Feb. 13th, 2013

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So I'm bringing my laptop to classes on Wednesday now, since it's required for Econometrics and Sports Econ professor said she would like it if we had a laptop available. Because of this, I am finally engaged in the epic hunt to FIND A PLACE TO CHARGE MY COMPUTER.

See, the thing about econ buildings is that they're all in Hunt. Hunt is the second-oldest building on the campus, and has aged worse than the oldest building on campus because the oldest building (Boyden) is full of admin offices and core requirement courses, so it's been kept up better. So since Hunt dates back waaay before laptops were even a thing, let alone a thing students may be expected to have, the access to outlets is...limited.

Outlets have been added at some point in the past few decades - they're 'on' the wall but the electricity itself is brought down from the ceiling, where the lights are - but there were apparently severe limits on where they could be placed. On the second floor, where my next class is, there are two student lounge areas on either side of the building; they're split apart by an open space looking down onto the first-floor lounge area (where I am now) and you move between the two areas by a tiny, tiny hallway - if you've ever played The Sims, this hallway would be a single square wide, and that works just as awkwardly IRL as it does in the game when people are trying to get past each other in it.

Guess where the outlets are up there?

Well, there's one in that tiny, tiny hallway. Near the floor. I have literally no idea what use that would be to anybody - it's in the dead center of the hallway, you can't sit outside the hallway and reach it unless you have an extension cord; if anybody sits IN the hallway, they would get stepped on, because there's no room to pass anybody in there.

The rest of the outlets...are in the stairwells.

No, they aren't any more useful there, either. And mystifyingly, they're more than halfway up the wall.

So I had to retreat to the first floor lounge, where there are outlets. They're all on one side of the room, but they're near actual places where a person might sit, so it's better than the situation upstairs. I haven't even checked out the basement lounge, which is tiny and has only a few tables in it, but I'm not an art student* so I'm never sitting down there anyways.

As for outlets in the classrooms - they're all at the front. Not sure if that's all they could manage, or if they were installed when only professors were expected to need electricity, but for all classrooms I've been in in this building there's two outlet boxes (for a total of eight outlets - actual usable number varies since they're all crammed pretty close together on the boxes) at the very front of the room, where it's difficult for even the first row to reach them.

*There are a few first-year art classes in the basement of the building. I am not fond of this because, like most sensible people, I am wary of large groups of freshman. Every time I go down there to use the bathroom/vending machines (...yes, the bathrooms are only in the basement) one of these first-year art students near invariably almost walks straight into me due to critical lack of awareness of their environment/inability to walk on the right side of a hallway. I'm not usually a huge stickler for walking on the right side as long as the hallway isn't busy, but when you're coming around a blind corner, it's kind of important.
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Best thing: spending my two-hour break between classes (or what's left of it after lunch) finishing up swag designs. Also, knowing how to use Inkscape. I'm really enjoying that. (You guys have no idea how much it confused me the first time I tried to use it.)

Anyways, I have ten more minutes before my next class, so in that time you guys get another post! I'M SO PROLIFIC. This is less complaints about old buildings and more eBook covers.

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