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Jan. 23rd, 2012 03:03 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] outdatedclocks has pointed out that my lower-back/hip problems, and my leg problems, are probably all related to the issues I have with my feet (lack of arches?). I've been making do with CVS-brand arch support pads, but they're not really enough, and I'd like to be able to do some cardio and upper-body stuff again, which I can't really now since my back hurts alllll the time. I'd been putting off talking to my doctor about it because of my terrible experiences with my last one...even though this one's shown no indication she's suddenly going to go all 'you're lying, you must be sneaking nachos in the middle of the night, fatty' on me. In fact, she'll probably be happy to help me out, since she wants me exercising before I go on T since I have a genetic disposition towards hypertension (dad's been hospitalized for it).

BTW, for those curious about the whole doctor saga, since I've posted it around a few places but not actually here at my main journal I think (since I just realized last night [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom had never read the whole thing)...I submitted the whole thing to First, Do No Harm (excellent blog BTW) so you can read it here (it's so long I don't see a need to copy+paste it here P:)

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] ocelotofdoom, we might be hanging out this weekend :D or rather, probably are. I am still working out the logistics, I think I'll stay on campus this weekend and take the train into the city. It would mean missing a therapy appointment, but I've skipped weeks in the past (or rather, therapist has cancelled on me) so I know it won't do any damage emotionally or to my comfort level with him.

Okay I really should go to class 6 u 9;;

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So I spent a lot of time thinking about this lately (and have apparently come to the conclusion that you guys care as much as I do about why I do the things I do). Basically, about why I acted the way I did on Saturday (spending most of my work breaks arguing with assholes on the internet despite the emotional stress it caused).

Are you liking the parentheses? I am thinking of concluding all of my thoughts with parenthetical clauses from now on (jk, jk).

Okay, srsface now:
Warning for brief mention of being suicidal )

So yes. That was a journey into introspection for me, which I thought some of you might find at least tangentially interesting.

In other news, I think I've actually narrowed my choices down to two names: Sydney and Cortland. I'm not going to rush into choosing though, since I learned my lesson last time after investing so much into Christian and then realizing I didn't like it at all. Although I think part of that mistake was my initial euphoria of 'OH MY GOD I CAN FINALLY HAVE A NAME THAT IS ACTUALLY ME'. As opposed to my current name which I just feel is something that people call me. Kind of like they're whistling at me like I'm a dog. Which is terrible, but I realized that's really how I feel about it, and it's why I'm not really participating in the ontdcreepy facebook page even though I want to...because obviously the only thing they have to call me by is my first name. Ugh.

Yes, I did just load this post with tags. Yes, they are all relevant.


May. 18th, 2011 05:38 am
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One of the great mysteries of my life has finally been unravelled for me!

Apparently, my sense of humor is rather British for an American. That is to say, dry wit and deadpan, blatant lies (fictions? I am not sure how to describe them).

This explains two of the greatest mysteries of my grade school years: why nobody ever seemed to even understand I was making jokes (I got a lot of blank stares and confused looks...and have discovered that no matter how odd it is, if you say something without a hyuck-hyuck tone to it, people around here will think you are being serious), and why a lot of people thought I was stuck up. I have since given up on trying to be witty around most people, and restrict my humor to funny anecdotes, which are generally much better received P:

Amanda has recommended that my jokes would come across better if I smiled while making them. I might try that.

To be honest, I should have figured this out sooner, since I did have a long-time friend who both apparently thought I looked down on her, and also confessed she could never figure out when I was joking or not. She was pretty surprised when I informed her that actually most of what I say is intended to be a joke, or at least not very serious. I don't take myself or life all that seriously, in general, or at least no more seriously than we warrant.

Oh, and for some context, I figured this out when I tried to get Amanda to watch QI with me, which is apparently too British for her to understand. I was utterly confused because my sense of humor is generally very similar to Stephen Fry's (although obviously I cannot hope to be as funny, sexy or intelligent as he is). She had apparently not realized I wasn't being British on purpose. Um, I think the point I was getting to here is that QI is hilarious and Stephen Fry is one of my favorite people.

...Okay, how, exactly, does this infomercial figure that access to message boards about exercise is a '$150 value'?! Yeah, I'm sure I can't find anything like that for cheaper than $150...


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