Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:29 pm
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Saw another huge white thing dead, this time just off the side of the road, and much closer to home. Only a few streets over.

I wasn't driving this time, dad was, so I was able to turn and get a better look at it. It looked kind of like an enormous golden retriever with white fur. Like, huge.

Dad apparently didn't see it, but I didn't say anything until after we had passed it.

ANYWAYS, baking cookies tonight. Do we really need in-progress pics this time? I'll ask you guys since I haven't started yet. Do you guys like to see them pre-baking? Or should I just wait until they're all finished to take photos?

P.S. Wow, I wonder why so many Americans think their votes don't count, when the news is saying verbatim that people in Wisconsin are the 'crucial voters' who will get to 'pick the next president'.

Take off your blinders, y'all. There are different swing states every election, and who the candidates focus on is NOT an accurate predictor of what states will be close, and often not even what states have a lot of undecided voters.

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Last entry was not nearly as long as I was afraid it was. Yay! I'm glad I split it up though, it would have been huuuuge.

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So yeah, that's what happened. Since I thought you guys might be curious. I'm still not exactly sure why it targeted me or what would have happened if I had gone outside, but generally faeries don't try to lure people outside for friendly conversations, I think.
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Alright so...the faerie situation is resolved now, and I will accordingly EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Because Paige was there for most of it but I didn't explain things to her like why, exactly, we were doing certain things. And I think only [livejournal.com profile] beasts_and_men really knows everything that happened, because I was freaking out on them as it happened.

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I was intending to put this all in one post, but it's late and I'm exhausted? So I'll finish up with another post tomorrow on how we took care of the situation and etc.


May. 28th, 2012 01:58 am
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Some sort of faerie has stolen the voice of a starling (female european starling, to be exact) and is using it to harass our house. Possibly intentionally targeting me, since I'm pretty susceptible to the sound of a bird in distress, in a way I'm not to most animals.

It's circling the house right now. The cat keeps going in and out and the dog won't settle down and go to bed. He was running to bark out the front window before, but has stopped now that it's not out front any more.

IDEK guysss I will come back later and write out everything exactly as it happened, once this is resolved. Right now things are kind of tense lol. Not that I think I'm in any danger, as long as I'm not stupid enough to go outside after it, and even before I realized what was going on my good sense managed to prevail over my immediate response that I wanted to go outside to find the bird.

Alright I can't focus enough to give any more detail I'm actually just looking for any advice from my friendsies with closer ties to faeries than I have. Thoughts? I have a plan of action for tomorrow, we found the body of the bird. We're going to bury it in an established cemetery with coins, a needle through its heart, and Paige is going to do funeral rites.

Well, I say 'we'. Paige is going to do all these things. I will probably be sleeping.
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Hey look, a post!

This is just some info on territorial faerie behaviors.

How many more times can I say 'territorial' before it stops looking like a word? )

And there you are. This is mostly just a regurgitation of information that I know, but I felt like writing up a real post, and this is what I had P:
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So thinking about faeries again, there hasn't been much happening along those lines around here, but I realized there are parts of my earlier experiences that I haven't much gone into depth on so I thought y'all might like that? I mentioned it a few times way back when I first started talking about this stuff in [livejournal.com profile] ontdcreepy, but I don't think I ever really told it all.

I would like to preface this with a reminder that I don't do very smart things sometimes, and in many cases you really should not imitate me.

Like a car chase only in the woods )

It's kind of funny for me to be recounting this now, since it's getting really stormy outside, eh, and I'm sitting at the window where I can see the woods from. It kind of makes me nostalgic for when I had that room that's split into Paige and Derek's rooms now, and I had a window seat at the second-floor window that looked out at the woods, and I would just watch it. I did that a lot that summer. And after.

Anyways, I hope it snows D: also, Derek's hockey team is having a pasta party at the house, so don't be surprised if I make a whiny post later about too many people and sensory overload.
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Last night saw what I think was the large black thing I've seen about in the woods. It was up a tree in the backyard - just sitting up there - it reminded me of that scene from My Neighbor Totoro, LOL.

Yeah, that one! c:

Anyway, it was veeery still as it was when I saw it, and also unusually clear to the eye, as it was before. It was hard to gauge size even though it was pretty visible in the tree (these are kind of straggly pine trees - wouldn't hold a physical animal at whatever size this thing is, even birds don't go up to the top) because I'm not sure how tall the tree actually is. Tall. As before, it wasn't particularly unsettling, and I have no idea if it could see me through the window since I can't see its eyes (appears more as a giant opaque shadow). I wonder if it's been up there most nights (I wouldn't know, since I rarely sleep in my room).

The fact that it doesn't give me, or apparently anybody else, the same nervous feeling that most faeries do, makes me wary. The tree-dwellers didn't make me nervous at first contact either, not until I was close enough to see them/too close to get away easily.


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