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So, I made a bread!

Actually, I did this like a week ago, and kept meaning to make a proper post about it, but I kept putting it off. Okay. Here it is. )
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So I have like, a cold or allergies or something. But it's only like. In my sinuses. In the middle of my nose. Not anywhere else.

So basically it doesn't really like, matter, like I don't even notice except for occasional sinus pressure


occasionally, due to like, excessive snot or swollen...whatever, I will inhale/exhale through my nose and make this snorting noise.

That sounds exactly like Tripper when he snores.

And then I laugh at myself because it's funny when Tripper does it and I remind myself of him snoring and now everybody in all my classes probably thinks I am crazy.

Oh, and in other news, I had the most hilarious exam in calc class. No, seriously. The first page was a list of 'instructions for the test' that was actually a list of things prohibited in the test (including calculators of any kind...that was unexpected). The last thing on the list, IN BOLD, was 'Smoking is not allowed during the test.'

I wonder if anybody has told him smoking is not allowed in school buildings at all...?

And we got it back and his marks are like mysterious runes. Seriously. There was one that looked kind of like a 17, but then there was this square corner bracket type thing between the 1 and the 7 that made it look like maybe he sort of was trying to make it a 14, or maybe the pen marks were just doing some sort of intricate dance. Apparently that was a 19. Oh, and that was the grade for that page, btw; if you got something wrong, he didn't give the correct answer...there was just a bunch of...mysterious squiggles all over the place that I still cannot interpret. Nor do I need to, since I aced the test and thus am not sure why I needed so many squiggles anyway. Maybe he was just doodling.


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