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I know most of you know about my thing-that-is-in-my-room/closet from [livejournal.com profile] ontdcreepy posts but if you don't...it is a...thing that lives in my closet and keeps my stuff safe and will retrieve/locate lost objects if asked, as long as they're uh...upstairs I think is its range. And it tends to attack people in my room that it doesn't like. It gave my brother a nosebleed last time he slept in my room xD

Anyways I have finally figured out a shorter term for it, it is my Closet Keeper 6 u 9

And this just happened, so I thought y'all might appreciate the share...this morning Tripper (the dog) came upstairs to sleep with me once everybody else had gone to school/work. He brought a ball upstairs with him because...he's a lab, if there is a ball he will carry it everywhere forever until someone throws it for him or he loses it. Usually the second. So he brought the ball upstairs and was laying on the bed with me and I petted him for a bit...he dropped the ball (of course) and it rolled under dad's desk, which is against the same wall as the closet (my closet is a walk-in with two entrances - it runs the entire length of one wall of the room, with doors on either side of the room).

So Tripper jumps up off the bed like a lunging mad animal to go get the ball he dropped. He goes under the desk...backs up, sniffs in the waste basket next to the desk instead with his 'I'm being a polite dog' body language; basically, the way he would sniff at something on the ground if we ran across another dog on a walk and he was interacting politely. He came back to my bed, sans ball. I figured it was stuck under part of the desk he couldn't get to or something.

So about a half hour ago mom says she wants to go play fetch with him in the yard; I say he left a ball in my room and go upstairs to get it. Tripper follows me, galumphing around like a madman because he heard the word 'ball' come out of my lips, and starts tearing around the room in his excitement. I go over to check under the desk...no ball??? I ask Tripper where the ball is. He is of no help and grabs one of my plushies in his excitement. I check my bed, then realize - balls roll; Closet Keeper tends to keep objects somewhere if they can get away on their own. So I ask if it knows where the ball is.

I got a nonverbal 'yes', and suddenly Tripper is scrambling past/under me to get under the desk, and emerges with...the lost ball! YAY

(I guess I should specify also that of course I thank my Closet Keeper whenever it retrieves something for me; and also that it is NOT a colony of house faeries/brownies/whatever one would like to call them. I'm not sure what it is, but it's a single entity, usually about 4ft high, but occasionally taller for reasons I do not understand...which is one of the reasons I think it definitely isn't any sort of faerie, I've never known them to change size. TBH my strongest suspicion is that it's a thoughtform that occurred as a result of my protectiveness of my physical possessions and my personal space...I've been in that room for a rather long time)
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Hey look, a post!

This is just some info on territorial faerie behaviors.

How many more times can I say 'territorial' before it stops looking like a word? )

And there you are. This is mostly just a regurgitation of information that I know, but I felt like writing up a real post, and this is what I had P:
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So thinking about faeries again, there hasn't been much happening along those lines around here, but I realized there are parts of my earlier experiences that I haven't much gone into depth on so I thought y'all might like that? I mentioned it a few times way back when I first started talking about this stuff in [livejournal.com profile] ontdcreepy, but I don't think I ever really told it all.

I would like to preface this with a reminder that I don't do very smart things sometimes, and in many cases you really should not imitate me.

Like a car chase only in the woods )

It's kind of funny for me to be recounting this now, since it's getting really stormy outside, eh, and I'm sitting at the window where I can see the woods from. It kind of makes me nostalgic for when I had that room that's split into Paige and Derek's rooms now, and I had a window seat at the second-floor window that looked out at the woods, and I would just watch it. I did that a lot that summer. And after.

Anyways, I hope it snows D: also, Derek's hockey team is having a pasta party at the house, so don't be surprised if I make a whiny post later about too many people and sensory overload.
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So y'all remember that tree that almost ate me, right? Do I have to like, get a link? I will in a bit, I'm feeling lazy right now (it's my birthday, you can't make me) and I have too many faerie tags. (LOOK I GOT THE LINK)

So anyways things changed. I actually discovered this awhile ago when I went in the woods to film for [livejournal.com profile] anobjectinspace in the fall. There used to be a natural 'path' that led straight to the tree (and nowhere else) behind the big rock; that's where I was when it was trying to lure me in, I stopped at the head of that path (it's very short, and once over the rock I could see the tree directly and uh, realized something was wrong). So I went to go film that path and - it's gone.

We've been living here for something like eleven years now; the path was there when we moved in, and has been there since, up until this year. It just sort of naturally grew over. At the entrance, there were branches hanging low, over the rock, so you couldn't even comfortably climb over it to get to the path; and looking down it, I saw other branches grown across as well.

I wondered why now, several years after the tree had actually been vacated, would this happen; and circled around the regular way, to have a look at the tree. And...most of it is gone. It had sort of, um, exploded? I'm not sure what happened. Up until then, it had been leaning sort of upright on a nearby tree, disconnected from its root system since it had been burnt away there. But now its branches are scattered all over - some leaning against other trees, some on the ground - and the main bulk of the tree is lying much more vertically.

This could have been a natural result of the huge storm we had that fall; but I'm also considering the possibility that it could be related to the way the faeries that used to live here completely disappeared last summer. IDK.

UNRELATED ETA my body and [livejournal.com profile] anobjectinspace are both abusing me

tanzelt: belly: you are hungryyy
uterus: no, no you are not
belly: what? yes you are
belly+me: why are you doing thisssss ;A;
anobjectinspace: LOLOLOL
anobjectinspace: Oh god
anobjectinspace: You should put that in your LJ
anobjectinspace: IT IS HILARIOUS
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Last night saw what I think was the large black thing I've seen about in the woods. It was up a tree in the backyard - just sitting up there - it reminded me of that scene from My Neighbor Totoro, LOL.

Yeah, that one! c:

Anyway, it was veeery still as it was when I saw it, and also unusually clear to the eye, as it was before. It was hard to gauge size even though it was pretty visible in the tree (these are kind of straggly pine trees - wouldn't hold a physical animal at whatever size this thing is, even birds don't go up to the top) because I'm not sure how tall the tree actually is. Tall. As before, it wasn't particularly unsettling, and I have no idea if it could see me through the window since I can't see its eyes (appears more as a giant opaque shadow). I wonder if it's been up there most nights (I wouldn't know, since I rarely sleep in my room).

The fact that it doesn't give me, or apparently anybody else, the same nervous feeling that most faeries do, makes me wary. The tree-dwellers didn't make me nervous at first contact either, not until I was close enough to see them/too close to get away easily.
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Oh! Well I suppose I should talk about this sooner or later, here's a good opportunity!

What am I skeptical about? Ghosts.

WHAT, I hear you all saying in my head. SURELY NOT.

(Y'all sound like Eddie Izzard in my head. Yup.)

Anyways, I am not skeptical of what one might call paranormal activity, or paranormal entities, or what I just usually refer to collectively as 'spooks'. What I highly doubt the existence of is the longstanding traditional ghost - the human spirit that wanders with intention. As TAPS might say, an intelligent haunting.

The reason I rarely, if ever, bring this up is because most of this is based on my experiences and knowledge working for Anubis, and I'm still pretty convinced people are snickering behind my back if I bring that up; but there it is. Frankly, I have seen human spirits after death. I have never seen a one that was capable of any such haunting.

I'm not saying it's impossible. But it would have to be very rare. And I expect it would be more likely to be a result of peaceful death than the violent, tragic deaths people always attribute to such hauntings. There would also be some sort of transformation necessary, which I'm sure can happen, but I've never had the rank to witness or grant, due to being a flake.

I'm also not saying you can't be visited by a loved one after death. But that's not a haunting. Escort and assistance is required for those sorts of visits.

And finally, I'm not saying there's NOTHING THERE. When you encounter something that seems to be an intelligent haunting - answers questions, interacts with you - surely there is something there. I think most likely it is either something small that has adopted such a story as its history; or something constructed out of the energy the world is steeped in by the force of people's belief in the legend.

The standard human soul is not constructed to easily exist outside of the body; that's what makes it human. And souls are not left just wandering after death. Not one person dies alone.

So yes, that's where I stand on it. Maybe makes things more clear as to why I am quicker to explain things as faeries rather than ghosts? Besides my obvious obsession 6 u 9

I still need a Mr. Crocker icon.

P.S. I also apologize if this entry comes off at all preachy? I know it might sound like I'm asserting, essentially, my beliefs as fact, but frankly every major religion that I know of has its version of psychopomps. If you're an athiest you're probably already used to religious people acting like they know everything anyway 6 u 9
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Was discussing this with Paige last night while we watched a relevant episode of A Haunting, so figured I might as well make a post about it.

Hypothesis: Some graveyards are 'haunted' by a faerie.

I have heard a lot of personal experience stories in graveyards with a very similar pattern. It goes something like this: A person or group of kids or paranormal investigators sneak into a graveyard at night. They hear sounds, feel 'creeped out', but don't leave. It escalates to noises - children's laughter, abrupt screams, and so on. If they stay longer, it escalates to 'light' physical contact (gentle pushing, grabbing, and so on) and/or visual apparitions, often many different ones that seem unrelated. There is often a pervasive feeling of 'evil' at this point. They run out of the graveyard.

The general conclusion seems to be that they accidentally angered a whole army of ghosts, plus a demon or two. It seems more likely to me that, especially considering how established this pattern is, it is one entity - or perhaps a small group working together. The intention also seems to be more to scare them off, than to harm them.

So, my guess would be this is some sort of common territory-defensive pattern. Discuss??

P.S. I have a fic/fandom journal now too, it's at [livejournal.com profile] owlofowls. I kind of assumed none of you guys wanted to read my terrible fic but there it is if you are interested c: although there isn't anything up yet.
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We just had a fire inspection. Sooo after all the fire alarms being set off several times in a row (TOO LOUD FOR LIFE) and reassuring Tripper after he became convinced that he didn't get to meet the fire inspector because everybody hates him, I am now quite awake.

Also, I discovered this show, Pucca. SO CUTE. Also, Netflix says it's a kid's show but I'm pretty sure the main character is being raised by three gay fathers, and someone just literally shat a brick. NOT SURE WHAT THINK

Anyways, I decided to go ahead and define those terms I referenced yesterday in my post, plus a few others.

Keep in mind that I use them to describe phenomena I've found in research, that I've seen frequently enough to find notable; not things I have seen myself (for the most part) nor that I can verify is a pattern for any reason other than coincidence, cultural inspiration (in the case of folklore), or possible collaboration/inspiration between people making up paranormal experiences.

That said, let's go!! )

Alright, I think that's all I have for now. Besides which, I have to go out and buy some cookie tins so I can start baking. :D I will be taking video this time, I think.
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Troublingly, I haven't seen any of the 'usual' local faeries around. The ones that I drew before. I'd been telling myself it's because I haven't been in the woods much, and they've been keeping out of the yard as requested. But it's getting towards fall and they're usually much more active around this time, and they're just...not around. I've been out in the woods a few times, hoping to make contact, as I decided to do. They're not there. The woods are empty.

Or rather, they were. I just saw something in there. It was very dark in color, almost black I think. That's about all I could tell =/ it made me very nervous to see it - I was watching it through the window, and I think it might have been looking back at me, even though it was down in the woods. I couldn't see any face or eyes but I got the impression I was looking at its face anyways.

Also, shortly before leaving for China, I had gotten the impression there was something on the large rock at the edge of the woods - the entrance to the 'corridor' that leads to the now-dead tree. That tried to eat me. There has to be a simpler way of referencing that incident, but although I've found a few other incidents of minor encounters with these sorts of trees, I can't find any folklore that seems to directly reference it. I've labeled them 'singing trees' to myself, but my personal labels are not very helpful, as they are meant to categorize reported phenomena and my own theories, not be applied to the actual reality. (Some other faerie creatures and phenomena I have personal labels for are 'the storyteller(s)', 'chickenfeet' and 'following'. Anybody care to guess what they might refer to? If you've done any independent faerie research yourself? IDK that any of you have :P I just thought it would be neat if you could guess.)

Okay, back to what I was actually talking about. I got the sense that something was on or standing directly behind the rock; it made me very uncomfortable, and my eye kept being drawn there, but I couldn't see anything. I have actually not looked at the rock since. I haven't been in the backyard, let alone the woods, since before I left for China, and now I'm afraid to go in.

I suspect strongly that some changes occurred out there while I was away. I had grown comfortable with what I knew if the current balance out there. What happened? It occurs to me more and more that I really know very little. Maybe it's a good thing that I never got to approach them personally like I wanted to. I don't actually know that they weren't interested in eating me or something D:

Black thing is still out there. Keeps disappearing and then coming back. I am pretty sure now that it's looking at me.
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Some videos!

First is the video from our failed One-Man Hide and Seek session.

And now, a video in which Tripper plays with rocks. And I am well aware of how embarrassing and generally terrible I sound :C so just ignore me and watch how cute Tripper is.

Also, I had a weird dream this morning. I was napping in Mom and Dad's bed, so it's to be expected, but it was interesting. Basically, I was at school, in a second library that doesn't actually exist, and took an elevator there, forgetting that the elevators were apparently only for staff in that building. Several of the buttons went to floors you couldn't access from the stairs (safety hazard much?). The elevator was also absolutely enormous and sort of oddly-shaped. And then a female student around my age who watched the elevator for unauthorized intruders closed the doors and started ordering the elevator to try and crush me, drop up and down rapidly, etc. :C it was quite distressing.


Jun. 13th, 2011 01:43 pm
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So, now that I have my new microphone, I tried doing some more EVP's in my room. Remember last time how I said I got a weird tapping noise like I was fumbling with the microphone or the computer? Well, it happened again this time, except moreso, despite it being an external mic that I didn't touch the whole time. And I'm still not getting these noises anywhere else in the house. WEIRD, RIGHT?

Well, at some places it became obvious this was actually some sort of electrical interference/feedback. The position of it was still odd enough (often coming right after questions, and not occurring during the 5 minutes I spent talking to Amanda on Skype rather than asking questions) that I investigated further; did some non-EVP recordings in here today. Well, it seems to just be electrical issues, probably because of dad's huge-ass home office setup in here. Which upsets me because it means I probably won't be able to get any EVPs in here at all, since the interference makes it hard to hear anything else :C

So yeah. In other creepy news, after I explained One-Man Hide and Seek to Derek, he got super excited and wanted to do it again right away. Like, Saturday night. When I told him I wouldn't do it again until we burned the first doll, he vowed to burn it despite the fact that it was raining outside - and also to make a new doll while I was at work. Neither of those things happened, although he managed to burn it yesterday after much struggle with Dad's help. So, I am considering doing it again this Friday, with both Paige and Derek this time.

Today also looks like a good day to take my camera out into the woods and try to get faerie pictures, as it is heavily overcast. My plan is to ask nicely if I can photograph them and see if the pictures then turn out. At the very least, I can try to get a collection of the photos as they usually come out, to demonstrate what I mean by 'visually confusing'.

I haven't tried directly addressing them face-to-face; to get them to stay off our property I basically left a note requesting as much and defining the yard. Their adherence to that request, though, and some of their other behaviors make me think this should be safe enough.

ETA: No success; I didn't see any of them, and it was much lighter than I thought it was outside. I'm starting to think I might just have to go out around twilight, since that's when the most activity is (barring at night - not going out at night because I'm afraid of panicking). Some odd stuff did happen though - basically, I always walk the same way in/out of the woods; and on the way out, I got really confused, because it seemed like there were things in the way (trees, bushes, logs on the ground) pretty much directly in my path, when I didn't remember having to navigate around any of these obstacles on the way in. I also noticed interesting plant growth patterns around certain places.

When I came back inside, Paige was home, and Tripper and I ended up chilling in her room. We showed him some of her large rock collection, and to our surprise he started taking them (very gently) from our hands and making a pile of them. He played with them for a very long time, making them into a pile and then scattering them and then piling them again; and then he started separating particular rocks from the others. If we moved them he put them back again lol. It seemed like some sort of organizational game, he got pretty excited about it. The most interesting thing was that he didn't try to show anybody the rocks; usually when he's excited about a toy or a bone he'll show it off to everybody, but dad had to ask him a few times before he showed him one of the rocks.

Vague conclusions: Most of his play is socially oriented; in this case, it was individual in nature and probably some sort of organizational or puzzle play, similar to ring games and shape puzzles we give to toddlers?
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So uh, we decided to do it tonight. As in, right now. Ritual starts in a half hour. Everything's all set up.

Nikka is in the hiding place with us and seems...really anxious about it. Paige just let her go wander around and she keeps going under the wall we built to quarantine our 'hiding place' and sitting right next to any open spaces, staring.

Anyways, I'll ETA this post with updates as it happens since I am too unhip to have a twitter.

ETA: Finished the starting ritual. Ripped my favorite pair of pajama pants climbing in/out of hiding place ;n; have slight headache and am sweating a lot, but that is probably from climbing over the side of the couch, lol.

Paige has climbed down on the floor out of instinct to hide better. I'm on the couch but feel more comfortable slinked low to hide as well.

ETA2: FAIL. FAILIEST FAIL EVER. Less than ten minutes into the ritual, we heard the salt suddenly go ALL OVER. Obviously we both panicked and I scrambled out of the fort WITH my salt water but WITHOUT my flashlight, which is essential for finding the doll. I found it in the sink still, and discovered the salt had moved because the paper under it had been blown up by the airflow unexpectedly coming from under mom and dad's bedroom door due to air conditioning. But, any break of the salt circle=immediate termination of the ritual as far as I am concerned, so.

Anyways we've dismantled and cleaned up everything, haven't gone over the few minutes of video yet though. Nothing happened to the TV but since it was only a few minutes that's not unexpected :P
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I'm strongly considering trying the One-Man Hide and Seek ritual/game. I'm thinking Monday night? I can make a really simple doll for it, and have rice to stuff it with, since I already had some for sewing. I am pretty sure I have red thread, but I'll have to check. I want to use my computer and camera to record sounds, etc.

Things I need...a hiding place. Maybe I'll use the upstairs bathroom, and place the doll in the downstairs bathroom? But that could lead to problems if/when mom or dad get up in the middle of the night; I would rather quarantine the upstairs with salt at the top of the stairs and keep it up there. I think a better idea would be to involve Paige and to use her room as the hiding place, since despite the activity in it, it doesn't have the same heavy presence that mine does. Also, I should probably get some natural salt (seasalt?)

The one thing I am concerned about is that the ritual seems to indicate that the hide-and-seek game you're 'playing' involves stabbing rather than tagging. Since, you know, you make the doll 'it' by stabbing it. I'm wondering if it would work with tagging instead, since I've never purified a room before and am rather worried about, uh, the potential results...

I'll also have to quarantine Derek's room somehow...or maybe I should just ask him to participate in the ritual with us.

Anyways, I would really like to have both a camera recording in the bathroom, and one in the room with us; but dad's camera is very unreliable...so I'll have to settle for just mine, I think.
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Last night Paige and I tried some EVP sessions! After somebody in ontd_creepy pointed out to me that the Audacity program could very well be used for such. We just did five-minute sessions; one downstairs, one in my room, and one in her room. There was some interesting stuff, but nothing especially notable, at least not notable enough for me to share. The most interesting was weird noises I got in my room that sounded like my computer was being tapped near the microphone, which I definitely was NOT doing; but movement anywhere on the computer can translate to weird noises recording, so I can't really make a definitive statement on it.

Paige shared a story though! One she had neglected to share with me before. So now I will pass it on to you.

This is when Tybalt was still alive (Tybalt was the cat that died mysteriously in the tree incident). She was home alone on this particular night, since I was at band practice and mom and dad were at one of Derek's hockey games. She's chilling upstairs with Tybalt, on her bunk beds, when she hears a noise from downstairs...the basement door opening and closing. Repeatedly.

So she tells Tybalt to make it stop.

Tybalt jumps off the bed, runs downstairs (or probably more like 'thumps down the stairs'...most uncoordinated cat ever). The door stops opening and closing. Tybalt comes back upstairs.

I don't find this story particularly surprising since it happened during the time there was the most paranormal activity in our house. This was the time when basically whenever I was alone in the house, stuff would happen (radios turning on at top volume, doors opening and closing, etc.) A lot of it seemed to die down when we did the construction on my old room, splitting it into the two bedrooms that now belong to Paige and Derek. It seems like the paranormal activity now only occurs upstairs, in my and Paige's rooms.

Oh, and here's why she shared the story with me; we had just finished doing the EVPs and were sitting downstairs while I listened to them. Paige got my attention suddenly and when I took my headphones off, there were some odd noises coming from right above us - Paige's room. I shrugged and said 'probably your demon cat'...and then Nikka ran out from the other side of the house and up the stairs. Paige and I looked at each other and listened as the noises continued for awhile, then stopped after about three minutes; and then Nikka came back downstairs.

This isn't the first time this has happened, either. Like actually, I'm pretty used to it by now. I remember months ago discussing a particularly troubling incident as it was happening - noises were coming from my, Paige's, AND Derek's rooms. Nikka ran upstairs after the noises started. The whole thing lasted about a half hour that time. I still have no idea what to make of it, especially because I never find anything out of place in my room afterwards - although things could very well move in my closet and I would never notice. Things move in Paige's room regularly (most notably her rocks, which just sort of migrate around the room) but we aren't sure if Nikka is the one doing that or not...

Anyways, the main problems with using Audacity for EVP's was that it was very hard to hear anything not right next to the microphone. Even when I had Paige sit pretty close to me she was much quieter than I was. This makes me afraid that I'm missing sounds because they aren't happening right next to me...and I kind of suspect this is the case because I picked up one or two sounds that were quieter than Paige, almost inaudible. Basically, I need a better microphone that I can hook up to my computer...IDK how expensive they are, though. To google!

BTW, if you would like to try this out for yourself, Audacity is a totally free recording program. You can find it here, which is where I got it, it's totally safe. Of course I've been just messing around with it as well and made some pretty creepy recordings :P I haven't decided yet if any are worth uploading.

ETA: okay I picked out some to share :D this is just me being a dork, it's the first thing I recorded, and I raised the pitch. (Yes, that's me singing over myself...it's also before I realized that that works much better if I mute while I'm recording over it).

This is me trying to be creepy. And then I made it more creepy by raising the pitch again.

If anybody has recommendations on better places to upload sound files, that would be awesome, LOL.

ETA2: Trying another site that allows embedding...?

Ohgod2 by tanzelt

Success! I love this site! Let me know that it's working for you guys, too, and I'll use it for any future EVPs if I actually capture anything I want to share.

Rats by tanzelt
Rats2 by tanzelt
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I'm getting my haircut today! Same reference photo as last time, although if the hairstylist freaks out and gets all excited like last time I may have to find a new one, because...wtf. Also, "what happened to make you want this haircut?!!" is the weirdest question I have ever been asked. What kind of answer was she expecting? Did she think it was a post-breakup haircut, or did she expect something more like I kissed a girl and I liked it~

Also, I had two weird conversations about my lactose intolerance last weekend. On Saturday my aunt asked me why I was drinking soy milk (note that she was rather drunk) and I explained that I was lactose intolerant. Mom monopolized the conversation as always and went off on a tangent about how I would never drink milk or eat eggs as a child, and my aunt (WHO IS A TRAINED NURSE, mind you) came away from the conversation with the understanding that lactose intolerance also means you can't eat poultry products.

Then on Sunday my coworker, who I dislike and who thinks we are best friends because I am polite to her, asked me to try her improvised strawberry milkshake. I said it wouldn't be a good idea due to my lactose intolerance. After she drank her own, she informed the trainee we were working with that she's "lactose intolerant...not like Corinne's, but drinking creamy things makes me cough after." I didn't have the heart to tell her an intolerance is not the same as an allergy, and that it's normal for the body to produce a lot of mucus after a person consumes dairy.

I also rearranged my bookshelf in my room the other day. I just thought you all might appreciate the fact that it has a paranormal reference section. Also a mythological/religious reference section (which includes one huge book on the mythological history of Wales and Ireland...which I have filled with colorful reference tabs and notes).

ETA: Haircut was a super success! Partly I think because she read me as male :P she did a double-take when she read my name and I walked up, lol. I should probably just start giving my middle name (Lee) or Domino since they just use your name to call you up and not for payment or anything, but my mom pays for my haircuts and I've only just got her to stop coming up to the hairdresser during the haircuts to try and explain away why I am getting a guy's cut...

Wood Devils

Apr. 1st, 2011 06:51 pm
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Hey an actual post that is not me spilling excitement all over the place!

We're going to talk about the Mothman!

those red eyes )
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So, the snow is melting. It seems as a result faerie activity is picking up again.

Here's what's happened lately )


because apparently this is what I am doing with my whole vacation )

P.S. Paige and I are currently getting into Buffy. EVERYTHING IS SO 90's. Mostly I enjoy 90's fashion in a sort of 'lol 90's' way but I think if I see another cheap faux-velvet jacket in a caramel sort of color I'm just going to start imagining all the characters as teddy bears.
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So I have a break between classes today (because we had an exam, which I totally just failed BTW, I hate biopsych SO MUCH) so I decided to type up that thing I promised about my 'imaginary friend' from when I was little. (This is probably a less exciting story than you were hoping for)

Hippity-Hop )

Anyways OKAY I HAVE TO GO TO CLASS NOW yay social psych, a class where I don't have to hear the words medulla or myencephalon!
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Silence for like two weeks and then two posts in one day. LOL.

Just some stuff that's been happening lately that I haven't reported on:

IDK what to put for this clicky link )

One last thing though. Speaking of my roommate...so...I've finally noticed her habit of bringing back her lunches from the school dining halls and...wrapping them in cling wrap and just leaving them on her desk. I'm talking like, half a sandwich and a full serving of fries. Just on her desk. And she'll like, pick at it like a snack. Over the course of like two days. First of all, that explains why the room smells weird. Second of all, how the fuck is she not sick yet? o-o I would be throwing up from the taste of room-temperature, stale french fries alone...
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It's snowing wicked hard here so they ended classes at 12:30, so this post gets to happen sooner than expected :D ARE YOU EXCITED? I'M EXCITED

So what I'm going to talk about is interpreting dreams. I'm talking here about regular dreams, and I'm taking a psych approach; I'll talk a bit at the end about what I guess one would call 'supernatural' dreams, like premonitions, visions, etc.

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February 2016

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