Jun. 3rd, 2013

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Worm composting; a very manageable and non-smelly indoor composting system.

According to the comments you will probably eventually get fruit flies no matter what you do, although since AFAIK fruit fly larvae are also adequate composters (and they aren't that big a deal as far as pests go...any food they get to is something that was probably past eating) it's not a big deal, but might affect where you put the bins/whether or not you want to implement any fly control. Also might be a deal breaker for people with compromised immune systems, phobias, etc. (I'm not actually sure what fruit flies carry in terms of disease)

Anyways, I think this is what we will do with the bedding inside the chicken coop when we clean it out, as well as any food we don't want to feed to the chickens/Tripper (mostly I'm thinking of grapes, which tend to...somehow become a problem in our house...because dogs can't eat them, and for some reason we never finish an entire thing of them, so then dad leaves them out on the counter to try and entice us to eat them and they just get squishy........and I've heard chickens need some coaxing to learn to eat them, maybe easier to just toss them to the worms). That way we can 'spread around' the, uh, 'benefits' of the chickens outside of their limited pasturing area, and the compost will be gentler than straight-up chicken manure as well so will be okay on new plants.


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