May. 7th, 2013

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A kid's style! I never actually thought anybody would buy one, since a lot of the fandoms I target are mainly stuff older players are into because of complexity/nostalgia, but I made it available because it didn't mean making anything extra. But apparently somebody wanted to dress one of their kids in one of my Pikmin shirts and honestly the idea of a little kid walking around somewhere getting their sticky little kid messes all over the shirt makes me really happy :D

(On a semi-related note, I wandered into that Childfree Hardcore comm yesterday, and was really shocked at how...hateful a lot of the posts and comments were. I'm child free, but I don't hate children, I don't mind being around them so long as it's for a limited time and even if I don't want to be around one I still don't hate them. Is that unusual? I actually really really enjoy designing things for kids, it's fun and I guess appeases the small nurturing instinct I do have.)

P.S. I am actually going to work on some more designs for Redbubble tonight since I've done a lot of work on the paper/project due Wednesday so I'm kind of ahead where I thought I'd be (frankly I thought I wouldn't do shit today and would end up doing it all tomorrow) so I think I'm gonna chill for a bit tonight and do some vectors. I do kind of want to be working on the next game I'm making instead - either working on character design or plot outline - but both of those are things I have almost no experience in and I think I'll need a little bit of time to really put myself into it, so that'll probably be next weekend/week when I'm really, truly done (except for commencement) and can kick back a bit in between working on my resume etc.

I think tonight I'll probably do some reptile pet designs, beardies and iguanas and snakes and anoles are all possibilities. The fandom stuff sells a whole lot better - actually the Animal Crossing stuff sells the best, I'm guessing because everyone's getting super excited for New Leaf - and I've only actually ever sold one sticker of one of my rat designs, but I like making them more because they're more fun, I can be more original with the design (although I do like the sort of puzzle aspect of doing something original with a preexisting design) and also, the one sticker I did sell, I got a really lovely note on Redbubble from the person who bought it, thanking me for making it and saying how cute it was :D and that was really sweet.

P.P.S. Anole! O u O
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Finishing up my paper for econometrics

I might also be watching thatguy's Demo Reel at the same time and not entirely paying attention to what I am typing 100% of the time and I was just editing a paragraph and found this:

"I also separated the 'goal' variable into two binary variables – one if the child's goal was to get good grades, and another if the child's goal was to get good sports. "


6 u 9

*presses face against screen*


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