Sep. 2nd, 2012

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Just a friendly reminder to all those white 'Americans' out there who rail so hard against undocumented immigrants...

Most Mexican people have a hundred times more claim to the land you built your country on than you do.

I am so beyond giving a fuck about the supposed economic issues that immigration causes. I am so through with white governments using 'economics' as a reason to decimate and ruin other people.

On economics as an area of serves two purposes. Neither of them is accurately predicting the future. The purposes are to study and understand the movement of resources within and between empires, and to operate as a political smokescreen. Remember this any time a politician says to you, 'we need to do this for economic reasons'. Remember that we kept slavery for as long as we did because abolition would 'economically destabilize the South'. Remember that the government is giving more and more land over to oil companies to tear apart in the name of economics. Remember that white-run economies are falling like dominoes right now, and white governments are actively turning down mitigating solutions because they'd rather risk economic collapse than release a bit of the resources their countries have hoarded, remember that they can do this because they will be fine whatever happens because the white men who run most Western countries are sitting on piles of money that their ancestors made on the backs and blood of other people, through the slave trade and war profiteering and stealing land to lay waste to it.

Remember that, and give any plan to 'bolster the economy' a real critical look, and see who it really helps, and who it really hurts, and ask yourself, what is 'the economy' here? Is it the system that includes everyone, or is it just the scaffolding that upholds 'job creators'?


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