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IDK how many of you guys have ordered from Dominos online before but like

It gives you the first name of whoever's making your pizza, for a 'personal touch' (IDK it may very well be randomly generating them, or more likely randomly picking from whoever's currently clocked in)

Guess who's making my pasta and breadsticks right now


He is currently double-checking my order for perfection

I bet his telepathy makes this much easier

He's probably reading my ideal sauce amount from my brain right now

Okay no I had something I actually wanted to talk about right? What was it again?

Oh yeah I just wanted to talk a little about why 'you're so brave' is something many trans people are so very sick of hearing. But the thing is we have a snowstorm coming in right now and so my brain feels all sparky and hurty from the air pressure changes so I guess I'll write it tomorrow after it snows.

...If we don't lose power. Knock on wood. (Very quietly so Tripper doesn't think someone's at the door and freak out)
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P.S. I better add that [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom found this fantastic thing for me, and conveniently when I was planning to do another X-Men marathon with Paige tomorrow


Nov. 7th, 2011 10:09 pm
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Just spent about 5+ hours sitting around with the other Fed Challenge guys and trying to figure out what the fuck we are doing for Wednesday.

Dr. Bakkal told us 'devalue currency', didn't tell us why, and abandoned us. We spent those 5 hours arguing it out and eventually realized he was right, as much as he could be. We were all of the opinion that the best option would actually be to legalize marijuana and go through with the North American Unified Currency plan. But the Federal Reserve can do neither of those things. The Federal Reserve can...buy bonds. (Like the rest of us.) But they can also buy foreign currency. So that's what we're going to argue for.

Interestingly, with Dr. Bakkal not around, me being the only "girl" in the group didn't come up. At all. Jokes about dicks and sex abounded, as well. I am not sure if this means I socialize like a guy (I have been told in the past that I do, back when I thought I was a girl even) or if it was a case of these particular guys just not caring.

I actually don't want to think about it too much because my brain hurts. 4 PM to 9:20 PM. Trying to fix America's problems. A group of undergrads. My brain hurts. My soul hurts.

And Dr. Bakkal keeps reminding us not to be intimidated by Harvard and BU, that we have a ~chance~. Yeah. Yeah, maybe if we had started working on this LAST FUCKING YEAR like those schools do, we would have a chance. We started two weeks ago. Honestly, we will be lucky if we don't get Unimpress'd offstage.

Neh neh neh. Moral of the story: only get involved in this kind of shit if you are like me and have really nothing better to do. I won't be losing anything on this. Not gaining anything either probably, except a group of guys who now consider me their personal consultant on trading in bonds. Which is fine by me, I push bonds on anyone I can. In fact, here, right now:

INVEST IN BONDS. DO IT. DO IT. IDGAF how low interest rates are right now. Buy some long-term bonds with sane interest rates. And there are always higher interest rates on bonds issued by private companies. Find one you believe in and support it.

...Make sure the interest rate is higher than the current inflation rate, though. Really. Be especially careful of that with CD's. And savings accounts, which are similar to CDs but even worse off. (Do not put your money in a savings account if you are American. Put it in bonds, or stocks or another asset. No, really. You're almost definitely losing money in the savings account.)

Right, I should stop rambling about this shit and go get an ice cream sundae and then...IDK. Sew? Hold an imaginary conversation with Hannibal Lecter? Both of those, probably.

Or maybe make those X-Men Evo icons I wanted...Xavier trollface forever. And maybe if I'm going to keep pushing bonds like drugs I should get a Captain America icon. Put a bullet in your best man's gun!

Oh yeah, our other proposal for improving the economy that we absolutely cannot take to the Fed Challenge: start a war between two other countries. Well, it would work, we would just be monsters.

Musicshare, to make up for the poison my brain just vomited all over the place here:

o u o

Oct. 21st, 2011 07:40 pm
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You...you want to see some doodles??

YES I STILL DRAW. Just really terribly.

under heeere )


Might finish those up or something IDK who knowwwsss

I'm also working on a sketch of Magneto (X-Men Evolution version) baking cookies. Also doing some skull studies which you guys may or may not see?
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SO HERE'S THE THING I have realized recently that most fans of X-Men have their own mutant self-inserts already all worked out in their heads and well

I'll show you mine if you show me yours

(That is only half as sexual as it sounds, if you haven't seen the First Class movie yet, and yes I am looking at you [livejournal.com profile] anobjectinspace)

I will also show you Paige's because she is too busy writing actual X-Men fic. Also if you want to be in the fic then give permission as well??? That was not going to be my intent with this post at all but it seems prudent to give all you bbs an opportunity to be written into her epic 'mutant team that actually makes sense and does superhero things instead of just training kids to attack ex-boyfriend' fic.

For those not sure about the mutant levels, here's the scale I'm using (there are some dif ones):

1 - mutants that can't do much of anything. You generally don't really see them in any of the continuities because they can't fight. A few of the morlocks are like this (just physical mutations).
2 - limited powers that can't be improved on with practice. Kitty/Shadowcat (in most continuities)
3 - limited powers that can be improved on with practice. Kurt/Nightcrawler (in most continuities, again)
4 - strong powers that have limited application or are easily negated. The Summers brothers (/Cyclops & /Havoc) + 'not-Summers-brother' Remy/Gambit; the Cassidys (/Banshee & /Banshee); Pietro/Quicksilver
5 - strong powers that have broad application & are difficult to stop. Erik(etc.)/Magneto (taking the 'magnet powers' explanation); Raven/Mystique; Rogue

Omega - gamebreakers. limitless power, often characterized by having to work to CONTROL rather than IMPROVE ON their powers. Xavier/Prof. X; Apocalypse; Shaw; Wanda/Scarlet Witch

Also yes I put down our actual real names (sans last name) but you don't have to do that lol. In fact you don't even have to do this whole bio thing I am doing, just tell me ur self-insert mutant side.



Nobody say anything about me being slow, okay, I know.
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This is why my sister is the best and you guys can't have her
And I suppose the /b/rony is making himself somewhat acceptable even if he tried to compare Magneto and Sephiroth and was unaware that Magneto and Xavier are always teaming up to fight true evils

tanzelt: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqpfwcGdqF1qe1wbx.jpg eric embracing his identity as a human shark
Paige: hehehe
tanzelt: charles..being...groovy
tanzelt: i guess
Paige: Nathan said somehtign really funny
tanzelt: somebody tell him to stop whatever it is before he hurts himself
Paige: He said Erik was so intrested in Pyro in the 2nd movie because Pyro's lighter had a shark on it.
Paige: he felt a kin ship
tanzelt: L.O.L
Paige: nah he's got charles with him, he'll be fine
tanzelt: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqpfviUBbs1qe1wbx.jpg
tanzelt: quick, caption it
Paige: I walk in on Hank, I mean how does he wear normal sized pants?
tanzelt: oh my god
tanzelt: you win everything

P.S. Listening to Yellowcard's album Lights and Sounds and somehow it is totally the soundtrack to Erik and Charles' entire life in every continuity, THE SUM OF EVERYTHING THEY ARE. I challenge you to listen to the album and find one song that does not fit them somehow (although How I Go is more about Erik and his kids and I think most people wouldn't understand Holly Wood Died the way I am understanding it currently).

I probably sound like a newbie shipper so in the interest of defending my hipster cred, I have always been in love with Erik and Charles and a lot of my X-Men fan experience is mourning them (it's just how I do things, I'm a mourner), it's just more intense right now because now suddenly there are a LOT MORE FANS THAT CARE and also for other reasons.

And for those who think their relationship is something scary and terrible that just came out of the movie, what comics have you been reading?! No really I would like to see them, show me some credentials, the whole franchise is about their relationship. You can certainly argue for it being non-sexual but by no means platonic. And it may be that the newer comics are deviating and moving in new directions but there's a good reason the movies returned to the dynamics of their relationship.

P.P.S. If you would like some examples:
Down on My Head - mostly Magneto's regret, can also be Xavier's at times
City of Devils - both of them when apart
Two Weeks from Twenty - Magneto bb. I know it may sound more like Xavier but trust me, I know these things. (Also, note that Xavier is like 500x more likely to send children into combat than Magneto)
Grey - this is probably an obvious one but threw it in anyways. Magneto to Xavier, in any continuity ever (when they're apart).
Words, Hands, Heart - when a tragedy or threat brings them together; either one or the other or both, depending on the situation
How I go - Magneto to his kids; in any time of peace, or retrospective on his life and relationship with them in general

Trying to give examples that are a. not too obvious (like Waiting Game or Rough Landing, Holly) or b. not obvious enough (like Holly Wood Died) and also c. the most awesome but it turns out THEY ARE ALL THE MOST AWESOME, THIS IS TOO HARD, I'M STOPPING HERE YOU SHOULD JUST LISTEN TO THE WHOLE ALBUM


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