Jul. 2nd, 2012 07:56 pm
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And I'm pretty sure I passed it...I think. fmdklafsakl I hate this course. If I have to take it again I will be pissed. (Keep in mind for my school's psych department, 'passing' is C or above. I had to re-take it because I got a C- the first time. THIS IS BULLSHITTTTTT)

I have a week before my second summer course starts. Which already looks generally much better-organized, but this is as I had expected since it's an econ course.

Also, I'm baking cookies for parents to take to the 4th of July celebration they're going to with family. I am not going because I have work. (I would probably not go anyways.) I was going to do just regular sugar cookie sandwiches, but apparently I am in fact supposed to listen to requests made via facebook so now I'm also making the chocolate ones with peanut butter filling.


P.S. interesting thing. Historically, on personality inventory tests, I score low on everything (extroversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, agreeableness) besides openness. I always thought this was pretty weird because I consider myself generally a fairly agreeable person. At least not disagreeable? But I just figured it was due to the tests being made by and for allistic people. Turns out, though, that agreeableness scores can actually be interpreted differently based on gender, and compared solely to the male population, my agreeableness score is actually medium-high rather than medium-low. 6 u 9?

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First of all, cuttlefish and octopi! Also someone just faved this old thing, lol wtf

Back from winter vacation...finally, I suppose. Most people went back last week or so, I know. Our school dropped a week from spring vacation to add to winter vacation. They started last year, it's still sort of experimental, they're trying to see if it helps mitigate the loss of concentration between spring vacation and the end of the semester, lol.

I have a roommate again. She seems nice! She's very...very...normal, but also quite sweet, and she's a music major. So far she doesn't seem discouraged by the fact that my conversational skills mostly consist of saying 'yeah' a lot when I feel socially intimidated. Which is pretty much all the time.

Her bedsheets are black with pink accents. 6 u 9 also she seem to have lowered my Slytherin banner on the door, but I'm assuming that was an accident. The wood on the doors is terrible for sticking things in, so I wouldn't be surprised if she just brushed against the banner and the pin holding it up fell out, and she couldn't get it back in where it was (I practically had to hammer it in...IDK what kind of wood this is, superwood apparently)

or maybe she is a Gryffindor and my serpentine crest offends her

Gryffindors like pink, right? e n e

Also, augh, it is cold. And I realized too late that Derek had been using my awesomest fleecey that I keep at school usually in his basement den all winter vacation, so I'll have to have mom wash it over the weekend, but for now I don't have it, waaaahhhh my feeeet are coooooldddd ;n;

I'm looking forward to a proper sleep. I was starting to have...weird dreams at home.

Currently reading The People in the Attic by Doretta Johnson. I advise you not to read it unless you're hardcore into personal experience stories like I am. This woman is incredibly obnoxious and half the book is her whining about how she was 'coerced' into attending therapy sessions with her sister (who she tries so hard to help, despite her sister being, in her estimation, a deadbeat druggy brat). Also, I think the whole book is probably a mess of abuse-related triggers (domestic violence and sexual abuse) so if you do want to read it, be aware of that. It's kind of like this room in the werewolf haven in Dragon Age: Origins that was full of fire traps and Alistair kept standing in the fucking fire and not moving. (Alistair is not really part of this analogy, I am just always fondly exasperated by him.) I may have to make a human noblewoman character just to court him. Maybe another rogue, but an archer this time.

That would be four characters that I'll have going.

In my main game (elf rogue, dual weapon wielder, assassin) I've got the elves on my side and have almost got the dwarves.

Oh god how did I start talking about Dragon Age

Right here is some aramii instead )

School omg

Oct. 26th, 2011 06:27 pm
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This week has been ridiculously busy. Dr. Bakkal offered to vouch for me for the semester in Canada opportunity again; this time I had to turn him down straight off because I'll be spending next year working on my honors thesis.

Meeting tomorrow with the China group to clean up this whole mess with our paper. Professor Chen added a section and wants us to 'edit' it for him (i.e. rewrite it, probably). Also apparently we are supposed to be presenting at some thing somewhere. He has not told anybody where, when or how we are getting there. Being as thus far he has illuminated his thought process to be 'I assume the school will pay for everything and I have to do nothing', I think actually whatever it is he wants us to go to...will not happen. None of us are paying our own way to go present these results; they have all the rigor of a wet paper bag.

Picked up another student to tutor for Macro Ec. Woke up today to ten or so emails from him, all reading the same thing, just rephrased. Is email becoming the new text message? I mean, I know most people can get them on their phones now, but...really? At least the other guy I'm tutoring is doing really well now. And apparently we're all friends now too, IDEK, we stood around after class today and chatted, it was so weird. By which I mean I was not awkward at all. That was the weird part.

Today's lecture in Psychology of Learning was on positive punishment (ex. physical or verbal punishment, as opposed to negative punishment which would be removing privileges). Mass stupidity ensued. A good 50% of the class refused to understand the teacher repeatedly telling them that punishment is the least effective way to teach any person or creature. It got to the point where students would raise their hand and start off with "I understand punishment isn't the most effective way, but you're saying if I spank my son immediately without warning him first it would be more effective?". And then another one took over class to hold forth on how you should never spank while angry.

It's quite interesting because I've found adult students are the most unbearable in psych courses, despite being the wiser ones everywhere else (in business courses, for example, it's generally the kiddies just out of high school that hijack the lecture to complain about how equal opportunity employment has led to white people not being able to get jobs). I wonder if this is a function of generation, or if people become more fixed in their opinions of how the mind works as they get older but are still willing to accept they don't know about other things.

Oh, also, got irritated about my results on my first presentation for this semester's speaking-intensive course. I got an A. In the 'work on for next time:' slot I only got 'keep up the good work!'. I did far from my best on that presentation. I guess it's only just hit me that I'm not going to get much guidance on improving my public speaking here, not when the guy who just put paragraphs of text on his slides and read them directly off the slides got a C. I would have flunked him. But it's hard for me to tell sometimes when I am having reasonable expectations and when I am being elitist. Anyways, I'll just have to work on my improvement myself; [ profile] ocelotofdoom pointed out to me that I know what I did badly on in that presentation, so I can work on it. I'm still not sure how to improve beyond what I already know unless I want to start picking up communications courses.

Okay, enough of my whining. Musicshare!


Sep. 21st, 2011 02:04 pm
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I spent so much time trying to make this work last night alkdjsfsjagksdal nobody told me I had to set the talking level to something besides the default I WAS USING TWO DIFFERENT TUTORIALS YOU WOULD THINK SOMEBODY WOULD HAVE MENTIONED THIS

Anyways I am skipping class right now but NOT TO SCRIPT although that is what I am doing instead

I am skipping because I totally forgot about an assignment and am too embarrass to try and make an excuse and get the 'no late assignments accepted' lecture from her. It's only 10 points out of like 300 for the term anyways

Okay brb learning to make more complicated scripts than talking NPCs lol
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Continue to be a moderately successful baby hacker. Have decided to learn to script. So far I understand the concept of hexidecimal fairly well, although think maybe I have to practice using it as a numerical system so that I don't have to think through what I'm looking at.

Also, understand concepts like pointers, compression, etc. although not in a practical way. Trying to learn about bits/bytes/pointers, eyes glazing over. Wish there were less hacker language and more metaphors. :c

I am also reinstalling excel (and by extension my entire microsoft office package as the school only supplies them bundled) because the version I have is apparently not the version the comp 105professor has, nor can it do what the professor wants me to do. Also, installing frontpage, which I do not have yet.

Considering whether or not to make a second journal for my ROM hacking exploits, plans, etc. If I don't, a lot of it is probably going to go here. Of course if that annoys a lot of people I can always use the filter system, but that would also require making those posts friends-only and bleugh blaghhh blargh.

I am not sure why I was initially worried about the legal ramifications of ROM hacking. I know Nintendo doesn't vigorously defend their copyrights. I certainly never hesitated to sell pokemon plushes. 6 n 9;; I guess it felt different because it's a variety of digital pirating?

Of course, if I just made patches, it would not be illegal at all. I do not know how to do that. I could probably learn.

Anyways right now I'm working on two things; 'oldschool firered', which is just replacing all of the sprites in firered with the old R/B/Y (and eventually G/S/C) sprites. This is just a small project to cut my teeth on. I doubt anybody will actually want to play this since there are more interesting retro hacks of FireRed out there, like one that is entirely retrofied, including the tiles, maps, etc. Cool! :D :D

I'm also working on the sprites for the Pikmin FireRed game. I think I'm going to start by just changing out all the pokemon for Pikmin and critters from the first game; then later, if I prove to be sufficiently good at scripting, build a whole new game with a map and storyline similar to the first game. Seems the easiest way to work on my scripting skillz, since I'll already have something to work off of and won't be plagued with 'coming-up-with-a-new-idea-and-having-to-rewrite-everything-itis', which I tend to be susceptible to. I'm also working on the types, movesets etc. for the Pikmin & monsters, since there will be drastically fewer mon than there are in pokemon, I will have to balance very carefully.

I also have a running list of ideas for future projects. Some will definitely be pretty far into the future.

I am currently rolling around a possible trans-related post in my head as well btw. It's kind of crap at the moment. If it comes out, it'll be a companion piece to my previous post, but this one will be some advice for the trans people coming out. I know it's an often-discussed topic, but I think (hope?) I have some things to contribute.

ETA: Finished updating Microsoft Office and I am SO glad I had to do this. This new version of Excel is so shiny omgggg and this assignment definitely helped me learn Excel better c: I am so excited about this class now, I thought it would all be shit I knew already. Also, great teacher.

Yes, I get excited about excel. I like spreadsheets ok. I have one rn for the pokemon version of pikmin and pikmin monsters. With moves etc.

6 u 9

Sep. 14th, 2011 05:04 pm
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Apparently I impressed the entire macro ec class without really meaning to today?! I WAS JUST ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS

Dr. Bakkal compared my answer to that one tomato sauce commercial? i.e. 'it's all in there'

And one of the kids had me repeat another thing I said so he could take notes on it

I guess I shouldn't say 'kid', he is apparently married, his age was hard to tell so I thought he was more around my age. He also came up to me after class to tell me I'm 'awesome' and he was impressed by me. And apparently the question/discussion Bakkal and I had after class answered the question of like, everybody else who stayed after. I am success at everything???


Also, get dorm room to myself tonight as roommate is going off to do...something...I think driving lessons? She is working on getting her license.

Also we have contacted the appropriate people about the empty room in our suite and they said they are going to fill it with two more people who are not us :c no single room get. Sad.

Finally for something some of you are more likely to be interested in, doesn't this song start just in my Skin I think?? I am a terrible Linkin Park fan, I forget which of their old songs is which.


IDK IDK I like this song though. Probably Skillet is like part Linkin Park or something and I'm just too out of touch with the world to know these things


Sep. 7th, 2011 09:59 pm
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SO had my first two classes today!

Am now rather a lot more excited for this semester. First, I forgot I had Macro Economics with DR BAKKALLLLLL HE IS MY FAVORITE PERSON EVERRRR

I had him for microec a few semesters ago and he's the other professor who offered me an opportunity (wanted to sponsor me to go study abroad in a prestigious university in Canada) but the International Student Affairs office gave me the run-around and the next semester I had the China thing come up so. Anyways he was excited to see me again as well :D

As for my other class, it's Psychology of Learning. And my professor competes in agility with her dogs!! And she has structured the class around using this as a teaching tool!!!! WE ARE GOING ON A FIELD TRIP TO ONE OF HER AGILITY TRIALS


6 u 9 I am so excited about this class that it makes me nervous (lol this happens sometimes)

Anyways in other news a bit miserable because a second storm is riding in on top of this one, so I can't enjoy the nice rainy weather because the pressure is making my head explode.

Roommate is introducing me to this band called Camelot though, they're metal-with-a-pretty-tune like Sonata Arctica, I liek.
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Sooo all moved into dorm and (finally) got wireless working! I'm in a double again this year (ugh) but my roommate is pretty cool! I mean, has all of Cardcaptor Sakura in the original Japanese but blue-ray quality on DVD cool. And she RPs and is also a Slytherclaw and loves Marvel over DC (but still likes Batman), reads tarot and runes, and is fine with me being trans and knows other transguys, kind of cool. :D I mean she's not perfect but we get along well.

We are also both of the understanding that as much as we like each other, we want single rooms, LOL. So we are supporting each others efforts to try and get a single room because if one moves out, the other gets the double to themselves, for this semester at least.

It actually looks like the other double in our suite is empty??? So one of us might be able to move in there :O then we could share a common room and it would be AWESOME. *crossed fingers*

Anyways have done some tarot readings here as well, just to settle myself in. My Fantastic Menagerie deck seems to like me a lot more now, lol. Also, have been using the cloths I bought for them even though I haven't hemmed them yet. Just have to be careful so they don't fray too much. I'll have to cut them to size anyways, I got half a yard each, which is really unnecessarily large lol.


Darn :< jinxed it





e u e


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