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So, the girls are getting a bit too big for their outing-box now...they're also a bit smarter and less likely to take off at full pelt across the yard. So yesterday we took them out in small groups and let them scratch around in the front garden.

I took about a million photos. Lucky for y'all, you're following me on LJ and not somewhere like Facebook where I can easily upload upwards of 100 photos at a time, so I can only inundate you with so many pictures.

We took the two Cochin girls out first. They're very well-behaved on account of having been bred to be fat and slow.

I should note we can no longer tell them apart...one of them is Lady Macbeth (mine) and the other is Layla (dad's).

Nikka helped us watch them.

After that we took out the other three. They're all in more practical colors (in fact, I'm pretty sure at this point that they'r all barred) which makes them less easily spotted by predators...but also harder to get nice photos of. Here's Puck, mom's Barred Rock, thoroughly enjoying her dust mulch bath:

Derek Junior, Derek's bird - an easter egger who is turning out to be very flighty and nervous, but not intractably so:

And finally Paige ([profile] dakfire)'s easter egger, Bella. She's the smallest and the one most likely to make a run for it at any point in time. She was very difficult to take a photo of since unlike a normal chicken, she has no problem wandering away from the others, and spent most of her time hunting bugs along the rocks...the most we saw of her most of the time was just rustling bushes.

Then Nikka decided to take a break from guard duty...

...and Bella took the chance to make a break for it. I'm not sure where she thought she was going. Tripper stood around unhelpfully while dad chased her back into the garden.

Tripper spent the remainder of the outing pouting about the fact that he is STILL not allowed to eat the chickens.

Date: 2013-07-17 10:24 pm (UTC)
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An amazing photoshoot all around, really. A very heart-able menagerie. <3


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