to...because obviously the only thing they have to call me by is my first name. Ugh.

Yes, I did just load this post with tags. Yes, they are all relevant.

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