Jun. 1st, 2013

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Feeling a great deal better today than I have been - I think my body is finally catching up to the work I've been doing. Also, whatever was all swollen in my throat last night is fine now (I think it might have been my deep salivary gland - submandibular - mine tend to get aggravated a lot when I'm stressed, but I don't think it's ever been that one before, or maybe I just haven't noticed because the lymph nodes have been swollen around it).

ANYWAYS, we have indeed been making progress on the chicken coop, I've just been feeling too cruddy to share photos, but here they are now: )

P.S. Alright so we're watching uh...one of the Law & Order shows I don't watch often (maybe the original one?) and this plot has something to do with a fantasy-type nerd and cosplaying and conventions...and one of the detectives used the word 'hobbit faires'

and [profile] dakfire and I were like 'what the shit is a hobbit faire lol' but THEN


It could be like one part ren faire and two parts sustainable living/locavore

Like people could come and sell food they had grown themselves, trade seeds/plants/livestock, there could be discussions (like panels except they would be outside on the grass o u o) about sustainability/how to raise various backyard livestock/keeping gardens/canning food/etc.

like just imagine it, you could dress up as a hobbit/elf/generic ren faire clothing/harry potter if you fucking well like, and go out for the day and get some fried chicken or some turkey sausage from a local poultry keeper that's there selling fresh hot poultry, and buy some nice hand-made jewelry from a lady dressed up as a dwarf, and learn about the fucking cicadas that are going to be eating everyone's gardens this year (no really look out, CICADAS) and come home with a bunch of brand new seeds (and advice on how to grow them in local conditions from the person who cultivated them) and maybe an exotic duck to add to your flock and some new tea mixes and jams o u o

IDK, I just think it would be so much fun, and I think in the next decade or so we're going to see a lot more overlap in geeks/nerds + practicing self sufficiency. Because we geeks really like to DO THINGS, and be involved. That's where fandoms, cons, and cosplay come from. And why crowdfunding is working so well. Even the geeky groups that are more toxic are really good at doing shit when they want shit done (see: reddit's fundraising efforts, some of the things anonymous have done, etc.)

P.P.S. I have to stop editing the second to last paragraph here with more and more things one could buy at a hypothetical hobbit faire because it's just becoming a shopping list of all the things I would like to buy local, and frankly that's pretty much everything


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