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So, long story short: My sister was fostering three female guinea pigs from her school's animal lab over winter break, only it turned out that one of them was male and that this mistake had happened over a month ago and the two females were in fact quite pregnant. Now, if a guinea pig doesn't give birth by the time she's 2 years old, her hipbones fuse, making it extremely difficult for her to successfully give birth, so the plan was to bring them back to the school for an abort spay; but one of them unexpectedly went into labor a week or so earlier than we expected, and despite the odds, gave birth to two healthy babies!

Meanwhile, I had just learned how to shoot my photos in RAW, so the guinea pigs made perfect...uh...guinea pigs for practicing my photography.

This was right after the new Star Wars movie came out, and there was one boy and one girl baby, so we called them Luke and Leia.

They were just learning how to eat solid food. Guinea pig babies are extremely precocious, they were only a couple of days old at this point I believe - they were waddling around the cage pretty much immediately after birth, and running around like exciteable little beans within a day.

Nibbl nibbl

We brought mom (we called her Padme of course) in to join them. Being an older and wiser piggie, she of course knew to be terrified of any novel situation (until she noticed the carrots).

They cuddle c:

They love to shove themselves under her. She wasn't such a big fan of this activity. We discovered how nimble she was while watching her jump straight over her babies when they got in the way of her getting to her hay.

So yeah, those were the piggies. They've since gone back to the school lab. The babies will probably need a home, so they might come back to us for good after this semester is over. (The other pregnant pig gave birth and survived, but her pups were stillborn.)

Date: 2016-02-13 03:12 pm (UTC)
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I miss lil' rodent pets so much. I am desperate for one. I'm hoping I can have a hamster once I get out of the stupid room I'm in.


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