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So you may have heard of Bobby Montoya, a young transgender girl that recently joined the Girl Scouts, predictably resulting in controversy. Well, the decision has apparently led to three troop leaders (not the ones leading Ms Montoya's troops - these three are in Louisiana, not Colorado) resigning, and dissolving their troops. The article; warning for Bobby's mom saying some somewhat ignorant things in the article, and I have managed to keep out of the comments but assume there is nothing good down there.

Here's the thing that struck me (emphasis mine):

Susan Bryant-Snure, one of the leaders who resigned, told The Baptist Press that the Girl Scouts' action is "extremely confusing" and an "almost dangerous situation" for children.

I continue to be at a loss regarding what about us is so dangerous. Apparently even children among us are 'almost' dangerous - that phrasing in and of itself is confusing to me. At what point does it become actually dangerous? When Bobby gets older? Or when the Girl Scouts begin allowing transgender troop leaders? Or is it something else?

Really though, what are they afraid of? I know some people (many people?) still think we're all sexual predators...is this just the extent of it, and some are just hesitant to say it in as many words, so they use vague references instead? Or is it that their fear is as nebulous as the words they use?

And no, it does not put me at ease that bigots fear us. Fear is, generally, what leads to hate, so it is not a surprise to me. Fear makes people do irrational and sometimes dangerous things.


Sep. 6th, 2011 10:18 pm
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Went to see a comedian on campus with my roommate 8D



Last year I would have just laid around in my room like a shy slug lol

'srry I would like to but this is where I live ;n; no scary ppl or loud noise'

But we went and it was TONS OF FUN and we both had umbrellas (I had my best one that I bought in China) so we looked super cool together

And the comedian was SUPER FUNNY and only a little privilegebutt so I enjoyed it. Apparently he's been on Late Night with Conan O'Brien sooo probably pretty good. His name was Michael somethingorother but ANYWAYS

It was a lot of fun and there was rain and it is not as hot anymore

And I can enjoy social contact even when miserable from period (ow) and surrounded by freshman (they got ~paw points for going to it b/c first week stuff is technically orientation events even thou there's comedians and such throughout the year) (some of them tried to start a slow clap omfg such highschoolers luckily it did not get far & the freshman closest us had their unimpress face on)

Anyways yeah see icon for current expression/general summary of my life

I almost didn't go you know, it's because I forgot to read my tarot cards this morning. EVERY SINGLE MORNING I HAVE TO they would have reminded me to do this and not be so scr.

Tomorrow is first day of classes! Barely remember what I am taking, not very excited about any of it except Psychology of Learning kind of. This is part of why I decided to change my major, school should not be a chore for me of all people
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So I spent a lot of time thinking about this lately (and have apparently come to the conclusion that you guys care as much as I do about why I do the things I do). Basically, about why I acted the way I did on Saturday (spending most of my work breaks arguing with assholes on the internet despite the emotional stress it caused).

Are you liking the parentheses? I am thinking of concluding all of my thoughts with parenthetical clauses from now on (jk, jk).

Okay, srsface now:
Warning for brief mention of being suicidal )

So yes. That was a journey into introspection for me, which I thought some of you might find at least tangentially interesting.

In other news, I think I've actually narrowed my choices down to two names: Sydney and Cortland. I'm not going to rush into choosing though, since I learned my lesson last time after investing so much into Christian and then realizing I didn't like it at all. Although I think part of that mistake was my initial euphoria of 'OH MY GOD I CAN FINALLY HAVE A NAME THAT IS ACTUALLY ME'. As opposed to my current name which I just feel is something that people call me. Kind of like they're whistling at me like I'm a dog. Which is terrible, but I realized that's really how I feel about it, and it's why I'm not really participating in the ontdcreepy facebook page even though I want to...because obviously the only thing they have to call me by is my first name. Ugh.

Yes, I did just load this post with tags. Yes, they are all relevant.


May. 28th, 2011 11:36 am
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The real demolition started today! Dad even made a facebook event for it when he realized he and Derek had accidentally invited a total of upwards of twenty people...but things are going really fast as a result. I think they'll get it all done today.

The noise is really stressful for me. And having my grampa in the house, because he's an asshole. Tripper is really upset too, of course, so we're sitting together trying to chill out :P Tripper is significantly more upset than me, though, because he thinks the tool they're using to break up the tiles is a monster that's going to eat everybody. When they started using it he ran into the kitchen (difficult, since it now requires running out into the yard and through the other door) and bit it. Unsurprising, as he does the same to the lawnmower if we let him near it.

So, I have to have him leashed now, because although he's mostly being a good boy he randomly freaks out and runs in to go defend them all. I imagine he's figured out that we tore apart the kitchen and living room to expose this demon and fight it :P he probably thinks it's somehow related to the noise the air conditioning makes (he growls every time it starts up). I would like to imagine he also thinks when Derek mows the lawn, there is some sort of epic monster battle going on.

Anyways, I'm trying praising him for self-calming behaviors, just to reinforce them; it seems to be working pretty well even though I'm not using a marker (too lazy to find the clicker, and he's too worked up to focus on it anyway), and if he gets nervous now and I say his name he offers lip-licking or shaking himself off. He is generally a really chill dog and good at coping with anxiety but I figure a dog can never be too relaxed, especially when the next two months or so are going to be especially stressful for him, with strangers coming in and out of the house and a lot of noise.

ETA: They're taking a lunch break, so Tripper's been let free to go socialize and tend to the monster wounds. He also discovered the plastic taped to the doors to keep the dust from spreading viscous shields the monster put up to prevent people from escaping it, and tried to take them down with his nose. He still doesn't seem to understand why people are telling him 'no'. BUT HOW WILL WE GET THROUGH THE DOORWAY WITH THIS STUFF HERE?!

ETA2: LOL, forgot to share this yesterday. This is where feawerf is from; I was trying to write that post on asexuality and asking Amanda for advice. We got derailed with an association game.

Amanda: that's what I mentttt
Amanda: meant?
Me: meant
Amanda: meat
Me: manmeat?
Amanda: me eat manmeat
Me: ino
Me: homg
Amanda: lol
Me: afeared
Amanda: feawerf
Amanda: anyways
Me: loling so hard
Me: feawerf >:C
Amanda: I mean like after the declaration
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Sooo I know some of you saw that debacle. In sf_d. A lot of you probably didn't? But that's alright because I'm pretty sure the things I want to say here can stand completely separate from that, but I do have a few words to say on that first, as to why I'm now writing a post on it;

I was really actually very, very angry. That was pretty much the most pissed-off I can be; I was shaking with anger, light-headed, etc. With the main result being, as I said at the time, I couldn't get out everything I had to say. This can actually be pretty good for an actual discussion since as you all know I usually have a tendency to ramble on for PARAGRAPHS AND PARAGRAPHS, and when I'm that mad I kind of get straight to the point :P in fact, I'm rambling right now, so let me get to the point: I don't feel like I did justice to the point I wanted to make, and there are some things I wanted to discuss that wouldn't have been appropriate in the context of that um...discussion anyways. So I am going to talk about them now.

And I'd like to remind everybody again that I completely welcome discussion and debate. However, for probably the first time ever, I am also going to request that you stay respectful. I mean I generally trust all of y'all to do so but I feel like this is a topic on which emotions might run high.

Also, I would like to note that I have been struggling with how to write this for a few days now, because the fact is that I can't back up my points with personal experience, because I'm not asexual myself. The things I do know, that I am drawing some of my conclusions from, are very personal stories shared with me by my ace friends and acquaintances, and it's not my place to go telling those experiences to others.

So um, with that in mind, let's talk about this!

Hey look a cut )

I probably had more to say, but I feel out of words for now. So yes, I think that's it. Again, I welcome (and encourage) respectful discussion on the issue...as you (hopefully) realize by now, since that's basically my point; we have to talk about these things, not shut discussions down.

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