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Ugh, I feel like a zombie right now.

I didn't manage to get to sleep until 7AM this morning...still got up at 1PM for my class, but not because I set my alarm. I just woke myself up, and was feeling a bit of anxiety as I did so, I think I was having bad dreams.

Now I've tried a few times to take some naps to make up for that...I'm having terrible dreams.

cut because content might be upsetting/triggering - involves threatened violence towards a pregnant woman )


Jan. 31st, 2012 01:19 pm
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You guys I am so excited about doing surveys of ontdcreepy!!! I spent my economic stats class working on Skepticism survey statements. Also came up with a possible third survey, community-specific demographics; or I might include it with the other demographic questions. It's stuff like how often you visit ontdcreepy, what posts you attend the most, what topics you are most interested in, etc.

Also, something odd has been happening. So yesterday I was in my Intermediate Macro Ec class and I had a moment where I kind of...zoned out. It was only a few seconds. And then I had this feeling like for those few seconds I had seen something horrifying and really scary. I suppose kind of like I had looked into hell, if I believed in a literal hell. But I couldn't remember exactly what I had seen.

Anyways the feeling faded after a bit and I basically forgot about it. But then today I was in my Stats for Economics class and...the same exact thing happened. In the exact same way. Again, it only lasted a few seconds.

Now the thing is - I can still remember what was actually happening in the class for those few seconds I zoned out; it's not like I'm missing time. (That's the only reason I'm not worried about these being some kind of small seizure.)

I have experienced this kind of feeling of general horror once before - several years ago, in my 'dragon egg' dream, one of the nightmares I titled because it scared me so badly. It was a very vague dream and I am still completely unable to interpret it, since the fact that it was the hatching dragon egg that was linked to this feeling of overwhelming horror is so out of line with any personal or general interpretations of dragons as a symbol.

Unless if I were to look at very Christian-centric symbolism of course, in which case a hatching dragon egg is a very clear symbol: the birth of the anti-Christ.



Jan. 29th, 2012 01:32 pm
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Had a great time with [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom yesterday! Also eir cat approves of me c: YAY

We hung out and sewed and ey introduced me to Yu Yu Hakusho and then we ate italian food and I had PROPER FANTA imported from Mexico. Which was awesome if a bit odd. Also we sat under a real tree that was GROWING OUT OF OUR TABLE I felt like Totoro.

*plays ocarina*

Woke up this morning feeling all cranky lol. Tripper did as well. We were sleeping on the couch together and alternatively kicking each other and glaring at each other. Then I climbed on top of him for therapeutic snuggles and he acted like I was killing him, which is pretty normal for him. MY LOVE IS PAINFUL APPARENTLY

Also I had a nightmare last night. The one where I'm sitting in the passenger seat of a parked car and suddenly it shifts out of park and starts rolling and I can't figure out how to put it back in park.

Symbolism is obvious. Someone in the dream actually said to me "you're not in the driver's seat, lol". THANK YOU DREAMS I KNOW WHAT MY INSECURITIES ARE. CAN I DREAM ABOUT BEING AN X-MAN AGAIN NOW BECAUSE THAT WAS FUN

ETA Takei infusion

I love the way he says "you are a douchebag". TAKEI HAS SAID IT, IT IS SO.
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I had a cool dream while napping and want to put it down somewhere. APPARENTLY I THINK THIS IS A DREAM JOURNAL

Cool political action hero dream )

I think my brain had been working on that one for awhile, it's a rather involved mashup of current events and some classes I've been taking and, um, The Hunger Games, lol. My napping-dreams tend to be like, just for fun or something, so I don't think there's anything deeper behind it probably.
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Left my dream journal notebooks at school ;A; yes, I have two going, and they are BOTH AT SCHOOL.

So, quick dream journaling under here )

Yeah, it wasn't a very INTERESTING dream.

Back to sleep I think.
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Internet problems seem to have been solved. I think. Yay!

This morning, I woke up to find Tripper staring at me. This conversation commenced:

Me: Hai Tripper :D
Tripper: :3 *tailwag* *STARE*
Me: Come on up! *pats corner of couch where my feet are*
Tripper: *stares at me as if I've lost my mind*
Me: ...*pats again* come on!
Tripper: *continues to stare*
Me: *leans up a bit to pat more emphatically*
Tripper: *wedges self between my head and the armrest*
Me: D: ...not what I meant!
Tripper: *stares at me with woe as I invade his personal space with my head*

Then Paige came downstairs and took pictures. )

Apparently that is HIS corner of the couch, thankyouverymuch. He stayed there until I decided I did not want to sleep on dogbutt and got up.

Also, got a good photo of Nikka, since her self-warming bed is back so she was quite asleep:

Yeah, that's our DVR box. No, it is not good for it to be slept on by a cat. I say it's back because we had to get it replaced after she decided to go warm up on it after a long night of being outside in the rain...

.......she apparently was not very impressed with it having sparked and smoked at her, since she's sleeping on the new one...

6 n 9;

In OTHER news I dreamt (AGAIN) about getting a cat. It's very similar to the last one I had, in that the cat could make an 'oh'-sounding noise, that sounded like it was speaking; and it came into the house an unusual way (the front door that we don't use). It was also an older adult cat. I WANT A CAT THAT DOESN'T HATE ME ;A;


Jul. 17th, 2011 10:21 pm
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So the internet connection in our new hotel is like, really slow. I mean, the speed varies, but the problem is that 80% of the time it's too slow to upload photos to flickr; my uploads keep failing. ; n ;

I managed to get the photos from the train station on Saturday uploaded, but uhh I think that's gonna be it. The rest I'll upload when I'm home I guess. That way I can also fix my account up since I'll be able to delete the links to it from my wall (my mom posted a link to my flickr on my facebook wall...and then I realized I'd listed my gender on the flickr account as 'male'...had to set it to 'rather not say'). And I'll upload all the pictures to facebook as well of course.

Been trying hard to keep up my dream journaling again. It's easy now that I've got my adorable new diary-style notebooks, and because I'm having dreams every night here. The one last night was about a rude trans "ally" O.o I've never had a dream before that was so realistic, LOL.

Anyways, ummm last night we went to Nanjing Road. We were shown around by two locals who are students coming to BSU next year, so they offered to get us there. The guy's English name was Jaspar (spelled like that) which reminded me that long ago, Jasper was a name I was considering for myself...but regardless he was cute and acting a bit submissive and I immediately went into flirt mode without realizing it :P that doesn't happen often at home, but it's like I'm too distracted to feel self-conscious here. Ofcourse nothing came of it and he seemed much more interested in Pamela by the end of the night, which was to be expected. The point is that apparently I can in fact engage with people and even flirt without agonizing over what I'm saying or embarrassing myself to death - see, not completely useless!

Oh, and the crowds here are terrible. Worse than Beijing. In Beijing they would push past you and get in your way, but at least they were moving all the time. Here people will stop suddenly - sometimes in large groups - regardless of where they are, including a group of girls yesterday who blocked off an entire set of stairs for no real reason. And on top of that, they shove you around aggressively.
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Some videos!

First is the video from our failed One-Man Hide and Seek session.

And now, a video in which Tripper plays with rocks. And I am well aware of how embarrassing and generally terrible I sound :C so just ignore me and watch how cute Tripper is.

Also, I had a weird dream this morning. I was napping in Mom and Dad's bed, so it's to be expected, but it was interesting. Basically, I was at school, in a second library that doesn't actually exist, and took an elevator there, forgetting that the elevators were apparently only for staff in that building. Several of the buttons went to floors you couldn't access from the stairs (safety hazard much?). The elevator was also absolutely enormous and sort of oddly-shaped. And then a female student around my age who watched the elevator for unauthorized intruders closed the doors and started ordering the elevator to try and crush me, drop up and down rapidly, etc. :C it was quite distressing.
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Alright! I ate (hotdog and tater tots...they only had the grill station open) and also moved my car (omfg scary, almost ran into another car just driving around the parking lots...or more accurately desperately trying to break as my care slipped down the snow towards a stalled car at the bottom of a hill in the parking lot). I am actually not sure that the place I parked is technically a parking spot, but it's not between the 'NO PARKING DURING SNOW EMERGENCIES' signs nor in front of a handicapped parking spot so I'm in good enough shape. It LOOKS like a parking spot, and whatever lines are underneath are covered in snow.

So yeah, as promised, here's an interpretation of a dream I had. If you haven't read the post I made earlier today yet, go read it first!

Also, a few warnings: there will be some vague sexual references, and some more vivid just-plain-creepy imagery, described under the cut.

The Corpse Dream )

Alright, probably a nap now.
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It's snowing wicked hard here so they ended classes at 12:30, so this post gets to happen sooner than expected :D ARE YOU EXCITED? I'M EXCITED

So what I'm going to talk about is interpreting dreams. I'm talking here about regular dreams, and I'm taking a psych approach; I'll talk a bit at the end about what I guess one would call 'supernatural' dreams, like premonitions, visions, etc.

Dreaming )

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