Jul. 3rd, 2013

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1. I have a phone interview in an hour to discuss potential teller position at a bank! YAY. ALSO AMKFMKDSF KFMDSK

2. I have Google Analytics running for my Redbubble site now. I'm not sure yet what to actually DO with the information...the bounce rate is pretty high, but I suspect that's kind of typical for Redbubble? IDK about other people, but when I'm on Redbubble it's because I'm looking for something specific to a fandom/character, and I'm probably not going to look at the person's other stuff because Redbubble stuff is just too expensive for me to be ordering more than what I came for -A-

But it is interesting looking at the stats...a whole lot of people using Apple mobile devices. Also, one person visited my page using the browser on the Wii. Also, larger numbers of international views than I would have expected. Which is maybe something to investigate further, since apparently Japanese visitors average five pages per visit, which is way higher than all the others.
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Dad is upstairs watching this commercial on repeat:

He just restarted it for the fourth time straight in a row.

(Also, I think the phone interview went well? I felt like I did terribly but according to everyone who was listening, I did okay, and she didn't call me a f*cking incompetent and hang up the phone or something, so I guess that's a good sign?)
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Hey guys, just FYI, Redbubble is doing free shipping today and tomorrow if you enter the coupon code STARSPANGLED. Incidentally, my Redbubble shop is full of super cute stuff.

P.S. I am also trying this whole tumblr business again. Somebody please help oAo

and/or share your tumblr URLs so I can follow you. I am redcockatrice


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