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Soo my internet is still not working very well. It's all very mysterious and obnoxious. But I did get it to work enough to post the sewing pics!

This is a 'Flying Mint Bunny' for one of Paige's friends' Hetalia cosplay. Based off the kwoozy rabbit pattern which I will not link right now because the internet is just too annoying. I modified it to add wings + tail.

Flying Mint Bunny )

ETA Kwoozy Rabbit link :D
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Some of y'all have Netflix, right? Read the email they just sent out last night! c:

I mean you might not have got it yet, they might be doing batches, IDK IDK. Read it when you get it.

I was one of the (apparently few) people who did not get pissed about Netflix separating the DVD vs streaming services. They're clearly two different markets. But I still like the fact that they sent out the email, even if it did, uh, take awhile for them to respond to the uproar. Maybe they didn't notice it immediately?

No, wait, I know. They know customers will always get pissed about price increases (duh) and thought they just had to wait it out. People just started dropping the service instead :c customers do not know about markets and that streaming cost Netflix lots of money. It needs to be explain.

Like people who don't understand the huge discount on like, e-books. Yeah, paper doesn't cost that much. It's partially a loyalty discount. If you are buying an e-book formatted for the nook...you probably have a nook. And are going to be loading it with more books.

Anyways, what else. Ummm. I forgot to mention last night that I decided to bring one of my plushes to school with me for cuddling. I chose emobunny, as he is the one I have always wanted to cuddle most! He is kind of fragile though, being the um...second? plush I ever made. His eyes are held on by one piece of thread. And I do not really know how that's sewed on. There's certainly...a lot of give in them. xD;;

Finally, a song! If you are not familiar with Japanese, the meaning might be lost a bit. 'Eto' is a filler word in Japanese, like 'um'. Eto+eto = toeto.

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I finished the fish!

more photos under cut! )

Anyways, I still have to come up with a bit of character for the fish and what kind of play I might use it in; I'll do that while I'm at work.


Jun. 8th, 2011 05:03 pm
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So, for the puppet I have to make for class, I decided to go with an advanced finger puppet - one that you use three fingers for. I realized I had to make it kind of simple though because I just don't have the time to do a lot of sewing, and I am all out of practice :C So I made a fish! Three fingers should allow the operator to make it 'swim'.

I've got it partway done :D all the individual pieces sewn. I just have to put it all together, which I think I'll do tomorrow. But, I took photos of it pre-assembly! Both to show you guys and in case the teacher doesn't believe I made it myself...which I would understand, because who the fuck goes and sews an actual puppet for a web class, I think she's expecting people to like, make sock puppets and paper bag puppets and stuff, you know. But I watched too much Cardcaptors as a child and I have to ALWAYS DO MY BEST

Photos under the cut )

While sewing I've been re-watching some of my favorite Korean horror movies. I forgot how good the music for Tale of Two Sisters is. :D


Jan. 23rd, 2011 04:05 pm
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So, here's some plushes - not recently made, though.


None of these are for sale, because the jackalope is made from someone else's pattern and the two cube bunnies just aren't good enough quality for me to sell.


Dec. 9th, 2010 07:17 pm
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Bats bats bats bats )

They're for sale on my Etsy :3

I really need to make a new lightbox; this one has pretty much gone to crap. That's one of the reasons these photos are so bad. Odd grey spots are my half-assed attempts to erase the really ugly corners of the lightbox (the tape is coming apart so the corners are really obvious). The other reason some of the pictures, especially of the bigger bat, are bad is because the pink made it really hard to adjust the pictures, it kept turning white :P

I'm also considering just fixing this one up, either by cutting the tape and re-taping it, or taping the inside with like...masking tape and painting the tape white. IDK guys!

ETA: looks it's my doggie :D :D :D
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I made this butterfly for my cousin, she requested it in pink to match the baby room they're putting together for her baby, which is coming soon :3

Flutterby! )
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I sewed a troll :D :D :D

Aaand he's for sale at my Etsy! But there are even MORE pictures here because I love you guys extra special much.

Thought you ought to know )


Nov. 7th, 2010 01:42 pm
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Here's what I did this week! He was a birthday present for my Gramma, she loved him :D and now I have requests from two of my cousins (both in the family way) for butterfly plushes for baby rooms.

An owl! )
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Love me!

Ghostling )
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I finally have some stuff listed on my Etsy shop! I AM EXCITE

All pokeball-themed stuff for now because I have a lot of red and white fabric LOL. I'll be getting up some original stuff in a few days though!

Look what I maaaade )

The original stuff coming up is going to be mildly politically-themed. Dad found some fabric that says 'democrat' all over it and requested I make him a donkey plush from it. It's a wicked cool idea, so if his comes out well I'll make one to sell and see how it does.
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I finally changed doctors! Hooray! Talking to my new doctor revealed a few more ratty things about my old doctor. Apparently the inhaler she had me taking daily was supposed to be rescue-only, and is probably the cause of my high blood pressure. Also, remember that ultrasound I got that showed my gallstones that she never followed up on? Turns out it also showed that I have fatty deposits in my liver, which she didn't see fit to mention to me, and means I have to be careful about what I put into my body, from alcohol to medication. Guess she didn't think that looked like a problem, either. Oh well, I'm free of her now, and my new doctor is already setting me up with a surgeon to get out my gallbladder.

Also, I made more plushes!

Only two pics, cut anyways )
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I took my last final for the semester today and moved out of the dorms. Hooray!

I just realized that although I posted the plushes I've been making to communities like [livejournal.com profile] plush_workshop, I haven't been posting them in my actual journal, so in the interest of showing off as much as possible, enjoy a few pictures of my forays into sewing. (Warning - the pictures are biiig)

Cuddle cuddle cuddles )

I have a few new ones that I'll probably post later today. Or tomorrow. Whenever I get around to taking pictures.

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