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Jan. 23rd, 2012 03:03 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] outdatedclocks has pointed out that my lower-back/hip problems, and my leg problems, are probably all related to the issues I have with my feet (lack of arches?). I've been making do with CVS-brand arch support pads, but they're not really enough, and I'd like to be able to do some cardio and upper-body stuff again, which I can't really now since my back hurts alllll the time. I'd been putting off talking to my doctor about it because of my terrible experiences with my last one...even though this one's shown no indication she's suddenly going to go all 'you're lying, you must be sneaking nachos in the middle of the night, fatty' on me. In fact, she'll probably be happy to help me out, since she wants me exercising before I go on T since I have a genetic disposition towards hypertension (dad's been hospitalized for it).

BTW, for those curious about the whole doctor saga, since I've posted it around a few places but not actually here at my main journal I think (since I just realized last night [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom had never read the whole thing)...I submitted the whole thing to First, Do No Harm (excellent blog BTW) so you can read it here (it's so long I don't see a need to copy+paste it here P:)

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom, we might be hanging out this weekend :D or rather, probably are. I am still working out the logistics, I think I'll stay on campus this weekend and take the train into the city. It would mean missing a therapy appointment, but I've skipped weeks in the past (or rather, therapist has cancelled on me) so I know it won't do any damage emotionally or to my comfort level with him.

Okay I really should go to class 6 u 9;;

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So Paige asked me to sew this thing, called a Kuriboh. It's from Yu-Gi-Oh apparently? Anyways, photos!

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Next sewing project will probably be a scarf! :o I found this sort of sweatshirt fleece fabric that has a beautiful sugarskull sort of pattern on it and I really want to make a scarf for myself from it. I LOVE SCARVES.


Aug. 26th, 2011 01:10 am
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Hey look, I replaced my 'beast' icon!

Why? Well, the old one was made from a (rather ugly) picture I got off of google. This one is a very pretty picture of the same creature, but in this one you can actually recognize it (can anybody tell what it is? I guess it's not very common to know. Also, no cheating by looking at the key word) and it's very nice-looking and comes from a free dingbat font on dafont.com (Aprendiz Caligrafico if you're curious, pretty innit? :D) (also, the background texture is from a free stock image site).

Yeah I totally loaded up on dingbat fonts, which I did not expect to do at all, but they have so many awesome ones aldkjsafksa

Anyways, I am wanting to do some writing, especially on trans issues. The problem is...I can't think of anything more specific than that. Are there any things you guys would like to see me write about? Questions answered? Anything?

P.S. Americans should take a look at this if you haven't seen it before :3


Apr. 24th, 2011 10:21 pm
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God help me, I'm writing...

I don't even know. Okay, I do know. It's basically rap. I'm writing rap. And I have no experience writing rap or rapping, but it felt like the best way to get out some emotions I've got all tangled up in me right now.

TBH it's not really that surprising. I wrote poetry when I was younger instead of writing a journal because rhythm and cadence express an extra layer of emotion that I feel can't be expressed with just words.

It's just kind of weird because there's no way I'm ever actually performing it, my tongue is too clumsy. I might post the lyrics, though, if I don't find it all horribly embarrassing in a few days.
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So I made the decidedly un-thought-through choice of reading a bit of a violently transphobic blog (nothing like reading that a person wishes all trans people were dead! Certainly brightened up my afternoon!) which I am not linking because TBH spreading hate and giving it attention is just not my MO. So instead, as I was thinking about this earlier and hopefully it will cheer me up, I am going to take inventory of the commands Tripper knows! This should be interesting since he's learned two different sets of commands from Dad and I, and has learned a lot of very nuanced commands because we're a bit haphazard about teaching him.

I think this will probably be long )

I'm honestly, often surprised by his ability to pick up commands very quickly. Originally I only meant to teach him 'mouse' for the sake of the video, which was for a presentation I was giving on clicker-training. I spent about three hours with him on it, all in one session, and by the end we were both exhausted and cranky (never again!). I didn't even teach him the turning behavior during that session - I tried, but he wasn't getting it, so I just ended with jumping onto the ottoman and sitting facing me. A month or so later, I decided to see if he recalled the trick at all, and cued him (without the clicker even in my hand, which generally makes him more attentive to my commands because he knows he'll get treats). He did the complete trick, including the turn. I was surprised and did it with him a few more times; it wasn't a fluke. He retains it even now, even though I haven't reinforced it in any clicker sessions since then.
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Skipping some of biopsych to bring you my bakery post! Also, I had a dream last night that EDDIE IZZARD was in. I rarely meet awesome celebrities in my dreams :D or any kind of celebrity, really. Also, I used the name 'Domino' in-dream. IDK, it felt very adventurous.

Anyways, beyond the cut is photos and tales of a cooking adventure!

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Apr. 10th, 2011 03:19 am
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LJ seems to be having some issues again. Blearghrgrhg.

I baked the chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips! But dad has hidden his computer, so I can't get the photos off his camera until tomorrow. I wasn't planning on posting until then, but there was an awesome post by Asher of Tranarchism that I felt like passing on because I identify strongly with it. It's about being femme/nelly (I'll admit I haven't had much any exposure to the term 'nelly' so I'm not sure if it has any meaning beyond a femme guy) and a trans guy:

Self Explanatory: When Your Gender Isn't

A good quote from the end:

You see, we do not just desperately want to be men, any men. We are individuals. We have specific visions, specific desires, specific genders, and a specific situation.

I'm comfortable with my style as it is now - kind of butch, in a young and geeky and sloppy kind of way, to balance out the fact that I don't really pass. But I'm also looking forward to when I'll feel comfortable wearing makeup if I want to, knowing that people will see a guy in makeup.

ETA: AHFJDKSDAJKFDS CAN I BE DONE EDITING THIS NOW PLEASE? I am clearly too late to be posting. THAT SENTENCE DIDN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE but I think you all know what I meant oh my god GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY.


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